Andhra Pradesh - Apply for Medical Certificate


Apply In-Person

1.      Please visit the clinic or government hospital (where a register caregiver World Health Organization will issue such certificate is available) OR seek for your nearest doctor however please ensure whether or not he or she is registered caregiver by mistreatment the subsequent link. On-line link

2.      Apply mistreatment the format of application as applicable. Fill within the form and fix a passport size photograph.

3.      Medical practitioner can check the submitted application. As per needs, mortal could need to take the tests during a science laboratory.

4.      Once the check result's issued or in some cases if the check isn't needed, mortal are issued with a medical certificate.

Required Documents

1.      Application form (format provided by several department / company / forms may be used). Link for kind link

2.      Passport size photograph

3.      Test results (As suggested by the medical practitioner OR the involved agencies that need this certificate)

4.      ID proof

5.      Aadhar card


Medical certificate could be a demand to people who needs to get a license and alternative official documents

As a policy MNC’s can raise the candidates to submit a medical certificate

Few Govt. services needs medical certificate to determine the fitness


Minimum of Rs.200 are charged ( This fees changes from Doctor to Doctor)

Medical certificate that is supposed for overseas job needs bound level of examination as suggested by the recruiter from overseas and costs for such certificate are set by them


Medical certificate is valid for six months OR

As mentioned on the certificate.

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