Andhra Pradesh - Register a Trade Mark (Brand Name)

  1. The Trade Mark Registration method begin with Trade Mark (Brand Name) Search. The government trademark search tool may be accustomed realize identical or similar logos below identical category.

  2. Once the search is complete, you'll proceed with the trademark application supported the main points of identical

  3. Applicant should approach Trade Mark Registrar workplace for the Registration.

  4. Application form will be obtained from the involved workplace

  5. Please make certain you have got all the documents listed within the “Required Documents” section of this page.

  6. Once form filed with needed document,a trademark application allotment range is provided inside one or 2 operating days.

  7. The officer can either settle for the applying and permit for journal publication or object identical when the verification.

  8. If the officer is happy, the trademark would be allowed for trademark journal publication.

  9. Once it's revealed, the general public have a chance to object to a specific registration, If there are not any objections filed inside ninety days of that publication, the Trade Mark Certificate are going to be ready.

Apply on-line

  1. If you have got user id and positive identification, then will login exploitation the credentials. If you're new user, please check in then login to method.

  2. Once logged in please proceed as per prompts and direction to complete the applying procedure.

  3. You should follow the screen prompt for the payment mode designated to complete on-line payment group action. Payment Guide:NTRP PDF

  4. Once the payment is accepted, you'll get a group action acknowledgement. Please keep it saved or print it for future reference.

Required Documents

  1. Application

  2. Identity proof of the trademark owner- like PAN card, passport or Aadhar card.

  3. Incorporation certificate (if its an organization or LLP)

  4. Address proof like Electricity Bill,Property Bill

  5. Aadhaar card

  6. Logo if on the market and applicable


  1. The trademark application will be filed by someone or business firm in India.


Rs 3500/- per mark per category

Lawyer can charge Rs 1000/- to Rs 3000/- per mark per category

Rs 500/- for trademark search


The period for registration of a trademark is valid for ten years, however is also revived subject to payment of a prescribed fee below the provisions of the Trademark Act, 1999.

The application for renewal of the trademark will be filed inside six months of the last registration of the trademark.

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