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Partnership Firm Registration in Andhra Pradesh


Partnership companies are the second most well liked variety of business entity in our country once proprietary. Section 58 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, a firm may be registered at any time by applying with the Registrar of companies. In province, Partnership Firm may be registered with the Registration and Stamps Department.

Before Registering a Firm

Before registering the partnership firm within the Registrar, the applicant has to verify that the projected name of the companies isn't the same as Associate in Nursing existing name or LLP name or trademark. If a partnership firm registered with an identical name, it'll result in legal hassles within the future. Hence, it’s vital to try to to a reputation convenience check and trademark search.

Acceptable Name for Firm

After finishing a reputation check and trademark search, the applicant has to contemplate the subsequent rules whereas choosing a reputation for the firm.

The names should not be too identical or the same as the name of Associate in nursing existing firm doing similar business if it’s same then it'll result in confusion. The name of a firm could also be gashed if a replacement firm may adopt Associate in nursing allied name

Name of the firm should not contain words like Emperor, Crown, Empire, Empress, words expressing the sanction, approval or patronage of state except once the authorities connotes its assent in composing for the utilization of such words as a element of the firm name

Create a Partnership Deed

A partnership deed may be a document that provides for the rights and obligations of the members of the partnership firm. Partnership deed agreement should be a document whereas being registered.

Following characteristics are essential for partnership deed.

  1. Name and address of the firm

  2. Name of the partners

  3. Nature of business

  4. Date of commencement of business

  5. Duration of the partnership (fixed amount or project)

  6. Capital contribution by every partner of the firm

  7. The profit-sharing magnitude relation among the partners

  8. According to the Indian legislative act, the partnership deed ought to air a stamp paper. All partners ought to have a replica of the partnership deed.



Documents needed

Following documents have to be compelled to be fitted out for registering a partnership firm:

  1. Partnership firm application from

  2. Partnership deed

  3. Lease deed

  4. ID proof of partners

  5. Address proof of partners

  6. Photographs of all partners

  7. Rental agreement or declaration attestation by a competent authority

Applicable Fee

1 Firm registration (For every partner) Rs.100

2 Change of firm name or principle place Rs.100

3 Noting of closing and gap of latest branches Rs.100

4Noting of changes in name only and address of the partner Rs.100

5Dissolution of a firm Rs.100

6 Rectification of mistakes in registration Rs.100

Application for Partnership Firm Registration

Step 1: Visit web site of Registration and Stamps Department of state of Andhra Pradesh.

Step 2: choose Registration of firm (under section: 58) possibility from the house page.

Step 3: Enter soul details like Name, Gender, Aadhaar range, Address and make contact with details.

Step 4: give the subsequent details concerning the firm:

  1. Firm name

  2. Firm period

  3. Industry kind

  4. Premises kind

  5. Business kind

Step 5: Fill details of principle place of business and enter different places of business, if any by clicking on the box.

Step 7: The soul will give over one partner details by clicking on Add partner details button shown below.

Step 8: The soul must transfer form one beside all different documents (refer above) by choosing the document kind. Enter the document name and click on on opt for file choice to transfer.


Step 9: Click on Save Draft; bear all details before creating payment.

Step 10: Click on Pay and Submit. Once the payment is roaring, the applying are forwarded to concern Registrar.

The soul will check the standing of the applying on-line. Enter the reference range and click on submit. Standing of application can seem

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