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The State of Gujarat is notable as the 'Development Engine' of the nation and has set worldwide principles for working together and encouraging financial specialists. Gujarat is one of India's generally industrialized and urbanized economies and is one of the public heads across different areas of the financial turn of events. With generally 6% of India's topographical zone and 5% of the nation's populace, Gujarat represents nearly 8% of India’s Gross Domestic Product, 18% of India's Industrial Output, and over 20% of fares. 

Deliberately situated on the west shoreline of India, Gujarat is all around associated with the significant urban areas of the world just as the nation via air, streets, ocean, and rail. It has a strong physical, social, and modern framework with 24 X 7 force for all, bounty flammable gas saves, scholarly capital, and economical water gracefully. The Government of Gujarat has come out with different division explicit strategies and plans to advance and encourage ventures. 

Gujarat has been positioned among the best performing states in public Ease of Doing Business rankings, and a few of the States activities in the regions of ecological endorsements, review methodology, and work changes have even been commended broadly as Best Practices for business help. The State Government has reported a far-reaching single-window to represent a wide range of mechanical clearances. Consequently, ventures of all sizes from miniature to super will get their clearances and endorsements in a period bound way. 

Gujarat is the main presence on the planet and in India in regions like oil, copper, denim creation, jewels, horticultural items, salt, and soft drink debris, medications, synthetics, and petrochemicals. There are speculation openings accessible in farming and united divisions, medical care, drugs, sustainable power source, mines and minerals, materials, the travel industry, metropolitan turn of events, diamonds and gems, auto and subordinate items, and building segments. Every one of these components makes Gujarat one of the most searched after objections over the world for setting up a business in.


1. An extensive rundown of Pre-Establishment just as Pre-Operation endorsements required for setting up a business 

2. Under the Know Your Approvals area a financial specialist can see a modified rundown of endorsements required for setting up a business in Gujarat State 

3. A Company/business person can make/include different undertakings under a single login id 

4. Digi storage office to transfer normal reports 

5. Normal Application Form - Common data, for example, candidate's name, venture subtleties, address, and so forth, and regular reports are needed to be given just a single time 

6. Online office for filling of all necessary structures alongside incorporated installment door office 

7. Online accessibility of endorsements and licenses to see just as the download 

8. Dashboard to see all the applications and their status 

9. An extraordinary record for every financial specialist for all correspondences across divisions by means of the IFP 

10. A powerful complaint redressal instrument created to determine speculator complaints 

11. A helpline number to address all financial specialist inquiries

Focus sectors

  1. Aerospace & defense

  2. Agro & food processing

  3. Auto & auto components

  4. Chemical and petrochemical

  5. ESDM

  6. Engineering

  7. Healthcare

  8. IT/ITES

  9. Megaprojects

  10. MSME

  11. Pharmaceuticals

  12. Renewable energy

  13. Tourism

  14. Textile


  • When you open the website,Home would appear.

  • Click on ‘New Investor Registration’ (as shown in Figure 1), New Investor Registration Form will be open as per the below screen. Investors have to fill all mandatory fields in the registration form and have to choose a password.

  • Username will be the investor’s email id for login to the IFP Portal. Click on ‘Submit ’to submit the registration form. (Note: - All future communications will be done on registered mobile no and email id)

  • Once you click on the submit button, you will see the confirmation alert containing the below message ‘You will not be able to change PAN number and Company Name. This will appear on all certificates issued to you. Please verify before submitting!’. Click on the ok button to finally submit your registration form.

  •  After successful registration, you will get one confirmation message.

  • With the successful registration, one activation link will be sent to your registered email and mob via SMS

  • Once the user click on the activation link, then

  • Click on the ‘Login’ button available on the home page of IFP Portal, a login page will appear 

  • The user has to activate/verify his account before login on IFP Portal by clicking on the link Otherwise the user will get an alert as per figure 9 while login. III. As shown in Figure 10, once you logged in to the portal, you will see a Dashboard on your screen where you will see a status summary of your application. New Users will see NIL as they have not applied any applications in the portal.







Registration of partnership firm

Commissionerate of Commercial Tax

1. Address Proof 

2. Address Proof of Partners 

3. Authority Letter to support any individual to apply for Registration 

4. Legally approved Partnership Deed 

5. Legally approved Photos of Partners 

6. PAN card

7. Proficient Tax Payment Receipt

1 day


Registration of societies

Agriculture and Co-operation

60 days


Land allotment

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC)

1. Detailed project report 

2. Demand Draft for scrutiny fee

3. Undertaking (Undertaking to be submitted on Rs. 100 stamp paper with all details duly filled in and signed in by the applicant and two witnesses)

4. Certified Copy of certificate of caste 

5. Certified copy of anyone form: Election photo I Card/ Driving license/Passport/PAN card for Photo Identity proof*

6. Certified copy of anyone form: Election photo I Card/ Driving license/Passport for Photo Address proof*

7. Two Photographs 

8. Undertaking of GPCB NOC for chemical projects

9 applicants of Dahej industrial estate

11. application of Woman Industrial Park

12. Age Proof of female applicants 

90 days


Land application for NA under article 65


1. Certified copy Application

2. Certified copy of Village Form 8A

3. Certified copy of Village Form-6A 

4. Copy of order and premium paid receipt for non-agriculture use of the land,

5. Challan copy converted into NA

6. If the land is taken on Loan, Loan paid confirmation(financing of the institution/bank certificate)

7. ‘F' Form for T.P.Scheme Approval

8. Zonal certificate received from Urban/Area Development Authority

9. Sogandh-Nama(ULC)

10. Sogandh-Nama for Agriculture Top Limit

90 days


Tenancy act article under 43


1. Certified copy of Application

2. Certified copy of Village Form 6 

3. Certified copy of Village Form 8 A 

4.  copy of Panchnama

5. Copy of Deed/Agreement between Seller and Buyer of the Land ( If done then)

9. Certified copy of Kulmukhtyarnama, 

90 days


Land permission


1.Copy of Registration of 

2. Copy of Organization/Society/Associations

3. Copy of Last 3 years Audit Report

4copy of  stability of Organization/Firm

5. copy of the land map

60 days


7. Land Permission under article-63AA


1.Certified copy of Village form 7/12 for last 30 Years

2.Certified copy of Village Form 8A

3. copy of Village Form-6A 

4.(a) copy of Registration of Organization/ 6.(b) Copy of Organization/Society/Association's constitution

7. (c) Copy of Last 3 year's Audit Report

8. copy of Registered sale deed 9 copy of sell transaction 

10. copy of zoning certificate

11.Copy of Form-F,

 12.Tracing copy of Land Map 

60 days


Permission for Bonafide Industrial Purpose 65B

Revenue Department

1. copy of Village form 7/12 

2. copy of Village Form 8A

3.Certified copy of Village Form-

4. copy of non-agriculture order if any, granting such permission

5.Map showing four side boundaries as may be attached

6.Residential Proof 

7. copy of Plan 

8.NOC from Pollution Control

9 . Copy of Premium paid in case of Type of Land authority is New 

90 days


Property Registration

Revenue Department

1.Photo ID proof

2.Photo of the property

3. property card 

4.Address proof

5 . Form No.1 

6. Certified copy of the evidence of ownership.

7. copy of the Power of Attorney 

1 day from the date of visiting Sub Registrar Office


NOC for Tree

1.Forest and

2. Revenue

1. Village Form 7/12

2. Hakk Patra 8A 

3. Location Map 

4. NOC of partnership 

5. Power of attorney 

60 days


Tree Transit Permission

1.Forest and

2. Revenue


30 Days

Unreserved Species: 60 Days


Building Plan Approval - UDD

Urban Development and Urban Housing

Building Plan 

1. Records of Rights 

2. Layout and Building Plan

3. Map Image

4. Certified Measurement Sheet 

5. Sanctioned Plan 

6. Affidavit & Undertaking

7. Power of Attorney 

8. Notarized Form 2 A, 2 B, 2C & 2D, 2 CA

9. NOC from Appropriate Authority 

10. Revenue Records 

11. Zoning Certificate & F form

Approval “ 30 Days

Plinth Check Inspection -€ 7 Days

Building Use Permission Inspection -7 days 


Building Plan Approval - GIDC

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC)

1. Copy of Offer cum Allotment Letter

2. Possession Receipt

3. Copy of Approved Field Book

4. Copy of Time limit extension 

5. PDF copy of the plan 

30 days


NOC for FIRE Department

Urban Development and Urban Housing

1. Records of Rights 

2. Layout and Building Plan

3. Google Map Image

4. Certified Measurement Sheet 5. Sanctioned Plan by Competent Authority (

6. Affidavit & Undertaking

7. Power of Attorney 

7 days


Water connection (4departments)

Water Resources

1. Approval from Industries office

2. supporting documents

3. Small plan 

60 days


Electricity Connection (4 DisComs): MGVCL , DGVCL , UGVCL , PGVCL (LT Connection)

Energy and Petrochemicals

1. Identity Proof 

2. Proof of Ownership

7 -15 days


16b. PGVCL Electricity Connection (4 DisComs): MGVCL, DGVCL, UGVCL, PGVCL (HT Connection)

Energy and Petrochemicals

1. Identity Proof of 

2. Proof of Ownership

7 -15 days


Certification of Electrical Installation by Chief Electrical Inspector

Energy and Petrochemicals

For the Approval of the HV/EHV electrical installations:

1. Overall Single Line Diagram 

2. Equipment Layout 

3. Earthing 

4. Earthing Resistance Calculations 

Approval of the Captive Generating Plant (CGP) or DG Installations:

1. Overall Single Line Diagram– showing existing and proposed installations

2. Equipment Layout drawing with a plot plan

3. Earthing layout drawing with Standard Earth Pit Drawing

4. Details of CGP/DG in prescribed format with the declaration

30 days


Building and Other Construction Workers Permission

Labour and

1. Proof of residential address 

2. Proof of establishment 

3. Copy of Muster Roll 

15 days


Consent to Establish

Gujarat Pollution Control Board

1. Application processing fees 

2. Site plan 

3. Nearest residential area with certificate 

4. Total available open land in the industrial premises

120 days


Granting of Drug Manufacturing License

Food and Drug Controls Administration

1. Application in form No.24 and 27 (Signed by all partners and directors)

2. Additional Information Form 

3. Authorization letter

4. MOA/partnership Detail/ LLP

5. List of Directors along with photo ID

6. Approved plan copy

7. Documents of possession of

8. List of a technical person with appointment letter, consent letter,
degree certificate

9. List of products

60 days


Investor Facilitation Portal' is a single window online platform which acts as the first point of contact for any probable investor in the State of Gujarat. It also facilitates for online filling of all required forms, online payments, downloading online certificates, licenses and a grievance redressal mechanism.

There are various advantages of filing an online application a) All the applications across various departments are available online on Investor Facilitation Portal ( Pre-requisite clearances (Land allotment, NA Permission, Registration of Partnership firm and Registration of Co-operative Societies) Pre-establishment approvals Renewals Incentives b) An applicant can submit all documents for all required application. c) All the processes are explained in Single User Guide on the IFP home page. d) Applicants can know the status of the application online on Investor Dashboard.

An investor doesn't need to approach any department for taking any approvals. All the processes can be completed online via (single window portal) as suggested in the Single Window User Guide on home page.

Prior to availing any of the services, an investor may first register with Investor Facilitation Portal ( . An investor will get Login id and password. Further, an investor may login and apply for necessary approvals required for setting up of the business.

The Investor Facilitation Portal allows users to know about the approvals required for a particular industry. Click on Know Your Approval link on the homepage and then key in some basic questions about the unit. A list of all pre-establishment and pre-operation approvals that will be required to be obtained will be displayed to the user.

An investor can view the procedure and list of documents for related approval in One Stop Information Tab. Click on List of Approvals section.

In 'One Stop Information' tab the information on suitable land parcels is available. The investor can find details on Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) estates, Private Industrial estates, SIRs and SEZs etc.

In One Stop Information€™ tab, one can find information on all relevant Government Orders and Circulars under Other initiatives taken for Ease of Doing Business.

An investor may have multiple units under single name and can apply for approvals required to operate multiple units through a single user id by registering new units under the same user id. The same PAN number should be used for the login.

The different modes of payment that are available are: Net Banking and Credit Card / Debit Card Payment.

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