Maharashtra Factory Registration

The Factories Act 1948 makes it necessary for each industrial plant in Asian nation to abide by the explicit rules and pointers. The foremost live to be initiated throughout the institution of an industrial plant is registration, followed by that the licenses are often availed from the govt.

Applicability of the Act

The Act is applicable to any or all states in Asian nation and to any or all producing processes and institutions. In some cases, the Act is additionally applicable to factories that belong to Central/ Stae Government.

Application Procedure

A industrial plant owner has got to follow bound steps to register a industrial plant with the govt.. the appliance procedure for industrial plant registration in geographical {area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are as follows:


1.       Step 1: Application

2.       The industrial plant owner has got to approach the native space inspector and avail the appliance type.


3.       Step 2: Fee Payment


4.       The involved somebody has got to pay the acceptable fee to register the industrial plant. Once registered, the govt. problems the registration certificate.


5.       Step 3: creating Corrections


6.       If there area unit any corrections to be created, the employers ought to give notice identical to the Inspector by applying within the prescribed type. On submitting the shape, the leader has got to pay the prescribed fee and acquire the registration certificate within the desired manner.


7.       Step 4: Renewal of Certificate


8.       After receiving the certificate, the leader has got to renew it each year by applying for it to the Inspectors within the prescribed type.


Required Documents and data

The following documents and data area unit needed to register a factory:

1.       Memorandum/Articles of Association/Trust Deed

2.       Purchase agreement of the premises

3.       List of administrators and Managers

4.       Proof of checking account

5.       First revenue enhancement Assessment order

6.       BMC Declaration

7.       Date of commencement of business

8.       Compliance

9.       During the course of administration, the inspectors area unit duty-bound to approach the institutions to find or rule out any instance of infringements, prosecutions, and defaults within the industrial plant premises.

Renewal of Registration

The Act facilitates the renewal of registration, which may be done by submitting the relevant forms to the involved authority in conjunction with the recent certificate of registration and therefore the prescribed renewal fee. The shape has got to be submitted before fifteen days of the date of termination of the certificate. If there are any changes created within the institution, it's to be mere at intervals fifteen days post the termination of the quarter to that the changes relate. However, the institution of the Central Government and therefore the authorities’ area unit exempted from all provisions explicit by this Act.

Factory Act Violations

Acts classified as a violation underneath this provision includes non-registration, non- renewal, gap and shutting of the institutions before the prescribed hours, creating employers work throughout public holidays, kid labor, etc. a number of the opposite violations might be within the style of a procedural lapse, the likes of that embrace the non-maintenance of employment register/leave register/lime laundry register/visit book/non-provision of leave book to the workers, non-production of the acceptable record register, notices for scrutiny on demand, etc.

Working Hours for Adults

According to the Factories Act, 1948, adult workers operating within the factories of geographical area would gain the good thing about the subsequent regulations:


1.       Less than forty eight hours of weekly work.

2.       Less than nine hours of daily work.

3.       One weekly vacation or substitute vacation, additionally to offsetting holidays.

4.       Rest intervals for a minimum of 0.5 AN hour in a very day.

5.       No overlapping of shifts, i.e. the staff mustn't be forced to figure for quite 2 continuous shifts.

6.       Extra wages for overtime shifts, within which case the speed of wages ought to be double the standard rate of wages for overtime work.

7.       The provision of notice amount.

8.       Employment of ladies and kids

9.       The following laws should be followed whereas using girls and kids in factories:

10.   The shift temporal arrangement for youngsters ought to be between half-dozen Am to seven PM.

11.   For women workers, the shift timings ought to be between ten PM to five AM.

12.   No girls should be selected for night-shift duties, apart from tasks that involve fish action and fish canning.


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