Assam - Apply for Divergence Certificate


If someone UN agency has 2 or a lot of names (may be as a result of off orthography mistake within the name too) might apply to the several authority (local administration/revenue) UN agency shall do the native inquiry into the facts and deserves of the main points well-appointed by human, thereby corroborative the documents submitted in support of the candidates claim, and thenceforth issue the Divergence Certificate.

Apply In-Person :

  1. Applicant should apply in prescribed form at the side of needed documents to the several council / Block / Circle / Tahsildar workplace wherever the human resides.

  2. Applicant shall get the shape from the several workplace (please procure the shape if required) Or a written application on A4 plain sheet as suggested shall be used.

  3. Submit the finished application at the side of needed documents.

  4. Authorities once checking the connected documents and application submitted can build entries and supply you record variety for reference.

  5. This application is processed internally. several authorities can do the bottom level verification followed by scrutiny of the documents and details provided by the human.

  6. Once the verification is over, these officers can submit their report back to the several authorities to choose and issue the Certificate to the human.

  7. Applicant can get the certificate in seven to ten days once due verification.

Required Documents

  1. Application type.

  2. Identity Proof (Voter ID / Aadhar card)

  3. Ration card

  4. Marriage Certificate (in case of married person)

  5. Passport Copy (not compulsory).

  6. Self Declaration. (Affidavit to prove that you just ar YOU)

  7. Passport size photograph (as applicable)

  8. If Govt. worker – sacred text, pension book/order.

  9. Birth Certificate of the human.

  10. School feat Certificate.

  11. Such different documents showing variance in names

  12. Government gazette brochure page copy showing name modification as applicable.

  13. Note: These on top of documents are to be supported by applicable authorities (Talathi’s) reports. All original and duplicate of original with self attestation as suggested by several authorities to be submitted as per demand.

Apart from the on top of documents authorities might raise to submit further info or documents. Please give them for process. Divergence certificate isn't proof to hold out mutations.


Applicant should be a resident of the state

Citizen of India

A person UN agency is thought by 2 or a lot of names

A inequality within the name of a candidate between his/her numerous documents.


Authorities can give fee details.

During online payment fee details are displayed (If applicable)


The validity amount of this certificate is long or as mentioned on the certificate.


For the mentioned purpose.

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