Arunachal Pradesh - Online Register a Firm


Step one: First one should certify that everyone the specified documents square measure in hand to use on-line. Please visit the subsequent link to urge the specified documents list for this procedure Link for Register a Firm needed Documents page

Step two: Please use the subsequent link to use on-line

 Step three : User can reach a replacement screen as shown below. User shall enter the main points as acceptable against the prompts to see name. Once all the main points square measure entered please click “Search” button. Please follow the below image wherever it’s highlighted in “Red”.

Note: The fields marked with "*" square measure obligatory.

Step four :A popup “Entered Company/LLP name doesn't exists” are going to be displayed as shown below. This suggests that the on top of entered name is on the market to register.

Step five: If the entered name is already registered, then list of registered corporations for that name are going to be displayed. User should strive with completely different name for registering.

Step six: Once the name instructed is on the market. Please choose “Forms & Downloads” menu as shown below. Please see the below image wherever it’s highlighted in “Red”.

Step seven: User can reach Company Forms transfer screen as shown below. Please scroll right down to check the applicable type kind for your demand. Please see the below pictures.

Step eight: Please return to the web page as shown below. Please choose “MCA SERVICES” menu. User is going to be displayed with list of acts, rules and data helpful to register a firm

Step nine: In a similar page, please choose “CONTACTS” menu to settle on “Registrar of Companies” cascading menu from change posture list as shown below. Please follow the below image wherever choices square measure highlighted befittingly.

Step ten: User can reach Registrar of firms screen as shown below. Please scroll down for various Registrar of firms contact info. Meet them with the main points and follow their tips to register your firm.

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