Application Procedure for Factory License – Online Method

Step 1: first, candidates ought to head to the official OFRIS Portal to use for the works License on-line.

Step 2: you have got to click on the “Register” on OFRIS home page.

Step 3: you have got to enter all the required info within the user profile type.

Step 4: Click on the Submit button for the account activation.

Step 5: Once the account is activated, you'll be able to use the user ID & parole to login and click on confirmation.

Step 6: Login into OFRIS by providing the acceptable username and parole on the appliance.

Step 7: A works would wish to get a Building set up Approval from the L&E department before applying for works registration.

Step 8: when the involved department has approved the building set up, you'll be able to apply for the works registration.

Step 9: you have got to click on the works registration (Form 3) which is able to be displayed on the screen.

Step 10: currently, you have got to fill the subsequent info within the type.

Building Approval Reference range

Factory Constitution & works class

Name of the works

Nature of producing method

Worker Details

Power Details

Building Owner Details

Step 11: when finishing all the small print, you have got to click on the Update Application button.

Step 12: you have got to transfer the photocopy of the documents (Only pdf/jpg/jpeg files ar allowed).

Step 13: when uploading all the documents, guarantee to envision the button for Declaration and click on the “Save” button.

Step 14: you have got to feature the subsequent details.


Add Manager Details

Add Chemicals Details

Add Occupier Details

Add Owner Details

Add method of works

Submit Application standing

Step 15: when adding all the small print, you wish to click on the Submit button.

Step 16: when submitting the appliance type, you have got to require the print of type three and fasten all the relevant documents signed by the occupier and sent it to L&E Department by post.

Step 17: Finally, you have got to send it to the L&E Department by post.


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