Telangana - Apply for Liquor Shop or Sale License (Permit)


In India permit in necessary for commercialism alcohol. In general, liquor stores, pubs, clubs, discos, bars, hotels, and restaurants own a license to sell alcohol.

Based on the need or as per department call, invite to use for a liquor look are proclaimed for a selected region too. People who square measure eligible shall build application within the prescribed format.

Apply In-Person:

1.      Please approach involved Assistant Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise appointed for every district.

2.      Go to the license supply authority of your space to try and do the preliminary spherical of dialogue to get the license. If the world projected is accepted, then the someone will organize finance demand and every one different necessary needs to use.

3.      Applicant shall collect the applying type from the authority or write as suggested.

4.      Link to transfer application on-line : link

5.      Complete the applying type. Attach all necessary documents as per our needed document section. Submit this set to the receiving authority in conjunction with applicable fees.

6.      Submitted application are verified by the authorities. If all square measure in situ submitted application are accepted.

7.      Applicant are given receipt for submission of application. Please keep it safe for future reference. Authorities can inform regarding the ordered steps.

8.      This application are processed more by the department.

9.      Applicant gets intimation from the department regarding the applying progress. Follow the notification.

10.   There will be review seminal fluid verification method from the department authorities/respective department of local government / police headquarters on a scheduled date.

11.   The premises are inspected by the involved authorities and documents in original are verified and margin if applicable are suggested to pay.

12.   This application in conjunction with inspection/verification report are submitted to the supply authority involved.

13.   Based on the recommendation and report the remainder of the method are completed.

14.   Post verification, a notice shall be denote by the involved state authority on your personal or address, declaring your name and therefore the license details.

15.   The notice therefore displayed shall be open for any objections raised by the native folks, which is able to be communicated to the involved department.

16.   In case associate objection is raised, someone are given a right to defend themselves. In case, no objections square measure raised, the authority can review the applying and grant you the permit.

17.   The status, viz. Approval or Rejection if any are sent to the a

18.   If approved, the certificate are issued as per applicable norms.

Required Documents

1.      Application type.

2.      ID proof (Passport / citizen ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)

3.      Residence proof (Passport / citizen ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)

4.      Age proof

5.      A certificate of registration of your restaurant allow (issued by the DCP).

6.      A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state hearth Service departments.

7.      A operative from the native Municipal Corporation.

8.      List of the names of administrators of the corporate.

9.      Proof regarding the status of the restaurant- whether or not it's a corporation, a partnership firm or another form of organization.

10.   Proof that the eating place is in legal possession of the plot it's on.

11.   A certificate that validates the completion of the eating place or the edifice building.

12.   Trade license from the authority in your city or town

13.   MOA and AOA copy just in case of corporations

14.   Document of proof relating to someone being associate tax assessment and Sale assessment.

15.   Identity proof likewise as address proof of the someone.

16.   Income Tax returns.

17.   An testimony stating that the person applying has no history of a listing or unfinished dues to the govt..

18.   Aadhar Card

19.   Applicants photograph


In case of individual,

Above the age of twenty one years or as per state norms.

Who could be a subject of India or someone of Indian Origin (P.I.O.)

1.      a firm

2.      a company

3.      a society.



The license holder shall not use liquor aside from the aim mentioned.

Liquor ought to be obtained from associate authorised dealer.



Applicant ought to pay fee, Application fee, Annual privilege fee as per state norms.

Charges aren't same altogether states of India.

Please pay as per the department change. Authorities whereas applying can guide briefly.


Valid for the twelvemonth starting from the first of April or the date of issue of the licence and ending with the thirty first of March or as such as on the allow

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