Telangana Factory Registration

Telangana mill Registration is remitted by the Factories Act, 1948 to confirm that the mill complies with the stipulated rules and safety tips. Upon registering the govt of Telangana  factory license. This license may be a document of authorisation for granting permission to manage and perform producing pursuits from a selected neighbourhood

Eligibility Criteria

Factories that are  10 or additional staff are utilized with power getting used within the producing method and factories which are participating twenty or additional staff while not mistreatment power in producing method have to be compelled to be registered underneath the Factories Act, 1948.


Any bourgeois UN agency needs to construct, extend or take into use any building in Telangana have to be compelled to get plan approval and permission to create, extend or to use any structure as a mill. When construction, the mill owner or the manager has got to register the mill underneath the Telangana Factories Act, 1948.

When to Apply?

Application to get Consent for institution

Before beginning construction of a mill or just in case of growth of the mill, the bourgeois must apply for approval of the set up and to urge permission.


Application to get Consent for Operation

If the request for approval of plan and permission to construct, extend or construct a building because the mill has been with success accepted and before the commencement of operation, you'll register the mill in Telangana and apply for a mill license.


Licensing Authority

1.      Department of Factories, Government of Telangana, facilitates the method of Telangana mill/factory Registration.

Validity of License

The permission and set up approval granted underneath the factories act to construct or extend or mistreatment any building as a mill is valid for a time period from the date of issue. The Telangana mill license may be applied for one year or additional however doesn't exceed 10 years. When termination, the license may be revived.


Processing Time

1.      The timeline to complete Telangana mill registration and to urge mill license is listed below:

2.      Approval of plans is initiated inside seven operating days from the date of submission of complete application.

3.      Factory license are issued inside seven Days from the date of application at the side of Fees.

4.      Factory license Renewal can take 3 days to complete.

Applicable Fee

To Obtain Consent for institution of a mill, the somebody must pay a fee as delineate below.


1.      Fee for little Scale Industries – Rs.100

2.      Fee for all different Industries – Rs.1000

Annual license tax

Every licencee can need to pay associate degree annual license tax before the commencement of any twelvemonth. The annual fee are same as prescribed within the license tax Schedule (refer higher than document) for every twelvemonth.


Interest for late payment of Annual Fee

If the annual license tax isn't totally paid inside the prescribed amount, interest at 2 p.c per month are due from the primary day of the twelvemonth until the end of the world of the month The fee at the side of the interest have to be compelled to be paid.


Fee for mill/factory  License Renewal

1.      Fees due for renewal are adequate to the quantity of years applied for renewal times of the Annual license tax.

Documents needed

Documents needed for Telangana mill Registration is listed as follows:

Documents for getting Consent for institution

1.      Self-certification kind.

2.      Registration Deed ( Registered Sale, lease/Rental deed)

3.      Mutation Order.

4.      Combined building set up as well as all floors.

5.      Combined web site set up.

6.      Partnership deed or Articles of Association.

7.      Flowchart

8.      PAN Card/ Aadhaar card

9.      In case of set up extension or modification on mill building plans, antecedently approved plans need to be annexed.

10.   Note: you'll transfer all documents format from the Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System (TS-iPASS)


Documents for getting Consent for Operation

1.      Partnership deeds or articles of association at the side of the list of administrators

2.      Process Flow Chart

3.      Plant Layout.

4.      Land possession documents – Registered sale or Rental deed

5.      PAN Card/ Aadhaar card

6.      Documents for Renewal of License

7.      No document is needed for renewal of Telangana mill license.


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