Andhra Pradesh Factory Registration

Andhra Pradesh manufactory Registration is remitted by the Factories Act, 1948 to make sure that a manufactory complies with the stipulated rules and safety pointers. Upon registering a manufactory, the Govt of province problems a manufactory license. This license could be a document of authorisation for granting permission to control and do producing pursuits from a selected neighbourhood.

Eligibility Criteria

Factories that10 or a more of employees are utilized with power being employed within the producing method and factories which are participating twenty or a lot of employees while not victimisation power in producing method got to be registered beneath the Factories Act, 1948.

Any businessperson UN agency desires to construct, extend or take into use any building as an arranged in Andhra Pradesh got to get plan approval and permission to make, extend or to use any structure as a manufactory. When construction, the manufactory owner or the manager has got to register the manufactory beneath the Andhra Pradesh Factories Act, 1948.

Application to get Consent for institution

Before beginning construction of a manufactory or just in case of enlargement of the manufactory, the businessperson has to apply for approval of the arrange and to induce permission.

Application to get Consent for Operation

If the request for approval of arranged   plan and permission to construct extend or construct a building because the manufactory has been with success accepted and fifteen days before the commencement of operation, you'll register the manufactory in Andhra Pradesh and apply for a manufactory license.

Prescribed Authority for set up Approval

The prescribed authority for set plan approval is below

Prescribed Authority Factory kind

1 Deputy Chief Inspector For factories up to five hundred power unit

2 Joint Chief Inspectors For factories between five hundred power unit – one thousand power unit

3 Director of Factories For factories on top of one thousand power unit

Prescribed Authority for mill License

The prescribed authority for Andhra Pradesh mill registration is below

Prescribed Authority Factory kind

1 Deputy Chief Inspector Category B Factories underneath Factories rules

2 Director of Factories Category A Factories underneath Factories rules

Validity of License

The permission and set up approval granted underneath the Andhra Pradesh factories act to construct or extend or victimization any building as a mill is valid for a period from the date of issue. The Andhra Pradesh mill license issued are valid unless punctually off.


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