Andhra Pradesh - Obtain a Life Certificate


1.      To obtain a Life certificate the mortal needs to approach in-person to the closest Pay and Accounts workplace.

2.      In the Pay Associate in Nursing Accounts workplace the mortal is needed to put their signature in a very register and an form for all times Certificate are provided.

3.      If the mortal isn't in a very position to physically seem to sign on the register, candidates relative on his behalf will represent.

4.      The mortal needs to complete the Life Certificate form and find it genuine from a gazette officer (a person add government organization and has the authority to attest) close to your location.

5.      The gazette officer genuine Life Certificate form is employed as a Life Certificate.

6.      Following link provides address of Pay and Accounts workplace in Andhra Pradesh: Pay And workplace Link

Jeevan Pramaan

1.      One will register in Jeevan Pramaan to urge access for Digital Life Certificate

2.      Link for Jeevan Pramaan: Link for jeevanpramaan

3.      Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric identification

4.      An in authentication generates the Digital Life Certificate that gets hold on within the Life Certificate Repository. The Pension Disbursing Agencies will access the certificate on-line

Required Documents

1.      Aadhaar card

2.      ID card of the mortal

3.      Proof mature

4.      Residential Proof

5.      Pan card ( For Monthly Pension higher than Rs.15,000 per month)

6.      Application form example


1.      Those who square measure benefiters of the govt schemes through government and alternative agencies

2.      Pensioners of Central Government, authorities or the other Government organization will take advantage of this facility.


1.      For obtaining attestation from gazette officer / medic one needs to pay the applicable charges as claimed


1.      Valid for one year and needs to be revived each year

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