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The Federation of Indian Export Organisations represents the Indian entrepreneurs' spirit of enterprise within the world market. created in October 1965, the Federation, noted popularly as "FIEO", has an unbroken pace with the country's evolving economic and trade policies, and provided the content, direction, and thrust to India's increasing international trade. because the apex body of all Indian export promotion organizations, FIEO works as a partner of the govt of India to push Indian exports.

Today, FIEO expresses all the dynamism and revival that square measure the hallmark of India's open, liberal, and increasingly market-friendly economic and trade regime, representing the Indian export promotion effort in its entirely. Its membership, mostly comprising skilled commerce films or long expertise referred to as Government recognized Export homes, commerce homes, Star commerce homes, and Super Star commerce homes and practice commerce corporations, contributes seventy-two you look after the full exports of India.

In essence, FIEO represents directly or indirectly, over 100,000 exporters across India. Exports by FIEO members comprise a good spectrum of merchandise as well as Gems & Jewelry, Textiles, Garments, Engineering merchandise, animal skin and animal skin merchandise, Handicrafts, Chemicals, and allied merchandise, Cosmetics, medicine, and prescribed drugs, etc. yet as a good vary of practice Services covering Infrastructure, Engineering, Industries, Cement, Leather, Paper & Rubber Industries. Agro-based Industries, tiny Scale Industries, etc. The activities of our members additionally embrace producing, international commerce, investment, and joint ventures, etc. To any foreign capitalist, user or vendor, FIEO is that the one-stop organization which is able to place him in contact with a trade partner or high repute, backed by its own credentials as AN organization of excellence in India.

FIEO has cast sturdy links with counterpart organizations in many countries yet as international agencies to modify direct communication and interaction between India and world businessmen. it's registered with UNCTAD as a national non-Government organization and has direct access to information/data originating from world organization bodies and world agencies just like the UN agency, ADB, ESCAP, WORLD BANK, FAO, UNIDO, et al.. additionally, it's bilateral arrangements for an exchange of knowledge yet as for liasioning with many overseas chambers of commerce, and trade and trade associations.

How FIEO has Developed

Today the Federation is happy with the very fact that its members account for associate degree calculable exports of US$ twenty-four. 3 billion out of entire India's export of US$ three.0 billion. It shows for itself associate degree accomplishment that notes that more or less seventy-three. 6 % of the entire exports from Asian country emanate from FIEO members. This desirable position has been reached chop-chop in an exceedingly} very short span, albeit with an extended inheritance behind it. it absolutely was within the year 1965 that this Federation came into being with the support of the Ministry of Commerce. Government of Asian country and personal trade and trade. it's currently graduated to the level of an organization providing an international link to exporters and dealing as a 'nerve center' of Indian exports.


What FIEO Specifically achieves The Federation keeps its members denote with the newest developments within the field of Export / Import by organizing Seminars and Workshops, attractive delegations, organizing Buyer-Seller meets in Asian countries and abroad. Trade Fairs, providing consultatory and advisory services and transportation regarding constant interaction between member exporters and varied Government departments. the top results of such activity are the discussion of problems exhaustive, evolving of appropriate action plans to market Indian exports, formulation, and dissemination of presidency policies bearing on all sectors in producing and businessperson exportation and apprising Government on issues and suggesting remedial measures.

What FIEO’s functions

When the Federation was well-grooved in 1965, sure economic realities had taken form in Asian countries. There was bigger manufacture, centralized coming up with and Government controls. Aspect by aspect, there existed a buoyant and thriving non-public sector. Therefore there was associate degree pressing want for:

* Wider exchange of views between allied industries publicly in addition because of the non-public sectors.

* Apprising all involved bodies of the standing of exports.

* watching the results of presidency policies on Exports - Imports.

* Interacting with the govt. on behalf of the exportation community. Basically, the Federation fulfills the higher than wants in these 3 ways

* Causation representations on policy matters to Central and State (Regional) Governments.

* Providing a large variety of services designed to assist member firms

* making and fitting contracts between Government and business Bodies each in Asian countries and overseas.

Total Quality Management Department

The TQM department is devoted to assisting industries to launch quality initiatives. It organizes workshops/ seminars on TQM, ISO, etc.

FIEO data Centre

It has well-established information and provides helpful data on India's Export sector each at the corporate and trade level, Indian city-wise, state-wise, etc. India's Imports commodity-wise, port-wise, etc. is additionally created accessible. help to patrons abroad in sourcing the proper product from Asian country is additionally provided.

Electronic Knowledge Interchange and electronic data processing Department

The Government of Asian country has targeted January 1998 to implement EDI with all the departments engaged in international trade. The task of this department has therefore multiplied manifold in its effort to supply awareness and education on EDI to India's non-public trade and trade. Training, practice, and a host of different services on EDI are additionally provided. As a district of the attention and academic program, FIEO has launched an associate degree system, viz. FIEONET for India's non-public trade and trade. It facilitates quick and low-value communication facilities. Non-members may avail of the ability

Market Development help (MDA) Department

The Ministry of Commerce, Government of the Asian country, through FIEO, reimburses to a particular proportion, expenses incurred by the recognized exporters, viz. Super Star commerce homes / Star commerce homes/commerce homes / Export homes on account of Sale-cum-Study Tour. Participation in Exhibitions / Fairs abroad, transportation out publications to be used abroad, and promotional material in foreign media (Brand Publicity). The Market Development help Department takes care of the grant disbursement.

Exim Policy, Customs and Excise Department

The department offers consolatory services on India's Export-Import Policy, Customs, and Excise rules and laws. Takes up the issues of the exporters on these areas with the acceptable authorities. Monitors and suggests the govt. of Asian country on the varied policies, laws, rules, and laws.

Market Research and Development Department (import and export)

The research Department as a district of its business facilitation effort offers the exportation community

i) Conferences with diplomats, incoming delegations, and shopping for missions

ii) Attractive delegations

iii) Organising trade fairs abroad to project Indian product (recently organized fairs in Morocco, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tunisia)

iv) Gap of foreign offices and warehouses

v) Organising seminars for promotion of International Trade

vI) Preparation of country notes/studies

vii) Gap of recent FIEO Chapters / Offices abroad

viii) language memoranda of Understandings (MOU) with International Chambers & establishments for trade promotion

Financial accumulation and Direct Taxes Division

The Banking and Direct Taxes Division offers consolatory services to exporters on matters associated with exchange management and interchange Dealers Association of Asian country (FEDAI). It additionally provides data to exporters concerning edges accessible beneath Income-tax Act, 1961 like section eighty HHC for merchandise exports eighty HHC for a software package, etc. eighty HHB for come.

It additionally takes up issues of exporters concerning export finance, and issue associated with Exchange management and FEDAI. It organizes open homes/workshops etc. with the involved establishment of run batted in, Banker, etc. for the bourgeois to possess a face-to-face interaction to resolve their issues on the spot.


The spy, the UN agency facilitates the provision of products, is enclosed at intervals the definition of go-between. The place of provider of service for services provided by go-between would be the placement of service supplier, i.e. the place wherever he's registered. Since a remote agent is found outside the Republic of India  and not registered in India, the commission paid to him won't be

For a currency once changed to Indian rupee, the worth of non-exempt purpose shall be capable the distinction within the shopping for rate /selling rate, because the case could also be, and also the run reference rate for the currency at that point increased by the entire worth of unit. just in case run reference rate isn't on the market for the currency, the worth are gross quantity of Indian rupee provided or received by the person dynamic the cash.

For example, if someone converts USD a thousand at Rs sixty three and run reference rate is Rs sixty four, then the non-exempt worth are (Rs 64-63 x a thousand) Rs 1000 on that applicable GST are charged. If someone converts a thousand Turkish lira at Rs eighteen.50 presumptuous there's no run reference rate, non-exempt worth are I Chronicles of Rs 18500 = Rs 185 on that applicable GST are charged.

Under the GST, it's been determined to try and do away with the protection of containers with export merchandise by CBEC officers. Instead, self-sealing procedure is allowed, with result from fifteenth Dec 2017, subject to the following:

a) The businessperson shall be beneath Associate in Nursing obligation to tell the small print of the premises whether or not a industrial plant or warehouse or the other place wherever instrumentality stuffing is to be distributed, to the territorial customs officer.

b) The businessperson ought to be registered beneath the GST and may be filing GSTRI and GSTR2. wherever businessperson isn't a GST person, he shall bring the export merchandise to a instrumentality Freight Station/Inland instrumentality Depot for stuffing and protection of instrumentality.

However, in sure things, Associate in Nursing businessperson could follow the self-sealing procedure notwithstanding he's not needed to be registered beneath GST Laws. Such Associate in Nursing exception is offered to the standing Holders (One, Two, Three, Four and 5 Star Export Houses) recognized by DGFT beneath a legitimate standing holder certificate issued during this regard.

The businessperson shall inform the territorial Custom Officer of the rank of Superintendent or Appraiser of Customs, a minimum of fifteen days before the primary planned movement of a consignment from his factory/premises, regarding the intention to follow self-sealing procedure to export merchandise from the industrial plant premises or warehouse. The territorial Superintendent or Associate in Nursing Appraiser or Associate in Nursing Inspector of Customs shall visit the premises from wherever the export merchandise are stuffed and sealed for export. The territorial Superintendent or Inspector of Customs shall examine the premises with relevance viability of stuffing of instrumentality within the premises and submit a report back to the territorial Deputy Commissioner of Customs or because the case could also be the Assistant Commissioner of Customs at intervals forty eight hours. The territorial Deputy Commissioner of Customs or because the case could also be the Assistant Commissioner of Customs shall forward the proposal, during this relevance the Principal Commissioner/Commissioner of Customs UN agency would grant permission for self-sealing at the approved premises. Once the permission is granted, the businessperson shall furnish solely intimation to the territorial Superintendent or Customs on every occasion self-sealing is distributed at approved premises. The intimation, during this regard shall clearly mention the place and address of the approved premises, description of export merchandise and whether or not or not any incentive is being claimed.

In case of refund of tax on inputs utilized in exports:

  • Acknowledgement are issued at intervals fifteen days from the date of application for refund

  • Refund of ninetieth is granted provisionally at intervals seven days of acknowledgement of refund application.

  • Remaining 100% are paid at intervals a most amount of sixty days from the date of receipt of application complete altogether respects.

No application for refund is to be created for IGST because the Shipping Bill itself may be a claim for refund. within the case of refund of IGST paid on exports: Upon receipt of knowledge relating to furnishing of valid come in kind GSTR-3 by the businessperson from the common portal, the Customs shall method the claim for refund Associate in Nursingd an quantity capable the IGST paid in respect of every shipping bill shall be attributable to the checking account of the businessperson.

The principle of unjust enrichment isn't applicable just in case of exports of products or services because the recipient is found outside the non -exempt territory.

Please bear in mind that the principal place of business and extra place of business are confined to a State solely. If you're outsourcing the fabric for exports from AP, you would like not register in AP as solely the provider is needed to be registered within the State from that merchandise are  being provided within the shipping bill, State code of the businessperson is needed to be quoted at master level that is that the 1st 2 digit of the GSTIN of the businessperson, wherever you'll offer code of Madras. At the item level, you'll offer the State of Origin that ought to be the State from that merchandise were procured for exports, wherever you'll mention AP.

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