Arunachal Pradesh Trade License

Trade License is issued by the authorised department of a municipal corporation in consultation with alternative departments like health, fireplace or engineering.

Commercial Premises:

Trade License will solely be obtained if a business is run within the approved space. i.e. a poster, Notified industrial, native industrial, district or Mixed Land Use with little retailers on the bottom floor.

Shop and institutions Act

The look and institution Act lays down the subsequent stipulations supported that trade license in Arunachal Pradesh ought to be issued:

  1. The permissible operating hours on a daily and weekly basis that features rest intervals, gap and shutting hours, overtime policies, allocation of labour, holidays, closed days, etc.

  2. Regulation of employment norms for individuals of all genders and ages.

  3. Regulations regarding the upkeep of records and registers.

  4. Regulations regarding the show of notices.

  5. Rules and rules regarding paid leaves.

  6. Conditions for employment and termination.

  7. The responsibility of the leader and worker towards one another, the firm and therefore the society.

Requirement Documents

The following area unit a number of the kinds of trades/businesses that require a trade license to function:

  1. All food and food institutions like hotels, restaurants, food stall, canteen, bakeries, sellers of vegetables, provisions store, poultry, butchery, etc.

  2. Trades like producing industries, power looms, factories, flour mills, cyber café, etc.

  3. Hazardous trades sort of a sale of fuel, dhobi shop, barbershop, candle business, cracker business, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Any Bonafide member of Arunachal Pradesh scheduled Tribe (APST) is eligible.

  2. Land possession Certificate/Allotment Order beside the most recent land revenue payment.

  3. If capital investment exceeds authority ten lakhs, previous approval needs from the Secretary/ Commissioner.

  4. Approval from the Trade and Department of Commerce of the govt. of Arunachal Pradesh is important.

  5. If the applier has no building/land of his/her own:- He/she ought to manufacture a Deed of Land Lease (Agreement) beside the most recent land revenue payment papers of the landlord/building owner.

  6. If the business in Pharmacy look, X-Ray, Clinical Laboratory, and drugs connected business (except the retail sale of Ayurveda Medicine), license/clearance from the Health Department is necessary.

  7. In the case for a tea stall, restaurant, etc. clearance from District medical man of the precise space, is going to be necessary.

  8. In the case of gap a store associated with the sale of Veterinary and Agricultural product, a chemical clearance needs from the various departments.

  9. If a business is handling ammunition and arms, needs previous approval of the govt. of Arunachal Pradesh (Home Department).

  10. If a business is tiny Scale Industries Unit (SSI Unit): Permanent / conditional registration certificate incorporated underneath SSI unit from the Director Industries/ DICs would be needed.

  11. If the business is said to forest product, No Objection Certificate from the Forest Department would be necessary.

  12. If the business is said to manufacturing/processing of Saw and Veneer Mills: Approval from the licencing authority would be needed.

  13. No licence ought to be issued on the trade things that the govt. has not nonetheless approved/fixed licence fees on.

  14. A licence ought to be revived yearly on the realisation of renewal fees as approved by the govt.

  15. 100% of initial and renewal fee of trade licence shall be deposited to State monetary resource through Treasury Challan in Head of Account “0070 alternative body services”.

If Partnership Firm:

Deed of Agreement.

  1. List of shareholders maintaining a magnitude relation of 51:49 participation between Arunachalees and Non-Arunachalees.

  2. If business/trade may be a non-public restricted company:

  3. Registration certificate ought to be incorporating underneath the businesses Act, 1956.

  4. List of belongings maintaining magnitude relation 51:49% participation in between Arunachalees and Non-Arunachalees beside the memo and Articles of Association.

Documents needed

To obtain the Trade License in Arunachal Pradesh, submit the subsequent documents beside the application:

  1. The ID and address proof of the owner of the business/trade.

  2. Passport size photograph of the applier.

  3. Documents for depicting details of the approval of the plant and permit.

  4. Documents associated with the building, that may well be a land tax receipt (for a self-owned building) or rental agreement (for a rented building).

  5. The proof of the premises with a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the owner of the premises.

  6. The receipt of property payment.

  7. Details of power, premises or machinery plant.

  8. NOC from the Pollution control panel.

  9. NOC from the fireplace and Revenue Services Department.

  10. An assessment once a year of the land tax assessment with the small print of the property like its size, location, settled space, etc.

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