The e-Procurement System of geographic region of Maharashtra deals with  the Tenderers to transfer the Tender Schedule liberated from value and later on gift the offers on-line through this entry.

Maharashtra Government distributes rate contracts on-line to encourage getting of administrations by separate divisions, as an example, Industries, Energy and Labor workplace and then on.


  • Simple to-utilize interface. The significance of a simple to-utilize interface couldn't be more important. 

  • Consistent combinations. 

  • Quick, adaptable sending. 

  • Announcing and authorizations. 

  • Endorsement work processes. 

  • Planning. 

  • Correspondence. 

  • Client support


• Enter a valid email address for login ID. The login ID cannot be modified once registered.

• Provide a password which must be minimum 8 characters and maximum 32 characters and must be a combination of alphabets and non-alphabetic characters.

• Confirm the password by re-entering.

Personal Details

Provide the details as per the fields asked.

• The fields marked with red asterisk are mandatory.

• Company Name cannot be change once registered.

• For Indi Contact Details

• Provide the contact details as per the field asked.

• Please read the question given at the bottom of the page once after

filling up the details and answer it.

• Click submit to save the entries an Bidder PAN number is mandatory

Pre-Requisites for DSC Registration

• The Bidder becomes a valid bidder only after the

registration of the DSC

• Bidders need to posses a valid DSC for participating in

e-Tendering (class3 DSC)

• Bidders need to procure DSC 24 hrs. prior to DSC Registration.

• It can be procured from any of the Certifying Authority

registered under CCA Sify, nCode, eMudra etc.

• Respective DSC Drivers needs to be installed.

• DSC needs to be physically inserted into the system.

• DSC should appear in the Browser.


1) A getting element may participate in a pre-capability measure, with the end goal of distinguishing, before welcoming offers, the bidders that are equipped for any predefined timeframe. Enrollment or empanelment of forthcoming bidders may likewise be finished after pre-capability procedures. 

(2) For the motivation behind sub rule (1), an acquiring element may welcome proposals from  forthcoming bidders by giving wide exposure to the solicitation to pre-qualify. 

(3) The securing element will take a choice concerning the capabilities of every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify. In coming to that choice, the getting element will apply just the measures and techniques set out in the solicitation to pre-qualify and in the pre-capability archives. 

(4) The acquiring substance will quickly advise every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify whether it has been prequalified and furthermore distribute the aftereffect of prequalification procedures on the State Public Procurement Portal. 

(5) The securing substance will immediately impart to each bidder that has not been pre-qualified the reasons therefor. 

(6) Where a securing substance has attempted a pre-capability measure in regard of any acquirement, just such pre-qualified bidders will be qualified for proceed in the acquirement procedures.


1.What is the  way to read / transfer Tender documents while not work into the system ?

Click on the most recent Active Tenders, and search the tender you're fascinated by victimization sure search criteria. To transfer the tender documents click on read button and click on on the tender documents. The system can raise you for the user name and countersign. you'll use the guest account guest with the countersign Guest#08 and click on on any of the active tenders and transfer the specified documents. However, it's suggested to login to the system and transfer the tender documents so corrigendum/addendum if printed are going to be mechanically armored to you.

2. However do i purchase clarifications for any doubt relating to Tenders Portal ?

For tender connected doubts, please get connected with the Tender tantalizing Authority through email given within the tender. For system connected technical doubts please contact 24x7 facilitate line at 0120-4200462, 0120-4001002, +91-8826246593

3. what's the utmost size of a file that may be uploaded as a bid document during a packet within the eProcurement portal ?

The application doesn't impose any restriction on the scale of bid document that may be uploaded into the portal. However, the transfer limit is determined by the Network speed that the shopper system has and conjointly the memory configurations that are outlined within the system for JRE. This technical documentation is given in Technical Resources within the Home Page.

4. The way to verify the genuineness of EMD, different technical documents, Samples etc. received through e-Procurement system ?

In the e-Procurement portal, the technical and monetary bid documents submitted by the bidders square measure digitally signed victimization their approved officers valid Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs), that as per the IT Act, is thought-about similar to the physical signature of a personal. For the earnest Deposit, we have a tendency to advise the procuring entities to raise the bidder to submit invite a scanned copy of the draft / cheque / bank guarantee beside the electronic bid and conjointly to submit a physical copy of the EMD (only) either personally or by post / messenger. this could be verified with the uploaded scanned copy. Samples of any kind can't be invited on-line and also the procuring entities should raise the bidders to submit a physical copy of any samples. it's upto the procuring entities to verify their genuineness as per the norms they need been following up to now.

5. Whether or not my Technical Document and monetary Document is encrypted and hold on ?

The Documents uploaded within the different necessary Documents (OID) square measure digitally signed. All documents together with the technical document and monetary documents square measure encrypted and safely hold on victimization the PKI technology. It remains in encrypted format, until the bid gap date and time and can't be seen by anyone until such time.

6. As a department user, by mistake I even have rejected a bidder or the because of legal problems, the Tender tantalizing Authority is forced to travel back to previous stage and open a rejected bidder at the Technical / monetary Stage? whether or not it's allowed and if thus however ?

Yes. The system has the power and is dispensed employing a error. This error is Tender Revocation error. once the tender is in advanced stage, the is chaemia will invoke this error supported the necessity and people WHO have participated during this tender square measure up on regarding this procedure by mail. This chaemia will continue the method within the same means as before once accepted the rejected bidder. This is often to be employed in emergencies like Court rulings or accidental errors. However, all activities square measure armored to the individual stake holders.

7. I generated the BoQ Comparative Chart. I found that one among the Bidders knowledge isn't obtaining mirrored within the Comparative chart. the way to handle ?

The System generates the comparative chart from the BoQ uploaded by the bidders. If the Bidder makes any mistake within the Sheet Name or any of the values, then the system won't be able to scan the info from the BoQ uploaded and thus might get skipped over from the Comparative Chart. The Department user might take a call to simply accept or reject that looking on the character of mistake and regenerate the Comparative chart manually and transfer this comparative chart beside the monetary outline which might be seen by the overall Public. 

8) When a tender is printed and off once few days of commercial enterprise. How can i do know the same?

Tender once off, it's to be off victimization the Tender Cancellation error. The system can show this Cancellation error during this portal for a amount of say one week from the date of commercial enterprise of the Cancellation error.

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