Arunachal Pradesh Factory Registration Application Procedure

The application procedure to finish Arunachal Pradesh industrial plant Registration and obtain a license is explained in bit-by-bit procedure here. associate degree occupier of a industrial plant has to get a License underneath the provisions of the Arunachal Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950.


Step 1: Once the plan is approved, the occupier or industrial plant owner will create associate degree Application to the workplace of the board of directors of Factories, to induce the Arunachal Pradesh industrial plant license.

Step 2: the appliance for industrial plant registration is needed to be submitted within the prescribed format, in the midst of the documents

Verification by the Chief Inspector of Factories

Step 3: the appliance for the industrial plant are verified by the Deputy Director of Factories of the involved districts within which the industrial plant is to be made. when verification, the Chief Inspector of Factories can forward his/her recommendation to the Director of Factories.

Verification by Director of Factories

Step 4: just in case, the appliance and also the plans believe the statutory needs of the Factories Act, 1948 and Arunachal Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950, the Director of factories can approve the plan when corroborative the recommendations of the involved Deputy Director of Factories

Get industrial plant License

Step 5: If the industrial plant conforms to the statutory limits, the Director of Factories can grant the Arunachal Pradesh industrial plant license.

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