Assam - Apply for Dealer License under Weights and Measure


Those who needed to try and do business in weight and live business organization, and then one should apply for the dealer license with the individual state legal scientific discipline department

Apply In-Person:

  1. Applicant shall approach workplace of the selected native Legal scientific discipline Officer (Assistant Controller of Legal scientific discipline / controller of legal scientific discipline / body Offices) below whose dominion the planned unit is found.

  2. Obtain the applying type or write about a A4 sheet as suggested.

  3. Link for form : Application refer paging half dozen

  4. After filling/completing form attach all documents as per our required document section.

  5. Submit the document set beside required/applicable fee to the receiving authority.

  6. Submitted application are going to be verified by the authorities. If all area unit in situ, application are going to be accepted.

  7. Authorities can verify the submitted details.

  8. Authority once examining the applying and finding it appropriate for grant of License could need the individual to deposit the desired fee.

  9. Make payment at the individual counters and don’t forget to require the receipt.

  10. Once the fee is deposited and replica therefrom received by the competent authority the applying are going to be processed more.

  11. Applicant gets notification from the department. Please follow the notification and tips from the authority.

  12. Authorities can scrutinize and verify the documents. once examination of premises report are going to be submitted for final approval.

  13. Decision are going to be created by the selected authority for issue of license.

  14. Applicant gets notification concerning the approval. License are going to be delivered as per applicable norms.

  15. If the license is refused thanks to non-compliance of all or any of the necessities, the choice punctually reasoned shall be communicated among fifteen days to the individual.

Required Documents

  1. Application type

  2. Identity & Residential Proof.

  3. 2 Passport size photograph.

  4. Letter of Consent from the Manufacturer UN agency would like to appoint you as a Dealer

  5. Manufacturing Licence if you plan to import weights & measures from outside the State.

  6. Model Approval Certificate of weights and measures to be influence.

  7. GST Registration / skilled Tax / Labour Licence.

  8. Trade Licence from individual ADC just in case of Non-Tribal as per space demand.

  9. Authenticated document concerning proprietary

  10. In case the firm isn't a proprietary concern the firm ought to submit a replica of Partnership deed punctually documented by first-class jurist / official / Oath Commissioner and just in case of personal Company or Ld., memoranda of Association approved by the Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt. of India.

  11. Premises - possession documents/ registered rent or leave license agreement or lease agreement operative from the owner / operative of the member if the premise is owned by loved one.

  12. Machinery, tools and instrumentality list

  13. PAN card

  14. Self-declaration concerning whether or not the individual has profaned any of the provisions of Legal scientific discipline Act, 2009 or rules created there below.

  15. Latest electricity bill.

  16. Aadhaar card of administrators


Applicant ought to be the national of Republic of India

Age limit eighteen years and on top of

An individual or a corporation registered below government act is eligible to use.

Proof of economic standing


Fee details shall be obtained whereas applying. There are unit class based mostly fee structures, that individual have to be compelled to pay whereas applying.


Every licence issued to a manufacturer shall be valid for a minimum amount of 1 civil year and might be revived

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