E-administration is the use of IT for conveying taxpayer driven organizations, trade of data, correspondence exchanges, incorporation of different independent frameworks between government to resident (G2C), government-to-business (G2B), government-to-government (G2G), government-to-representatives (G2E) just as back-office cycles and communications inside the whole government framework. Through e-acquisition, taxpayer-supported organizations are made accessible to residents in an advantageous, proficient, and straightforward way. The three principle target bunches that can be recognized in administration ideas are government, residents, and organizations/intrigue gatherings. In e-administration, there are no unmistakable limits


Ø  The foundation of a protected and agreeable connection among legislative offices

 Ø  Online help conveyance

 Ø  The use of web-based business for more productive                  government exchanges exercises

 Ø  Advanced majority rule government

Online enrolment

Ø  Enter login id(mail id also)

Ø  Confirm mail id

Ø  Mobile number

Ø  Enter company name

Ø  Bidder option

Ø  Registration number

Ø  Registered address

Ø  Name of partners/directors

Ø  Bidder type-Indian/Foreigner

Ø  City

Ø  State

Ø  Postal code

Ø  PAN/TAN number

Ø  Establishment year

Ø  Type of business

Ø  Legal status

Ø  Company category

Company contact details

Ø  Title

Ø  Contact name

Ø  Date of birth

Ø  Designation

Ø  Phone number

Ø  Enter captcha

Ø  Submit


1. Select “User Related  User List”

2. Select User Role

3. Select Department name from the list, to shortlist the information.

4. Select Status from the list, to short list the information

5. Select From Date from the calendar for date range, to shortlist the information

6. Select To Date from calendar for date range, to shortlist the information

7. Press button to fetch records as per the selected parameters

Participation/eligibility of bidders.-

The getting element, while welcoming the investment of bidders in the obtainment cycle will pronounce whether investment of bidders is restricted according to this standard and on what ground and any 38 such affirmation may not usually be later changed. Nothing in this standard will be understood as forestalling the State Government or then again any acquiring element from forcing or upholding measures restricting investment on record of the need -

(a) to secure public request, ethical quality or wellbeing;

(b) to ensure human, creature or vegetation or their wellbeing;

(c) to ensure protected innovation;

(d) to ensure the basic security and vital the enthusiasm of India.

1) A getting element may participate in a pre-capability measure, with the end goal of distinguishing, before welcoming offers, the bidders that are equipped for any predefined timeframe. Enrollment or empanelment of forthcoming bidders may likewise be finished after pre-capability procedures.

(2) For the motivation behind sub-rule (1), an acquiring element may welcome proposals from  forthcoming bidders by giving wide exposure to the solicitation to pre-qualify.

(3) The securing element will take a choice concerning the capabilities of every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify. In coming to that choice, the getting element will apply just the measures and techniques set out in the solicitation to pre-qualify and in the pre-capability archives.

(4) The acquiring substance will quickly advise every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify whether it has been prequalified and furthermore distribute the aftereffect of prequalification procedures on the State Public Procurement Portal.

(5) The securing substance will immediately impart to each bidder that has not been pre-qualified the reasons therefor.

(6) Where a securing substance has attempted a pre-capability measure in regard of any acquirement, just such pre-qualified bidders will be qualified for proceed in the acquirement procedures.


E-Procurement System is a cycle of acquiring the things electronically utilizing web. This office radically lessens the offering process duration and diminishes the greater part of the aberrant expenses and improves straightforwardness in obtainment.

To get to the eProcurement framework, you need a PC framework with Pentium IV design or more and a web association. It is suggested that the association can be a committed association for smooth activity of the system.The Browser ought to be Java empowered. ( Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/Internet Explorer)The driver for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is to be introduced in the framework once. The drivers are furnished by the DSC suppliers alongside DSC ( in CD or can be downloaded).Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ought to be introduced in the customer framework. This can be downloaded from the download connections of the eProcurement System. You may mercifully take note of that, the customer framework ought to have director benefit to introduce the DSC drivers and JRE.

You can utilize your record anyplace on the planet with the previously mentioned arrangement (as in S. no.2). You have to convey your DSC with you.

The Default date time design is Indian Standard Time (IST), Which is (GMT +5:30). The organization utilized is DD-Mon-YYYY HH:Mi AM/PM. This standard show is continued in all the pages.

The clients can utilize the connection 'Most recent Active Tenders' accessible in the Home Page of this entryway, to see all the tenders facilitated on this Portal and download the Tender Schedule liberated from cost. The interface 'Tenders by Closing Date' gives the office to see the Tenders which are shutting Today or shutting inside next 7 days or shutting inside next 14 days. The connect Corrigendum records all the corrigenda distributed for the connected Tenders. The website likewise gives office to look to tenders on different boundaries, for example, Tenders dependent on esteem, division, item classification, and so forth

All are encouraged to introduce and keep an update of the marks of the Antivirus. Offers with infection contaminated documents are probably going to be dismissed by the eProcurement Portal.

In the Home Page, under the downloads connect, joins for the product that are needed for working with the application are given. These connections highlight the Open Source programming and subsequently no authorizing is needed for utilizing any of these product. Not many of the connections incorporate Open Office, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator, DWF Viewer etc., DWF watcher can be utilized to see the AutoCAD reports which are transferred in DWF design.

No. According to the IT ACT 2000, the Digitally marked record is on a par with paper archive for every legitimate reason. Henceforth, there is no compelling reason to present all the archives genuinely. Nonetheless, when the physical reports are mentioned for cross checking purposes, a similar should be created for confirmation. Nonetheless, For the situation of disconnected instalment instruments, the physical reports should be submitted before the offer opening occasion.

Truly. There is a different BoQ for encouraging BoQ with International Currencies. The equivalent is to be utilized while making the BoQ. As on date, six monetary forms are permitted and every bidder can present his offer with any of his preferred 6 unfamiliar monetary forms. The rates as relevant on the date of opening will be utilized for near purposes. The framework will give the demonstrative rates on the dates of opening and TIA has the alternative to abrogate the framework characterized rate

Online enrolment for eProcurement is straightforward as a bidder. Go to Tenders Home Page Click on Online Bidder Enrollment interface and simply top off the enlistment structure on the web. On effective accommodation, the enlisted login id can be utilized to login. At that point login again and map your Digital Signature endorsement with your record, which finishes the online enrolment measure.
Bidders require class 3 DSC with just Signing Certificate, to be planned on the entry.

NIC doesn't charge the Bidders for enlistment. The equivalent is subject to the Organization strategy. It would be ideal if you check with the association.

Your enlistment is legitimate as long as your business exists. Endless supply of your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), you need to restore your DSC from the Certifying Authority and re-enlist the DSC. This may be distinctive in a portion of the States eProcurement framework, where in you may need to check with the individual specialists will support your enlistment at exactly that point, you will have the option to partake.

Subsequent to enlisting on eProcurement framework, You can just login, utilizing the client ID, secret word and the Digital Signature Certificate, in to the gateway.

Is it conceivable to alter my profile subtleties entered during the web enlistment?

Indeed, in the wake of signing in to the framework, on the Dash Board, you may alter your subtleties by clicking alter profile. Nearly, all data aside from your login id can be changed.

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