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Assam - Apply Fitness Certificate (FC)


Apply face to face

  1. To apply for Fitness certificate in Assam the mortal has got to approach the RTO workplace to that his space belongs to. Please follow our “Office Locations & Contacts” section of this page to urge details of the RTO offices.

  2. Make sure you've got completed form CFA.

  3. Also certify you've got all the mandatory documents to method the appliance

  4. Application forms also can be obtained from the acceptable RTO offices that ought to be completed and conferred with appropriate fees.

  5. Present the finished application forms together with documents in one in all the counter and pay the suitable fee wherever the officers would begin process your application.

  6. Pencil tracing of engine chassis range is that the activity to record the chassis range for issue of certificate for the aforesaid vehicle holding this chassis range

  7. Authorities can examine the vehicle and check for vehicle correctness to issue vehicle fitness certificate


Apply online - Assam Apply Fitness Certificate (FC) for Transport Vehicle on-line with pictures

  1. Application for Fitness Certificate (FC) is applied on-line through the subsequent link:Online

  2. After accessing the link provided within the higher than purpose, please opt for choice “Vehicle Registration connected Services” situated at very cheap of the screen.

  3. On consecutive screen, please enter the Vehicle license number of the vehicle that you're applying for a Fitness Certificate (FC).

  4. On consecutive screen, please choose the choice “Misc (TO/CoA/HPA/HPC/HPT/DupRC)” displayed below section “Online Services”.

  5. On consecutive screen you may be prompted for the vehicles chassis range. you'll notice your vehicle chassis range that is imprinted on the vehicle. If you don’t understand wherever to seek out the chassis range, please enter your vehicle create or model and search on-line, you may be ready to notice data associated with wherever you'll notice it.

  6. After coming into the chassis range of your vehicle, please click on the button beside it.

  7. In the next screen you may be requested to enter your mobile range to that associate OTP are sent for validation. Please enter your mobile range and press button “Generate OTP”.

  8. An OTP are send to your mobile range that you simply entered, enter the OTP on the “Enter OTP” text box and press button “Show Details”.

  9. Next screen can offer you with numerous applications which will be created for your vehicle, please opt for the suitable and proceed consequently.

Required Documents

  1. Application in Form-CFA.

  2. Registration Certificate

  3. Valid Insurance Certificate

  4. Permit if lined

  5. Pollution in check certificate

  6. Trip sheet for the past three months

  7. Valid Tax


Vehicle ought to be made for scrutiny

You should be the owner of the vehicle


Fees for allow vary with style of vehicle.


In case of non-transport vehicles like 2 wheelers and cars, it's valid for fifteen years from the date of 1st registration and it's revived when each 5 resultant years.

In case of transport vehicles like merchandise and rider carriers, it's valid until certificate of fitness is valid.

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