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Chhattisgarh - Register a Trade Mark (Brand Name)


Apply In-Person:

1.      The first step to register a trademark is to spot the classes underneath that you'd prefer to register a trademark. (Classes 1-34 deal with merchandise whereas categories 35-45 deals with services).

2.      Word and brand logos got to be filed singly. this implies that the name of your whole ought to be filed underneath category X and singly for any graphic illustration (your logo) underneath category X. Link for kind to register design: link

3.      You will have to be compelled to sign an influence of professional to authorize your attorney to act as your agent. A trademark will be filed in individual capability however filing through a trademark attorney is that the norm.

4.      A trademark search is facultative however permits you to travel through the method swimmingly and establish prior to any conflicts which will arise.

5.      The attorney can file your trademark application with the Trademark workplace and send you the receipt. once some days, the attorney can send you the first illustration Sheet of your trademark because it has been filed with the Trademark workplace.

6.      Once your trademark is approved it's revealed within the Trademark Journal.

7.      Office locations and get in touch with info : link

8.      For filing new applications there ar prescribed forms betting on the character of application like kind TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-8, TM-51 etc.


Apply Online:

1.      Applicant will use the subsequent link to use on-line for trade mark registration

2.      The site once opened can prompt for user id. If you have got user id and arcanum, then will login exploitation the credentials. If you're new user, please check in then login to method.

3.      Once logged in please proceed as per prompts and direction to finish the applying procedure. As final section of method user shall pay on-line by reaching the payment entree.

4.      In the payment entree page, please choose the kind of payment(Credit / Debit / internet Banking) and supply needed details at prompted places and hit build payment to achieve the sequential page.

5.      User ought to follow the screen prompt for the payment mode elite to finish on-line payment dealing.

6.      Once the payment is accepted, user can get a dealing acknowledgement. Please keep it saved or print it for future reference.

7.      Note: Please keep various documents scanned before applying on-line

Required Documents

1.      Power of professional signed by the person. (In the case of company body – signed by the Director or personal representative of company)

2.      Graphical illustration of the planning

3.      Aadhaar Card

4.      Company mythical monster details

5.      GST details if needed


1.      Trademarks will be filed either by the corporate (and thus closely-held by the corporate and its shareholders) or by the founder (and commissioned to the company).


2.      Rs 3500/- per mark per category

3.      Lawyers can charge Rs 1000/- to Rs 3000/- per mark per category

4.      Rs 500/- for trademark search


1.      The term of registration of trademark, it's valid for ten (Ten) years, however could also be revived subject to the payment of the prescribed fee, in accordance with the provisions of the logos Act, 1999.

2.      An application for renewal of a trademark will be filed at intervals six months from the ending of the last registration of trademark.

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