Odisha - Apply for Food Business Operator (FBO) License


Every food business (manufacturing, processing, storage distribution and sale of food products) operator should obligatorily acquire FSSAI Registration or License

Apply In-Person:

1.      Please approach the food and safety department to register.

2.      Please refer our workplace location and contacts section for details.

3.      Submit the finished form punctually signed by the proprietor/partner or the authorised somebody as applicable.

4.      This application are often accepted or it should be rejected by the Department among seven days from the applying date and therefore the truth are intimated to the individual in writing

5.      If the applying is accepted, this application are processed internally.

6.      Once scrutiny, verification and review (if applicable) square measure satisfactory, then the department can grant a registration certificate carryingunique identification number in conjunction with the icon of the individual.

Apply Online:

1.      Please login victimization the credentials on the proper a part of the page to use.

2.      If you're a brand new user, then please use the “sign Up” choice provided on the proper a part of the screen below login page to urge new page for language then login.

3.      In the given page please choose menu “License/Registration” choice and choose “Apply for License/registration” sub choice for next page.

4.      Please hit “Accept” tab to urge next page.

5.      Here, choose your state from the sink list on the highest right corner of the screen to urge new page.

6.      Here, choose applicable choice for “Yes” Or “No” as per the business operation to urge list of choices to chooseas per demand and hit “Proceed” tab at rock bottom to urge next page.

7.      Now user can get reasonably business page. Here click on the “click to apply” link at the acute right to urge next page.

8.      Next page can have on-line type ‘A’ for user to top off the specified prompts, transfer icon, aadhar, declaration as prompted for applying on-line.

9.      Finally hit “Save and next” tab at rock bottom to succeed in next page.

10.   Here print the applying and sign up the shape.

11.   Scan the shape to transfer as per the prompt provided within the page by choosing “Choose file” and hit “upload” tab.

12.   Finally hit “Submit” tab at rock bottom to urge next page.

13.   User are supplied with choice to build payment. Please follow the page demand to complete the payment by hit “upload”.

14.   Now hit “submit” tab at rock bottom to urge acknowledgement slip. Please keep it safe for future reference.

15.   This application are processed and notified through SMS or through e-mail provided by individual whereas applying.

Required Documents

Please use the subsequent link for details of documents to be hooked up. Link: link

1.      Application type: form B AND type A

2.      Aadhar card

3.      Passport size photograph

4.      Self Declaration

5.      Blueprint / layout set up of process unit

6.      List of administrators / proprietors / partners as applicable

7.      Photo ID and address proof of the higher than folks as applicable

8.      Machinery details

9.      Analysis report

10.   Proof of possession of premises

11.   Partnership deed / legal document

12.   Cooperative certificate if applicable

13.   NOC & copy of license from makers (in case of repacking)

14.   Food safety management set up

15.   Raw material supply (Milk/meat)

16.   pesticide residue report

17.   NOC from municipality or native body

18.   Form IX - board resolution

19.   Declaration type (In case of Old Delhi & Himachal Pradesh)


Please follow the link for eligibility criteria : link


Please use the subsequent link for fees details. link please use the “fee structure” tab to urge fees details


Maximum of 5 years and wish to be revived

FBO ought to conspicuously show the certificate of registration at the place of business throughout the business hours.

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