Assam Factory Registration

In Assam, works registration is necessary as per the provisions of the works Act, 1948. Factory owners should register their premises with the district governing authority before the commencement of business. Before supply a works license, the approval of the building set up is obligatory for the works. The Chief Inspector of Labour Commissioner Organisation can grant the works license once registration

Applicability for factory Registration

The below-mentioned factories area unit expected to request for works license below the subsequent conditions.

1.      The works or institution holds 10 or a lot of employees used with the utilization of power for producing activities.

2.      The works or institution carries twenty or a lot of employees used while not the utilization of electricity for producing activities.

Authority for sanctioning


No of workers



Factories employing less than 300 workers.

Assistant Director of Factories and Boilers.


Factories employing less than 300 or more workers.              

Director of Factories and Boilers.



Major Accident Hazard Factories              

Chief Inspector of Factory

Documents required for site appraisal

1.      Application to the location Appraisal Committee specified beneath Rule 61G(3)(b) (15 copies beside following documents).

2.      Land Documents (deed of ownership/ lease, indicating Dag No. and Patta No., Total Area, etc.).

3.      Clearance certificate from State/ Central Govt. under I.F.Act,1927 and E.P.Act,1986.

4.      No Objection Certificate from authority in respect of the placement of such manufacturing plant.

5.      Site arrange presenting details as indicated in item three.1(a)-(e) and three.4 of the applying format.

6.      Flowchart of the buildings and installations, within the planned web site.

7.      Report of soil take a look at

8.      Contour Map of the placement.

9.      Copy of careful Project Report.

10.   Copy of planned Health and Safety Policy.

11.   Meteorological data with reference to the location (ref: Item No. 6.1 to 6.4 of the applying format.

12.   Process flow chart with a short rationalization of the producing method and technology.

13.   Material Safety information Sheet in respect of all venturous substance

14.   Process Risk/Hazards details (reference: Item No. 11.1 to 11.3 of the applying format.).

15.   On-Site Emergency or Disaster preparation arrange and off-site Emergency Plan/ logistic assistance theme.

16.   In case of a partnership firm or different association of people, the copy of partnership deed is needed.

17.   In case of a corporation, the list of directors/ shareholders details ar to be gift within the articles of association.

Documents required for site plan

1.      Three copies of type No. one Prescribed beneath Rule – three.

2.      Process flow sheet of plans

3.      Brief write au fait method and technology

4.      Blueprint of Plans in duplicate as

5.      Drawn to scale representing the location of the manufacturing plant and immediate surroundings together with adjacent buildings and different structures, roads drains etc.

6.      Drawn to scale representing the set -up, elevation and constant cross-sectional of the assorted buildings, together with all applicable details representing natural lighting, ventilation and also the methodology of escape just in case of fireside. The set up shall conjointly clearly indicate the position of the plant and machinery, aisles, electrical panels, switches, motors with rated H.P. etc. and passageways.

7.      No Objection Certificate from native authorities in respect of non- agricultural land, forest, wetland, hills, sanctuaries etc. (SDG – 15, Assam vision 2030).

8.      Clearance certificate from the controller of explosives, if any.

9.      The exact certified copy of the dead deed of ownership/ lease/ allotment of land/ building/ flat etc.

Documents for registration and license

1.      Three copies of type No. two prescribed beneath Rule – four and Rule – seven.

2.      Treasury Receipt in original, showing the deposit of acceptable fees as per schedule A, B or C [Rule five – (1)]

3.      Executed Partnership deed just in case of a firm or the other association of individual and nomination of occupier/ licencee for the Act.

4.      Details of Association and memo of Incorporation just in case of an organization of the Indian firms Act 1956, and Directors/ Shareholders and determination of B.O.D.’s list for the nomination of occupiers for the Act.

5.      Appointment letter in regard of Chief body head of the unit from the involved Ministry/ Board just in case of Govt. / native Fund as Associate in Nursing occupier for the Act.

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