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Aadhaar Card Correction Name, Address, Mobile Number(DOB) 

Making Aadhar Card correction of the bio-data gets more convenient with the internet process since it eliminates the need of running around to the Aadhaar facility. Now you can easily make alterations for your details like Aadhaar Card title, address, phone number, date of birth through few steps which we are going to be taking you in this informative article below

The bestway to change the Address at Aadhaar Card online without any proof?

How To Change Address from Aadhar Card. In the absence of documentary proof, it's still possible to upgrade your address where you're currently residing on your Aadhaar. However, therefore, the permission and authentication of the address verifier who's prepared to allow you to use their address as a proof is a must.

The Address verifier could also be a relative, relatives, friends along with the landlord.

Before Leaping into the particular technique of modification Aadhaar address online without speech proof, first, know these fundamental definitions and who are all eligible for speech updating online without legal address proof.

Address Validation Letter

address Validation Letter is a letter that's sent to Address Verifier's speech. The letter will have a secret code sent for validation following the Address Verifier consents to the use of his/her speech by the asking resident.

After Therequest is submitted successfully the resident will get exactly the Aadhaar Validation Letter within 30 days from the date of increasing petition.

Needs to alter Aadhaar Address online without address proof

Both resident and Address Verifier Have to have Their mobile numbers enrolled in their various Aadhaar Card. Both resident and Address verifier is needed to induce intercepted via OTP.

The AddressVerifier has to be willing to give his/her consent Allowing the Resident to use his/her address to be upgraded in the resident's Aadhaar.

Both theVerifier are required to maintain sync while the Request for Address Validation Letter remains in process.

Download the Aadhaar Card forms

Aadhaar Enrolment/ Correction/Update form

List of Acceptable Supporting documents for verification.

How To Change Address in Aadhar Card.

1. First, the applicant needs to log in with Aadhar- Afterward, He or she wants to input Verifier's Aadhaar.

2. After this applicant goes for the aadhaar card Update Address Online.

3. After this fill all of the correct details that your Adhaar card number along with the captcha after that pick ship OTP on the registered mobile number.

4. After completing all of the details you Will get the OPT on the registered mobile number. Subsequently the new tab will open and the applicant has to choose the method of altering the address.

5. After picking the two of this option and filling the specifics afterward the offender receives a confirmation message on Their mobile regarding the Address Verifier's permission

6. Currently the offender needs to log into with SRN. He or she can preview the address and if everything is correct, he or she needs to do is to submit.

7. When the petition is submitted Successfully, the Aadhar Validation Letter has been delivered to Address Verifier's Address within 30 days from the date of submitting this request. The letter Contains a secret code.

Documents Supporting Proof of Address detail (PoA)

Desired for Aadhar

1. Passport

2. Ration Card

3. Driving Licence

4. Passbook of the bank in which the offender is an Account holder

5. Election Voter ID

6. Card Bank Statement where the applicant holds An accounts

7. PSU issued Service picture ID card

8. A photo identification card issued by the government

9. Account statement or passbook of the Post Office

10. Last three months of power bill

11. Last three months water bill

12. Receipt of Property Tax

13. Arms Licence

14. Photo and also a letter signed by the lender on letterhead

15. Charge Card statement for the past three months Insurance Policy Job card of NREGS

The best way to alter & Update mobile number in Aadhar card on the internet?

The simple Response isyou can't To upgrade your registered phone over the Aadhaar Card, you will need to visit any Aadhaar Kendra center. To update the mobile amount from any Aadhaar Kendra center, one doesn't need to carry any file.

Updation form along with your current phone. You will incline an unending slide which has the Update Request number. When the phone number is updated aadhar card, you are going to receive exactly the Aadhaar OTPs to the new amount.

Why You Must Register Your Mobile Number in Aadhaar Online

There Are Numerous Reasons why you Should register your cellular number in Aadhaar.

1. For availing most of the facilities related to Aadhaar, an OTP has been sent to the registered phone. This OTP should be provided to avail the service providing Aadhaar an additional layer of security. If Your number is not linked with Aadhaar, you will not be able to avail those services

2. To avail most of online services associated with Aadhaar, You Need to Receive your mobile number enrolled with UIDAI

3. You Need to provide the OTP sent to your mobile number to get your Aadhaar on line

4. You can download the mAadhaar program and Carry Aadhaar on your phone just when your cellular number is registered with Aadhaar.


1. First Visit the UIDAI website:

2. Click 'Confirm Email/Mobile Number' under the'Aadhaar Services' category.

3. Now, below the ‘Personal Details’ section, fill all the required details including Aadhaar number, email id, mobile number, security code (captcha).

4. After inputting each of the desirable details, click the'Get OTP' Button, after that an OTP is going to be created.

5. Now, enter the OTP to complete the verification of the mobile number.

Procedure to Change the Date of Birth (DOB) in Aadhar Card

Step 1: Visit Aadhar registration centre

Step 2: Duly fill out the Aadhar upgrade form by saying that your Date of arrival correctly

Step 3: Notice that you do not have to mention that the date of Birth which is printed on the card

Step 4: Publish the date of birth proof along with the form

Step 5: To Authenticate your individuality the Aadhar Executive Will require your Biometrics

Step 6: The Acknowledgement Slip which contains URN (which can be used to check your Aadhar update status through online) will be handed over to you.

Please Note: You Want to cover Rs. 50 as a fee to the Aadhar executive. The date of birth of the applicant will be upgraded in aadhaar detail Database within 90 days.

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