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Through on-line: - Nagaland Register a Firm or Company Online with pictures


1.       As a primary step, please Check for name accessibility

2.       Applicant shall use the link here to envision for company name: link. Please follow the screen prompt and hit search to envision for name. applier has got to seek advice from completely different name combination, if the provided name is already registered

3.       Once the name is out there, then transfer kind for applying

4.       Forms is downloaded mistreatment the subsequent link: link

5.       Applicant will access the web services in instructive any of his doubts in applying for registration of firm

6.       Applicant shall use the link here for choices to assist in registering the firm : link. within the given page, choose MCA SERVICES menu. This menu has list of choices to cater applicant’s demand. Please opt for the desired services on-line.

7.       Applicant shall register with registrar of firms.

Through Charted businessperson

1.       Company or firm registration is initiated with the assistance of a charted businessperson.

2.       In registering the corporate, one has got to ensure that the name planned has not already been used or applied for registration.

3.       Digital signature certificate for the director of the planned firm has got to be non-heritable.

4.       Then Acquire Director number (DIN).

5.       Filing associate degree e-Form or New user registration.

6.       Finally Incorporation of the corporate is finished.

7.       Applicant can get ratite bird and certificate.

Required Documents

1.       PAN Card issued by the revenue enhancement department as associate degree Identity proof.

2.       One address proof.

3.       Two Passport Size photos.

4.       Document evidencing payment of fee.

5.       Memorandum and Articles of Association.

6.       Copy of agreement if any, that the planned company desires to enter into with someone for appointment as its managing or whole-time director or manager.

7.       Forms is downloaded mistreatment the subsequent link: link

8.       Form 18.

9.       Form thirty two (except for section twenty five company) & kind twenty nine (only just in case of public companies).

10.   Power of professional person from subscribers

11.   Letter from Registrar of firms creating names obtainable

12.   No objection letters from directors/promoters

13.   Requisite fees either in money or demand draft

14.   Aadhaar card

15.   In general

16.   A partnership deed has got to be created with a sympathy between the partners.

17.   The deed has got to be written on a stamp paper of Rs. 500.

18.   Payment of tax

19.   The document has got to be signed by all the partners with witnesses on the last page.


1.       You are eligible to register a firm or company in Republic of India, if you're someone of

2.       Indian origin or a

3.       NRI (Non-Resident Indian)

4.       PIO (Person of Indian Origin)

5.       OCI (Overseas Citizenship India)


1.       In the case of personal restricted or Public Company, the govt. fee is predicated informed the licensed / Nominal Capital of the corporate.


1.       The approved name ought to be submitted before incorporation or among half-dozen months of the name being created obtainable.

2.       The registration of a firm is valid forever till the govt. has any changes to include.


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