Assam - Apply for Duplicate Ration Card


Apply for a reproduction card, when Original card is completely broken/Original card is purloined/Original card is Lost or Misplaced

Apply In-Person

  1. In order to get a reproduction card, Please approach the ration workplace of your space OR Food Civil provides (FCA) & client Affairs authority of the District/Sub-Division(C) as applicable.

  2. Applicant shall acquire the shape from the several workplace (please purchase the shape if required) Or a written/electronically typewritten application on A4 plain sheet as suggested shall be used.

  3. The Head of Family should write a letter stating the rationale behind a brand new card request and connect the remains of original card (in case of broken ration card) or the copy of report registered with station (in case of lost or purloined ration card).

  4. Please submit the finished application at the side of needed documents to the several authorities.

  5. Authorities once checking the submitted application at the side of hooked up documents can create entries and supply you record range for reference.

  6. Keep it safe for future reference.

  7. This application is processed internally to issue the card as per notification.

Required Documents

  1. Application kind.

  2. Remains of original card or Copy of report registered with station

  3. Residence Proof (Example – Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Aadhaar Card, Passport),

  4. Xerox copy of card (If Available)

  5. Aadhaar Card

  6. Local Certificate / Election Card / PAN / driving licence / Passport

  7. Passport Size images

  8. Self -declaration (as adviced)


A valid card holder.


Fee info is often obtained directly from the several workplace whereas applying.


Validity remains same

Usually Family positive identification is valid for life and can be revived in five years or supported announcement.

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