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The Rajasthan State Public Procurement Portal of Government of Rajasthan has been set up incompatibility of arrangements of segment 17 of Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 2012. It is available to the overall population to empower them to think about the exercises of public acquisition of merchandise, works, and administrations by Department of State Government, State Public Sector Enterprises, anyone secured under the ambit of the Act. The gateway has arrangements for such bodies to distribute their Bid Enquiries, Pre-capability records, Bidder enrollment archives, Bidding reports, alterations, explanations including those according to the pre-Bid meeting, and corrigenda thereto, rundown of pre-qualified and enlisted bidders, rundown of bidders barred under area 25, with reasons, choices under segment 38 and 39, Award of Contract and subtleties of fruitful Bids, their costs and bidders, points of interest of bidders who have been suspended.

The essential goal of this gateway is to give a solitary highlight different State Government Departments/Organizations for presenting matters relating to the open acquisition with the goal that they are available to people in general.


To give free and open admittance to the overall population to make them accessible all obtainment related data as required under the arrangement of the Act and Rules so as to accomplish the objects of guaranteeing straightforwardness, responsibility reasonable and fair treatment of bidders, advancing rivalry, looking after uprightness, honor and public trust in the public acquisition measure.

To instruct, energize and in this manner encourage Departments of the State Government, State Public Sector Enterprise, anybody secured by the Act for guaranteeing straightforwardness in an open acquisition.

To acquire straightforwardness in offering measure and steadily move towards the selection of electronic Procurement solution(s) for their obtainment needs.

To accomplish the proficient and financially savvy acquisition, abbreviated obtainment cycles, full straightforwardness in the entire cycle, and evasion of human caution/obstruction to the degree conceivable, simple accessibility of complete review trail and evidential information, and so on.

To empower admittance to broadest reach of Bids and unhindered made sure about Bid accommodation office for all, from any edge of the nation or outside the nation if there should arise an occurrence of International Competitive Bidding.

Online enrolment

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1.       Select “User Related  User List”

2.       Select User Role

3.       Select Department name from the list, to shortlist the information.

4.       Select Status from the list, to shortlist the information

5.       Select From Date from the calendar for the date range, to shortlist the information

6.       Select To Date from the calendar for the date range, to shortlist the information

7.       Press button to fetch records as per the selected parameters

Participation/eligibility of bidders.-

The getting element, while welcoming the investment of bidders in the obtainment cycle, will pronounce whether an investment of bidders are restricted according to this standard and on what ground and any 38 such affirmation may not usually be later changed. Nothing in this standard will be understood as forestalling the State Government or then again any acquiring an element from forcing or upholding measures restricting investment on record of the need -

(a) to secure public request, ethical quality or wellbeing;

(b) to ensure human, creature or vegetation or their wellbeing;

(c) to ensure protected innovation;

(d) to ensure the basic security and vital the enthusiasm of India.

1) A getting element may participate in a pre-capability measure, with the end goal of distinguishing, before welcoming offers, the bidders that are equipped for any predefined timeframe. Enrollment or empanelment of forthcoming bidders may likewise be finished after pre-capability procedures.

(2) For the motivation behind sub-rule (1), an acquiring element may welcome proposals from  forthcoming bidders by giving wide exposure to the solicitation to pre-qualify.

(3) The securing element will take a choice concerning the capabilities of every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify. In coming to that choice, the getting element will apply just the measures and techniques set out in the solicitation to pre-qualify and in the pre-capability archives.

(4) The acquiring substance will quickly advise every bidder introducing an application to pre-qualify whether it has been prequalified and furthermore distribute the aftereffect of prequalification procedures on the State Public Procurement Portal.

(5) The securing substance will immediately impart to each bidder that has not been pre-qualified the reasons therefor.

(6) Where a securing substance has attempted a pre-capability measure in regard of any acquirement, just such pre-qualified bidders will be qualified for proceed in the acquirement procedures.


For uploading bid documents, a procuring entity shall have to get user id and password from the Nodal Officer, nominated at the level of their respective Head of the Department.

The procuring entity shall Sign in with user id and password and click to upload module. First the NIB shall be uploaded and, immediately after that, the bid documents in Bid or Corrigendum module shall be uploaded. After the process of opening of bids is done as per rules, the comparison chart of technical and financial bids shall be uploaded in comparison chart module and, thereafter, letter of award of contract shall be uploaded in work order module.

The minimum time of submission of bids shall be calculated from the date of first publication of NIB on State Public Procurement Portal, as mentioned in Section 29(5) of RTPP Act and Rule 43 of the RTPP Rules, and as per the Circular no. 04/2015, dated 31.08.2015, issued by the Finance (SPFC) Department.

As per Rule 16(2)(a) of the RTPP Rules, 2013, in case of limited bidding, the uploading of bid invitation on SPP Portal and sending the written invitation to the bidders is to be done on the same day.

The eligibility criteria for a project proponent shall be as provided in rule 79N of the RTPP Rules.

As per the provision of Rule 16 (2) (c), a minimum period of seven days, in case of emergency after recording reasons three days, shall be given to the bidders to offer their bids.

Yes, it is mandatory to publish every bidding process on SPP Portal, if the value of any procurement under the Act is Rs. One Lakh or more.

Amount of bid security will be calculated as per the provisions given in Rule 42 of RTPP Rules, 2013.

No, vetting of draft bid document by Finance (SPFC) Department is not required, however, the aspects related to the expenditure and financial commitments, wherever applicable, should be got duly approved from the Finance (Expenditure) Department by the Administrative Department concerned.

The procuring entity concerned.

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