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Shortage of Oxygen in Maharashtra.
Shortage of Oxygen in Maharashtra

On Thursday, India recorded over 3 lakh cases of the novel coronavirus, the largest daily rise in infections the world has seen so far during the pandemic. On the same day, 2,104 people died, which is a new high for India.

Maharashtra is one of the five most affected states, with a total of 3,960,359 cases. Within the last 24 hours, the state reported 62,097 new cases and 519 deaths.

With daily Covid-19 cases breaking in Maharashtra, the government imposed a series of restrictions to control the increase, including night curfews and weekend lockdowns. Uddhav Thackeray, the state's chief minister, placed tight restrictions earlier this week, citing a lockdown.

Despite the Chief Minister's projection in November last year, the Maharashtra government failed to plan for the second wave of coronavirus infections in the state.

The Maharashtra government and the Centre are in conflict over the supply of oxygen and remdesivir to the state. 

The government requires oxygen, and all of the oxygen provided is used for medical purposes. More oxygen is needed due to a large number of patients. The Centre is working with the government for the same.

Over the past week, the state has been registering an average of 65,000 new cases each day, with nearly 5% of those requiring oxygen. The majority of oxygen beds in both government and private hospitals are packed, and critical patients are lining up at hospitals and Covid facilities to be admitted. 

Maharashtra currently needs nearly 2,000 metric tonnes of medical oxygen per day, but the state only produces 1,200 metric tonnes. On April 19, the state government agreed to construct oxygen production and distribution plants in each of the state's 36 districts.

Between April 20 and 30, the Centre's Empowered Group-2 has agreed to redirect over 17,000 MT of LMO to the 12 surge states in three phases. Cryogenic tankers transport oxygen in liquid form, which is then converted to gas and stored in jumbo or dura cylinders. 

To transport oxygen, Maharashtra has over 100 cryogenic tankers.

Maharashtra has obtained the greatest amount of oxygen up to this stage. The Centre communicates with state governments on a regular basis to identify their needs and provide the best possible assistance. 

Maharashtra is being afflicted by an inadequate and manipulative administration, and the Centre is doing all it can to help the people.


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