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Borosil takes charge of the education of the children of deceased employees.

Borosil is working to aid their workers in the midst of the pandemic. If an employee dies as a result of the coronavirus, Borosil has stated that they will pay their salary for two years.

We've all been alarmed by the recent increase in Covid incidents. With rising caseloads, India has come to a halt once more. We're all doing whatever we can to help each other get out of this difficult situation. Borosil, a kitchenware company, has recently stepped forward to assist the families of those who died as a result of Covid.

Borosil Ltd and Borosil Renewables Ltd have declared that if one of their employees dies as a result of COVID-19, the employee's family will be compensated for the next two years. The corporation has also stated that it would cover the employee's children's education costs.

Borosil is a small business that was founded in 1962. Borosil has less than 200 workers and posted an annual turnover of Rs 600 crore in 2017. Their main line of business is glassware, but they've recently expanded into green energy goods like solar glass.

Suffering and sorrow have found their way into the homes of every Indian, either directly or indirectly. During these times, a few employers are attempting to provide the best possible service to their workers.

Borosil's gesture pales in contrast to the magnitude of the loss. Borosil and Borosil Renewable also hold medical counseling sessions with senior physicians, assisting workers in receiving treatment and, if necessary, hospitalization.

Borosil has shown what corporate responsibility entails and how corporations can assist their employees through difficult times by announcing financial protection for their deceased employees.

Given the uncertainty and intensity of the pandemic, MD Shreevar Kheruka used LinkedIn to announce the company's latest initiative for employees. Appreciate Borosil, for rebuilding mankind's belief in us.


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