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The State of Punjab is known for the ambitious soul of its kin which achieved the 'green upset' and furthermore made Punjab a center point of the little and medium undertaking. The State is currently on an edge of progress to another culture of development and innovation-driven undertaking. First-class foundation, magnificent availability, premium instructive establishments, and conductive government strategy add to the quality of the State. 

Modern Infrastructure is one of the key pillars in the drawn-out advancement of the Industry. The Government intends to create a strong foundation including a center and supporting framework which will give long haul advantages to the business and set the State on the way of arranged mechanical development. It is likewise the undertaking of the Government to rearrange laws and rules for framework improvement, the board, and upkeep through a solitary Industrial Infrastructure Development Agency in the State.

Every single Industrial home, modern parks, mechanical central focuses, modern development places, and so forth (to be alluded as Industrial Parks in the future) created by the Directorate of Industries (Punjab), Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation (PSIEC), Punjab Infotech (PICTC) and Punjab Agro Industries Corporation and other such offices will be moved to the Authority for advancement, the board, and upkeep. 

The Authority will be pronounced nearby expert for the reasons for keeping up different Industrial Parks and will likewise be vested with the forces of Special Urban Planning and Development Authority and different forces under Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995 for guaranteeing arranged improvement of different assigned mechanical zones under the Master Plan of individual urban communities.


So as to give driving force to fast mechanical development, the State would grow new Industrial Parks, which will have the top tier framework. The State through the Authority will create 4 significant Industrial Parks and 10 other Industrial Parks covering general and part explicit necessities of different modern areas. The State would help distinguish and move different town regular terrains and unutilized government lands for being created as Industrial Parks. Furthermore, the Authority will likewise keep a prepared rack of land bank, reserved after their due attainability is set up, which can be offered to the Industries.

1. The State will outline a fitting area pooling plan for obtaining land for mechanical parks. 

2. The State will outline a proper plan to create Industrial Parks in an organization with land proprietors, where land is contributed by the land proprietors and the power will bring the ability for advancement and advertising of the Park. This will be especially useful in the event of town basic grounds and an income offering course of action to town panchayat will carry more noteworthy advantages to both town panchayat and the State. 

3. If there should be an occurrence of unutilized government handles, the equivalent might be made accessible liberated from cost to the Authority for creating mechanical parks. 

4. The Authority would likewise prepare forthright installments from the allottees to meet the forthright cost of obtaining land by dispensing the terrains with the finish of the format plan and its endorsement by the skilled position. 

5. The land an incentive in the region acknowledges extensively because of setting up of mechanical park at any area, the State would devise a plan to share part of the expanded stamp obligation with the Authority 

6. So as to lessen the improvement cost, the State would benefit from the monetary help and awards accessible for the advancement of Mega Food Parks, ESDM Parks, Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor advancement, Integrated Leather Park, MSME framework up-gradation, and other Central plans for foundation advancement.

Key sectors

  • High tech manufacturing

  • Apparels and  Made-ups

  • Footwear and accessories

  • Food processing industries

  • Electronics

  • Aerospace and defense

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

Service sectors

  • IT/ ITES

  • Life science

  • Skill centers/ incubators

  • Healthcare

  • Tourism and hospitality

  • Media and entertainments

  • Logistics

Documents to be submitted

  • Proof of Date of Commercial production (certificate issued by GMDIC concerned) 

  • GST Registration Certificate 

  • Copy of UAM or part B of IEM as the case may be 

  • PAN Card 

  • Copy of Partnership Deed in the case of a partnership firm

  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association in the case of a company 

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies in the case of companies or Form A & C issued by Registrar of firms in the case of Partnership firms or Bankers certificate or Shop and Establishment Act certificate in case of Proprietary concern or any other entity registration certificate of the respective registering authority.

  • Copy of resolution of the board of directors in the case of companies (Form 20) and power of attorney (Form 19) in case of partnership firms, as the case may be in favor of authorized signatory 

  • Copy of latest electricity bill 

  • Copy of Detailed Project Report. DPR approved by Financial Institution/Empanelled Agency.

  • Declaration as per Form-1 

  • CA certificate regarding FCI as per Form-2 

  • Bank certificate regarding FCI as per Form-3 

  • Item wise, Bill wise list of expenditure on land, building, and machinery, certified by the CA, in the prescribed form 4 supported by a copy of the self-attested bill/invoices. 

  • Audited Balance Sheet 

  • Copy of lease deed / titled deed

List of Departments

Pre establishment

1. Forest NOC Department of Forests and Wildlife 

2. Change of Land Use(LG) Local Government 

3. Building Plan Approval - LG Local Government 

4. Grant of Permission for Change of Land Use (HUD) Housing and Urban Development 

5. Building Plan Approval - HUD Housing and Urban Development 

6. Consent To Establish (CTE) Punjab Pollution Control Board 

7. Application for Registration of Societies Department of Industries and Commerce (Societies) 

8. Application for Registration of Partnership Firms Department of Industries and Commerce (Firms) 

9. Application for Grant Provisional Fire Safety Certificate Department of Fire Services 


10. Boiler Installation/Erection Permission Director Boilers 

11. Boiler Manufacturer Director Boilers 

12. Boiler Erector/Repairer-Renewal Director Boilers 

13. Consent to Operate (CTO) - Air Punjab Pollution Control Board 

14. Consent to Operate (CTO) - Water Punjab Pollution Control Board 

15. Consent to Operate (CTO) - Hazardous Waste Management Punjab Pollution Control Board 

16. HT Supply for Demand surpassing 500 kVA (Temporary) PCL - Requisition form Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd 

17. HT Supply for Demand surpassing 500 kVA (Regular) PCL - Requisition form Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd 

18. LT Supply for Load/Demand up-to 100 kW/kVA (Temporary) Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd 

19. HT Supply for Demand surpassing 100 kW/kVA (Temporary) A&A Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd 

20. LT Supply for Load/Demand up-to 100 kW/kVA (Regular) Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd 

21. HT Supply for Demand surpassing 100 kW/kVA (Regular) A&A Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd 

22. Notice of finishing and consent to occupy - LG Local Government 

23. Notice of Completion and Part Completion - HUD Housing and Urban Development 

24. Non-Specified Drug Health and Family Welfare 

25. Specified Drug Health and Family Welfare 

26. Certification of Electrical Infrastructure from the Electrical Inspectorate Department of Power 

27. Punjab Electrical (Statutory Inspection of the Electrical Installations) Department of Power 

28. Application for Grant Final Fire Safety Certificate Department of Fire Services 

29. Height Clearance NOC Airport Authority of India 

30. NOC from the National Monuments Authority (NMA) for Construction Permit National Monuments Authority 

31. Application for Registration/Grant of Factory License under the Factories Act 1948 Department of Labor (Director of Factories) 

32. Building arrangement Approvals (Factories) Department of Labor (Director of Factories) 

33. Registration of Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 Department of Labor 

34. Registration of Establishment utilizing Contract Labor under the arrangement of The Contracts Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 Department of Labor 

35. Certificate Of Stability Department of Labor (Director of Factories) 

36. Registration of Profession Tax Excise and Taxation 

37. Renew Drug Manufacturing Licenses Health and Family Welfare 

38. Plot Allotment - PSIEC Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation Ltd 

39. Application For Grant Of License Under Contract Labor (R and A) Act, 1970 Department of Labor 


41. Registration of Establishment Employing Migrant Workman Department of Labor 

42. License for New Manufacturer Department of Legal Metrology 

43. License for New Dealer Department of Legal Metrology 

44. License for New Repairer Department of Legal Metrology

Qualification measures for organization enrollment in Punjab 

Here's a brief glance at the different qualification measures for enrolling an organization in Punjab. 

  • For Private Limited Companies; 

  • In any event two Directors and a limit of 15 

  • In any event, one of the Directors must be an Indian occupant 

  • Least of two and limit of 200 investors 

  • Approved capital charge adding up to in any event INR 1 Lakh 

  • Enlisted office address inside India 

Private Limited Companies don't reserve the option to acknowledge stores from people in general and issue offers to general society as compensation. Moreover, all the accomplices and chiefs must have PAN cards to finish the enlistment cycle. 

For Public Limited Companies

  • At any rate three chiefs 

  • At any rate, one of the Directors must be an Indian occupant 

  • Least of seven and no cap on the greatest number of investors 

  • Approved capital expense adding up to in any event INR 5 Lakhs 

Enrolled office address inside India 

Besides, all the accomplices and chiefs must have PAN cards to finish the enlistment cycle. Such organizations reserve the privilege to acknowledge stores and issue offers to the overall population. 

Documents needed for organization enlistment in Punjab 

For Private and Public Limited Companies; 

  • PAN Card 

  • DSC of Directors 

  • ID verification of Directors 

  • Address verification of Directors 

  • Two identification size photos 

  • Update and Articles of Association 

  • Structure 29 for Public Limited Companies 

  • Further, Power of Attorney from endorsers 

  • Letter from RoC affirming the accessibility of the proposed name 

  • No protest letters from the advertisers and chiefs 

  • Furthermore, address evidence of the enrolled office 

  • Charge installment affirmation slip


Compassionately allude to the Invest Punjab.gov.in site.

Condition 3.1.3 of OG-2018 (I). Avionic business will remember the units for the aviation esteem affix from crude material to completed items which increase the value of aviation items/intermediates/buildups both equipment and programming. It will incorporate entomb alia common and military airplanes, rotorcrafts, helicopters, business planes. This likewise incorporates configuration, examination, advancement and prototyping. Further, it will likewise incorporate guided rocket part, UAVs and related segments, drive units, redesign hardware, modifying, fabricating segments and so forth (ii). Safeguard fabricating endeavor implies producing undertakings which are providing in any event half of estimation of their completed merchandise as normal of most recent three years or ought to have made sure about guard request worth at any rate INR 10 Crore as normal of most recent three years, from Ministry of Defense, Government of India or their comparable in unfamiliar nations. (iii). The definition will cover those units additionally which are providing segment of worth in any event half of estimation of their completed merchandise to the unit who thus is provider (according to terms set down in above para) to Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India or their identical in unfamiliar nations.

Co-ordinations for the motivations behind financial motivators under the Policy will mean Units meeting the accompanying measures: (I). Giving warehousing administrations for example warehousing offices (having at least 3000 sq. ft. of capacity region at the ground level), material dealing with, bundling offices and transport offices. (ii). Given just specific transportation offices for example particular vehicles, for example, refrigerated vehicle vehicles, specific development area vehicles, particular substance transportation vehicles, cryogenic vehicles will be meant the motivations behind FCI. It will prohibit typical vehicle vehicles, products transporters, payloads, holders and so on (iii). The office will not be for self-utilization.

In the event of land and building bought from existing Industry which has benefited motivators, conceded by state govt., the land and building cost won't be considered as a major aspect of FCI in any case the expense of land and deteriorated benefit of building will be considered for FCI. Any new resources made with new speculation will likewise be considered for FCI. The deteriorated benefit of building and quality and life of the structure should be affirmed by a Civil Engineer.

Investigation Committee according to Clause 7.2 will examine the case for fixed capital venture made by the unit. The suggestions of the Scrutiny Committee will be put before the District level or State level advisory group as might be the situation. For ventures upto 1 Cr Distt. Level Committee headed By Deputy Commissioner is equipped and for above 1Cr State Level Committee is skilled.

Indeed, self-money units are qualified for motivators gave the definite undertaking report (DPR) will be evaluated and affirmed by Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation/SIDBI/State empaneled organizations/CAG empaneled CA's.

The candidate can get to their particular applications utilizing their login subtleties. The authorities have been given login certifications at locale just as square level to follow the record development.

The unit will be qualified for the greatest quantum of incentive(s) that might be appropriate.

If it's not too much trouble find depicted connection. https://gisprsc.punjab.gov.in /arcgisportal/applications/webappviewer/index.html?id=c9120a4712eb451f817ab9f98570a276 

No, there is no enrollment charge.

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