Jharkhand tenders


The Jharkhand state government has made eProcurement entry which is intended to smooth out the ordinary obtainment measure. Rather than physically doing things, for example, trading contracts, conveying delicate reports, and rounding out provider on boarding surveys, the whole cycle is mechanized. It additionally mixes components of obtainment and fund to smooth out tasks between the two.


·         Provides the executives – alludes to a purchasing association administrating providers' data, connections, execution, and connections. Provider the executives includes increasing total perceivability on the data, co-operations and continuous execution of a whole provider information base.

·         Provides management is ordinarily contained two components – Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Supplier Information Management (SIM).

·         Source-to-contract (S2C) – subtleties the start to finish measure an association embraces while recognizing and sourcing items or administrations. S2C manages vital sourcing exercises and overseeing agreements and it is typically involved e-Sourcing (e-Auctions and e-Tenders) and agreement with the executives.

·         Buy to pay (P2P) – depicts the start to finish the cycle of requesting an item or administration from a provider, through to the association making an installment of administrations delivered.

·         P2P is comprised of item requesting, provider orders, spending authorization, receipting of conveyance, and receipt preparing. P2P programming improves proficiency, investment funds, spend the executives, and straightforwardness over the whole buying lifecycle.

·         Examination – most apparatuses utilized in organizations utilize some kind of investigation stage and eProcurement is no exemption. Ordinarily, investigation permit obtainment and account experts to view and take restorative measures for spend over the entire business. This is normally accomplished with effectively configurable dashboards, giving leaders what they have to settle on educated choices.

Online enrolment

·         Enter login id(mail id also)

·         Confirm mail id

·         Mobile number

·         Enter company name

·         Bidder option

·         Registration number

·         Registered address

·         Name of partners/directors

·         Bidder type-Indian/Foreigner

·         City

·         State

·         Postal code

·         PAN/TAN number

·         Establishment year

·         Type of business

·         Legal status

·         Company category

Company contact details

·         Title

·         Contact name

·         Date of birth

·         Designation

·         Phone number

·         Enter captcha

·         Submit


1.       Select “User Related  User List”

2.       Select User Role

3.       Select Department name from the list, to shortlist the information.

4.       Select Status from the list, to shortlist the information

5.       Select From Date from the calendar for a date range, to shortlist the information

6.       Select To Date from the calendar for a date range, to shortlist the information

7.       Press button to fetch records as per the selected parameters

Participation/eligibility of bidders.-

The getting element, while welcoming the investment of bidders in the obtainment cycle, will pronounce whether the investment of bidders is restricted according to this standard and on what ground and any 38 such affirmation may not usually be later changed. Nothing in this standard will be understood as forestalling the State Government or then again any acquiring an element from forcing or upholding measures restricting investment on record of the need -

(a) to secure public request, ethical quality or wellbeing;

(b) to ensure human, creature or vegetation or their wellbeing;

(c) to ensure protected innovation;

(d) to ensure the basic security and vital the enthusiasm of India.

1) A getting element may participate in a pre-capability measure, with the end goal of distinguishing, before welcoming offers, the bidders that are equipped for any predefined timeframe. Enrollment or empanelment of forthcoming bidders may likewise be finished after pre-capability procedures.

(2) For the motivation behind sub-rule (1), an acquiring element may welcome proposals from  forthcoming bidders by giving wide exposure to the solicitation to pre-qualify.

(3) The securing element will take a choice concerning the capabilities of every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify. In coming to that choice, the getting element will apply just the measures and techniques set out in the solicitation to pre-qualify and in the pre-capability archives.

(4) The acquiring substance will quickly advise every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify whether it has been prequalified and furthermore distribute the aftereffect of prequalification procedures on the State Public Procurement Portal.

(5) The securing substance will immediately impart to each bidder that has not been pre-qualified the reasons therefor.

(6) Where a securing substance has attempted a pre-capability measure in regard of any acquirement, just such pre-qualified bidders will be qualified for proceed in the acquirement procedures.


E-Procurement System is a process of procuring the items electronically using internet. This facility drastically reduces the tendering cycle time and reduces most of the indirect costs and enhances transparency in procurement.

To access the eProcurement system, you need a computer system with Pentium IV configuration and above and an internet connection. It is recommended that the connection can be a dedicated connection for smooth operation of the system.The Browser should be Java enabled. ( Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Internet Explorer)The driver for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is to be installed in the system once. The drivers are provided by the DSC providers along with DSC ( in CD or can be downloaded).Java Runtime Environment (JRE) should be installed in the client system. This can be downloaded from the download links of the eProcurement System.You may kindly note that, the client system should have administrator privilege to install the DSC drivers and JRE.

You can use your account anywhere in the world with the above mentioned configuration (as in S. no.2 ). You need to carry your DSC with you.

The Default date time format is Indian Standard Time (IST), Which is (GMT +5:30). The format used is DD-Mon-YYYY HH:Mi AM/PM. This standard convention is followed in all the pages.

The users can use the link 'Latest Active Tenders' available in the Home Page of this portal, to see all the tenders hosted on this Portal and download the Tender Schedule free of cost.The link 'Tenders by Closing Date' gives the facility to view the Tenders which are closing Today or closing within next 7 days or closing within next 14 days.The link Corrigendum lists all the corrigenda published for the related Tenders.The site also provides facility to search for tenders on various parameters such as Tenders based on value, department, product category, etc.

All are advised to install and keep an update of the signatures of the Antivirus. Bids with virus infected files are likely to be rejected by the eProcurement Portal.

In the Home Page, under the downloads link, links for the software that are required for working with the application are given. These links point to the Open Source software and hence no licensing is required for using any of these software. Few of the links include Open Office, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator, DWF Viewer etc.,DWF viewer can be used to view the Autocad documents which are uploaded in DWF format.

No. As per the IT ACT 2000, the Digitally signed document is as good as paper document for all legal purposes. Hence, there is no need to submit all the documents physically. However, when the physical documents are requested for cross checking purposes, the same need to be produced for verification. However, In the case of offline payment instruments, the physical documents need to be submitted before the bid opening event.

Yes. There is a separate BoQ for facilitating BoQ with International Currencies. The same is to be used while creating the BoQ. As on date, six currencies are allowed and each bidder can submit his bid with any one of the 6 foreign currencies of his choice. The rates as applicable on the date of opening will be used for comparative purposes. The system will give the indicative rates on the dates of opening and TIA has the option to override the system defined rate.

Online enrolment for eProcurement is very simple as a bidder. Go to Tenders Home Page Click on Online Bidder Enrollment link and just fill up the registration form online. On successful submission, the registered login id can be used to login. Then login again and map your Digital Signature certificate with your account, which completes the online enrolment process.
Bidders require class 3 DSC with only Signing Certificate, to be mapped on the portal.

NIC does not charge the Bidders for enrollment. The same is dependent on the Organisation policy. Please check with the organisation.

Your enrollment is valid as long as your business exists. However upon expiry of your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), you have to renew your DSC from the Certifying Authority and re-enrol the DSC. This might be different in some of the States eprocurement system, where in you may have to check with the respective authorities will approve your enrollment only then, you will be able to participate.

After registering on eProcurement system, You can just login, using the user ID, password and the Digital Signature Certificate, in to the portal.

Yes, after logging in to the system, on the Dash Board, you may edit your details by clicking edit profile. Almost, all information except your loginid can be changed.

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