The administration of Andhra Pradesh has consistently been at the cutting edge of executing e-Governance, having spearheaded famous activities like CARD, eSeva, Mee Seva, E-Procurement. To take the development of E-Procurement to the following level, it is felt fundamental to have an extensive, expounded new E-Procurement answer for offering better types of assistance to residents and organizations.

The new E-Procurement stage is constructed utilizing adaptable work process, User-accommodating route, Interactive Dashboard for purchasers and providers and takes into account a wide range of Procurement measures like Double Cover, EPC, BOT, BOOT, World Bank prerequisites for the offering of works, items, administrations, and so on utilizing a solitary arrangement.

Client divisions would now be able to perform Pre-Procurement, Procurement, and Post Procurement exercises utilizing a solitary occurrence. Further, a client needs to enroll just a single time with the new E-Procurement stage to get to numerous modules like Centralized Supplier Registration, Supplier Management, E-Tenders, E-Auctions, E-Catalogues, Contract Management, Cost Estimation, and E-Payments in the new stage.

The new E-Procurement stage has been altogether tried and evaluated by STQC Directorate, Government of India and is completely consistent with CVC and GFR Guidelines 2005 and IT Act 2000/2008 for information security and protection in Public Procurement.

User manual


Select the Contractor/Supplier Type dependent on organization type.

• Click on Certificate→ Select sig in certificate→ then Register

• After confirming Signing Certificate the name in Signing             Certificate will be auto-populated as Authorized Signatory Name.

• Click Verify Encryption Certificate→ Select encryption                 certificate→ Click Register

•  Encryption Certificate Verified

•  Subsequent to Verifying DSC, Enter fundamental contact          nuances →Check User ID availability → Enter Password→        Verify E-mail id with OTP → Verify Mobile Number with OTP →Enter Business Details

•Enter Office address → Registration Details and Upload important Documents → Enter Bank Account subtleties → Click Submit

 •On Successful accommodation, a Confirmation message is shown and the provider id will be sent for initiation after investigation - >An email ready will be shipped off the enrolled email after enlistment and actuation.

Supplier Login after registration

·         Login with User ID & Password → Select Signing Certificate

·         User can view the registration details before activation

 Supplier Login After admin user revert

·         Login with User ID & Password → Select Signing Certificate.

·         Supplier can modify the details based on specific remarks and upload supporting document(s)

·         After uploading/modifying the required data → Click Update.

·         Provision to view Updated details

·         Login with User ID & Password → Select Signing Certificate → Click Register →

Click Login

·         Dashboard view

  Specialized Guide for getting to

  Least Hardware and Software prerequisites 

Client Workstation Requirements 

 Equipment Requirements

 • A framework with least Dual center/Core 2Duo Processor.

• 1 GB RAM or above.

• 10 GB HDD or above suggested.

• Ethernet-based Network Interface.

• Modem or method of associating the Internet for online clients.    Min. 512Kbps velocities.

• Workable information and yield gadgets.

• UPS for power reinforcement. 

Programming Requirements 

• Windows-based working framework – Windows 7, Win.8, Win.8.1, and Win.10.

• For Best survey: Web program –

Web Explorer 10 or above suggested.

Mozilla Firefox Ver 40 or above suggested.

• Some parts of the E-Procurement application are not viable with Edge Browser in Windows 10 OS.

• Latest Anti-infection running on the framework.


• Connect to the Internet through Dial UP Modem or some other mode (ISDN Modem/Cable association/Leased line and so on)

• Open the Web Browser and type www.

• Click on Tender Login and follow the connection

• Or to get to the Tender site https://delicate. 


In the event that you can't open the Tender site do the accompanying

1. Check your Internet availability.

2. Open the properties box of the web association (double-tap the symbol on the status bar of your machine)

3. Keep this window open on your work area and attempt to open the site www.  once more. Screen the "bytes in" and "bytes out" area in the properties window of your Web association. In the event that there are no progressions attempt to open some other site and see the distinction, on the off chance that still there are no adjustments in the bytes send and get which implies your Internet association is hanged. Compassionately separate your association and reconnect your Internet association.

4. on the off chance that you can open www. and not ready to open the Tender login page check if your machine is behind the intermediary or some other firewall. On the off chance that so ask your overseer to empower the safe association on the intermediary as Tender site is a protected site

5. If there should arise an occurrence of moderate availability to www. - check the speed of your Internet association, which you are getting right now. Contact your ISP if attractive speed isn't accessible.

6. Away from Cache of your transitory web records (open your program - > Tools - > Internet

Alternatives - > General - > Temporary Internet documents segment)

 7. In the delicate site in the event that you are confronting any Data Signer Control Problems, do the accompanying:

• Add the URL to the confided in locales in the web alternatives

• Change the Active X controls and modules status to "Empower ".


• To add the URL to Trusted webpage : Open your program - > Tools - > Internet Options

- > Security - > Trusted Sites - > Sites - > Type the URL - > Click on Add - > OK.

• To Enable Active X Controls and Plug-ins : Open your program - > Tools - >

Web Options - > Security - > Trusted Sites - > Custom Level - > Active X Controls also, Plug-ins - > Enable.

8. Run the infection filter intermittently.

9. In the event of any question please call us at our Help Desk. 


E-Procurement is the buying of merchandise and ventures utilizing the web. It Covers full life pattern of buying (indent to receipt of merchandise) Connects purchasers and providers through electronic trade of Tenders, inventories, contracts, POs, solicitations and so on.

Electronic Tendering is doing the customary offering measure in an electronic structure, utilizing the web. Utilizing E-Tendering The Departments of Andhra Pradesh can:

Remembers for contract and off-contract purchasing Includes an assortment of off methods, for example, RFPs, statements, sales and opposite closeouts.

Electronic Tendering is completing the conventional offering measure in an electronic structure, utilizing the web. utilizing E-Tendering The Departments of Andhra Pradesh can: 

  • Raise Indents according to the necessity. 

  • Affirm indents on the web. 

  • Sell Tenders 

  • Get Bids 

  • Grant Contract/PO 

  • Assess Tenders 

  • Make and distribute NIT. 

  • Incorporates an assortment of off methods, for example, RFPs, statements, closeouts and converse sales. 

  • Utilizing E-Tendering, the providers can 

  • Get warning of the applicable tenders 

  • Buy tenders report 

  • Submit Bids Online 

  • Track the status of their offers

The tenders are distributed by the different branches of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Utilizing the E-Tendering System, the clients of the taking an interest office will: 

Raise indents according to the prerequisites 

Support Indents on the web 

Make Tender 

Support Tender and 

Distribute Tender on the web

The security highlights consolidated in the application guarantees that all exercises are logged, no unapproved individual approaches information, all touchy information is scrambled and framework can be re-establishing in a negligible conceivable time if there should be an occurrence of a calamity or framework crash. 

Review Trail the Solution has been intended to such an extent that all the exercises, exchanges and changes in arrangement are logged and a log report is made accessible to the concerned individuals. Further, a log is additionally accessible of exercises at the information base level accordingly guaranteeing that a strong review trail is consistently accessible of the apparent multitude of exercises either at the application level or the information base level. 

Information Encryption The arrangement underpins 128-digit encryption and all the value offers got against a delicate are encoded at the data set level. Further, the login passwords of the apparent multitude of clients and the providers are likewise scrambled at the information base level. 

Secure Administrator Access to keep a head from abusing his entrance benefits, the TMS requires two level secret key confirmation previously permitting a chairman admittance to the administrator module. The primary secret phrase is given by the manager himself and the subsequent secret phrase is given by some assigned senior individual inside the purchasing association. The overseer will be verified on cutting edge innovations utilizing biometrics. 

Cycle Validation the Solution has been architected to such an extent that a client can't see the business offer of a provider till the specialized assessment of the delicate is finished and the date and time determined for the launch of the business offer is expected. 

SSL Certificate The arrangement utilizes 128 bit SSL Certificate from Veri-sign for correspondence between the program and the web worker. This guarantees that all the information is scrambled and can't be hacked/abused by anybody 

Unapproved Access - The whole arrangement is behind a firewall and interruption location framework that ensures it against unapproved access and programmers

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