Jharkhand Factory Registration

Jharkhand industrial plant registration is remitted by the Factories Act, 1948 to confirm that a industrial plant complies with the stipulated rules and safety tips. Upon registering a industrial plant, the govt of Jharkhand problems a industrial plant license. This license may be a document of authorisation for granting permission to control and perform producing pursuits from a selected neighbourhood

Factories Act, 1948

According to the Factories Act, somebody UN agency needs to construct, reconstruct, extend any Building because the industrial plant in Jharkhand should get previous permission from the individual authority beforehand before the commencement of the producing method.

The Factories Act is established with the target of guaranteeing the installation of adequate safety measures and promoting the health and welfare of the employees used within the factories. Also, it strives to curtail the venturous growth of factories. to complete the Jharkhand industrial plant Registration and to get a industrial plant license you would like to follow 3 steps:

Obtain Consent for institution – Approval of arrange and Permission to Construct, Re-construct or extending any building as an industrial plant

Obtain Consent for Operation – Registration of industrial plant and obtain license below the Factories Act, 1948

Eligibility Criteria

Factories that has  10 or additional employees ar used with the help of power getting used within the producing method and factories which ar participating twenty or additional employees while not exploitation power in producing method got to be registered in Jharkhand below the Factories Act, 1948.

Any bourgeois UN agency needs to construct, reconstruct or extend or extend any building as an industrial plant} in Jharkhand got to get plan approval and permission to create, extend or to use any structure as a industrial plant. once construction, the industrial plant owner should register the industrial plant below the Jharkhand Factories Act, 1948.

When to Apply?

Application for industrial plant arrange Approval

1.      Before beginning construction/reconstruction of a industrial plant or just in case of growth of the industrial plant, the bourgeois must apply for approval of the  plan and to get permission.

Application industrial plant License

1.      If the request for approval of plan and permission to construct or extend a building because the industrial plant has been with success accepted and before the commencement of producing operation, you'll register the industrial plant in Jharkhand and apply for a industrial plant license.

Licensing Authority

1.      Department of Labour, Employment & coaching, Government of Jharkhand, facilitates the method of Jharkhand industrial plant Registration.

Validity of License

1.      The permission and arrange approval granted below the Jharkhand factories act to construct or extend or exploitation any building as a industrial plant is valid for a time period from the date of issue. The Jharkhand industrial plant license issued are going to be valid for a year.

Renewal of Jharkhand industrial plant License

1.      The industrial plant retail merchant must renew each year. each retail merchant ought to pay AN annual license tax before the commencement of any civil year.

Processing Time

The timeline to complete Jharkhand industrial plant registration and to urge industrial plant license is listed below:

2.      Approval of plans to construct a industrial plant in Jharkhand are going to be completed inside thirty days from the date of submission of application.

3.      Jharkhand industrial plant license are going to be issued inside ninety days from the time of application along side Fees.

4.      Factory License (Renewal) are going to be completed inside thirty days from the date of application.

Applicable Fee

For Jharkhand industrial plant registration, the soul should pay a prescribed fee as per the projected schedule. the worth for industrial plant registration relies on the whole rated capability (Power) of the Machinery and Plants put in and also the most range of the person to use on in the future throughout the year that license is to be taken.

Provide following details to calculate fee:

1.      Year of the beginning of producing method

2.      Maximum range of Person projected to use

3.      Total rated capability (Maximum) of Machinery (H.P.)

4.      Electricity Power (Maximum) by Generating Station (K.W.)

5.      Electricity Power (Maximum) by remodeling Station (K.W.)

Documents needed

Documents needed for Jharkhand industrial plant registration is explained thoroughly below:


Documents for arrange Approval

1.      Address Proof

2.      PAN Car

3.      A flow chart of the producing method increased by a short rationalization of the method in its numerous stages

4.      List of Plant and Machinery

5.      Project Report

6.      Land Paper Proof – a replica of the registered sale deed, lease deed, rent agreement.

7.      In case of lease deed or rent agreement consent of the owner of the land.

8.      In the case of rental agreements, address proof of the owner is to be furnished .

9.      Factory arrange in .dwg format drawn to scale to be uploaded. The arrange ought to contain the subsequent information:

10.   Site arrange – the location of the industrial plant and immediate surroundings as well as adjacent buildings and alternative structures, roads, drains.

11.   Plan elevation and crosswise – The arrange elevation and necessary cross-sections of assorted buildings indicating all relevant details associated with natural lighting, ventilation and means that of escape just in case of fireside. The plans also will clearly indicate the position of the plant machinery, aisles and passageway

Document for industrial plant Registration

1.      Treasury Challan or on-line Payment entranceway

2.      Land Paper Proof – a replica of the registered sale deed, lease deed, rent agreement.

3.      In case of a rental agreement or lease deed- consent of the owner of the land. just in case of rent agreement, address proofs of the owner ar to be furnished .

4.      ID and Address proof of occupier

5.      ID and Address proof of industrial plant manager

6.      In case of a public restricted company: List of Board of administrators, memo of Article of Association, Resolution of the Board of the director concerning the occupier of the industrial plant

7.      In case of Proprietary Firm – No additional document

8.      In case of Partnership firm – Partnership deed with an inventory of partners

9.      In case of a industrial plant owned or controlled by the central government or government or any bureau, name and address of the person appointed to manage the affairs of the industrial plant

10.   CTE/CEO issued by Pollution board

Jharkhand industrial plant Registration Application Procedure – producing

Step 1: Visit the house page of Single Window Clearance System From the most page, click on the sign-up/Login choice, the link can direct to the new page.

Step 2: during this new page, you'll see the choice new registration, Click on the link to open the Registration kind.

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