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Covid vaccination is no longer available in Maharashtra for people aged 18 to 44.

Covid vaccination is no longer available in Maharashtra for people aged 18 to 44

The Maharashtra government is considering postponing the vaccination campaign for people aged 18 to 44. Due to a shortage of vaccines, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that the government is considering temporarily postponing the vaccination drive for this age group.

According to Mr. Tope, the government has agreed to prioritise the second dose of vaccines for people aged 45 and up with the existing vaccine stock. 

The state government has agreed to divert vaccines intended for people aged 18 to 44 years old to people aged 45 and up. The second dose is a top priority; there are just 2.75 lakh vaccine doses remaining for this age group, which will now be used for 45 years and above.

If the second dose is not given within a certain amount of time, the vaccine's efficacy is severely harmed and since only 35,000 vials of Covaxin are currently available with the state government for administering the second dose, they will redirect those three lakh vials of Covaxin for the second dose, as over five lakh people over 45 years are waiting for the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

For certain population groups such as healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and citizens over 45 years of age, coronavirus vaccination is free at government vaccination centres that collect doses from the Government.

States and private clinics, on the other hand, must obtain half of the vaccines in order to immunise people aged 18 to 44.

State health minister Rajesh Tope even announced that Tomorrow Maharashtra's cabinet will decide whether or not to extend the lockdown.

It was also announced  that Mucormycosis or black fungus disease patients will now be treated for free as part of the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana. 

So far, over 2,000 cases have been registered in the state, with eight people dying as a result of the infection. Special wards are being built for these patients.

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