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Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society (CHiPS) are the nodal organization and central player for driving IT development and execution of the IT and e-Governance ventures in the State of Chhattisgarh. CHiPS is associated with the start to finish execution of some super IT Projects like, SDC, SSDG, SWAN, GIS, CHOiCE, e-Procurement, and so forth. An expert methodology is being received for its execution Projects utilizing the administrations of e-administration specialists and advisors from corporate and the scholarly community. 

Chhattisgarh State with wide-extending financial variations are presently seeing the progressing Information Technology (IT) upset. The Government of Chhattisgarh dreams 'Vikas Mool mantra, Aadhar loktantra' ('Driving Development through Democratic Governance') and trusts Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an especially significant mode for the state in connecting and improving employments exceptionally for its staggering SC/ST populace across 44% woodland region, which had to a great extent stayed immaculate by present-day advancement. 

A mind-boggling extent of this populace is reliant upon farming and backwoods for their fundamental employment. In spite of noteworthy bottlenecks of restricted admittance to showcase related data, storm conjectures, government plans, data on current cultivating practices, horticulture and backwoods contribute essentially to the State's salary. ICT can possibly essentially improve this commitment. In doing such, the Government of Chhattisgarh tries to make an IT domain in the state wherein interests in IT are supported as well as effectively encouraged. 

We expect to accomplish quality and greatness in state taxpayer driven organizations to residents, state exchanges with residents and organizations, and inside state administrative tasks/capacities through the key arrangement of data advancements. 

The State of Chhattisgarh perceives the significance of Information and Communication Technology as a key empowering agent in its financial turn of events and improving personal satisfaction. So as to make Chhattisgarh an IT empowered state logically, CHiPS has thought of the "Hardware, IT and ITeS Investment Policy of Chhattisgarh 2014 – 2019".


• CG State Wide Area Network - CG SWAN

• State Data Center - SDC

• State e-Governance Services Delivery Gateway – SSDG

• e-District

• CM Dashboard and Advisory Services to CM Secretariat

• Common Service Centers (CSC) - Rural CHOiCE

• CHOiCE (Online G2C Services)

 • Geographical Information System (GIS)

• e-Procurement

• Crime and Criminal Tracking and Network System (CCTNS)

• Digital Secretariat

• Student Life Cycle Management System

• Cloud Infrastructure

Provider enlistment, reports and qualification

This technique for enrollment would be diverse for New Suppliers and Existing Suppliers. New 

Providers don't have enlistment numbers however existing Supplier would have this number. Notwithstanding, in the event that Suppliers with enlistment number are discovered impeded by the framework, CHiPS should be reached for an explanation. 

For New Supplier, the accompanying would be required compulsorily for enrollment – 

a) PAN Card Number data 

b) CRN Certificate filtered duplicate if Vendor Class is A, B, C, or D 

c) Preferred Login code 

d) All business organizes identified with offering. Getting DSC 

The way toward using e-obtainment requires utilization of DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) 

(Class II or Class III - Signing and Encryption) and you are mentioned to obtain the equivalent promptly, if not effectively accessible with you. If you don't mind note that just with DSC, you will have the option to log in to the e-obtainment made sure about site and participate in the offering cycle. 

The contact subtleties of the DSC Certifying Authorities are given underneath 

 Sl. No CA Website Address 

1 e-Mudhra 



4 MTNL Trust line 

5 NIC 

6 Safes crypt 

1.2Procedure to get DSC for unfamiliar sellers: 

 A Step by step method to be clung before getting of the DSC is given underneath. 

a) The merchant downloads the Registration/Application structure from any of the authorized CAs as endorsed by CCA. (If it's not too much trouble visit site for subtleties) 

b) Vendor tops off the application structure alongside the essential reports as referenced beneath and visits the Indian Embassy alongside the first reports relating to the confirmed genuine duplicates. 

c) The previously mentioned archives are then confirmed by the Indian Embassy. 

d) Online asset move must be made by the seller of Rupee identical sum in the particular nation's cash ( Swift code of the CA's Bank will be given by the CAs on demand) 

e) The Indian Embassy's archives at that point should be couriered to the individual CA. 

f) The CA gives the DSC alongside e-token and sends the equivalent to the seller. 

1.2.1 Documentation for unfamiliar merchants 

I. Any of the beneath referenced records is needed to be put together by an unfamiliar merchant to Indian consulate for getting Class II or III advanced declaration in the interest of an 

Association/Enterprise (affirmed genuine duplicate from either Company Secretary or a Director or then again Partner of the Organization): 

a. Endorsement of Incorporation 

b. Update and Articles of Association. 

c. Enrolled Partnership Deed 

d. Substantial Business License archive 

Affirmed genuine duplicate of any of the accompanying 

a. Yearly report 

b. Salary government form 

c. Proclamation of Income 

d. Bank subtleties of the Organization 

III. Archives needed with each advanced testament application (Both of the underneath referenced archives are needed in unique) 

a. Approval letter for the endorsement candidate from the candidate's association 

(according to organize appended herewith). The approving individual ought to be one position higher in that association. 

b. Most recent Color Passport size photo of the candidate 

c. Duplicate of Visa, Passport, and International driving permit (authenticated by the organization stamp furthermore, marked by the candidate. Unique will be returned after confirmation by the Indian Government office

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