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Assam - Apply for LPG Gas Commercial Connection


Apply In-Person:

For Indane:

  1. To apply for the Indane LPG gas new affiliation, visit the closest Indane distributor of your space.

  2. To find your nearest gas agency click here: Search close workplace. Enter your pin code and click on “Show” to urge the small print.

  3. Now approach your nearest Indane workplace and register for the new reference to valid proof of identity.

  4. Obtain the relevant form from the distributor.

  5. Make sure that you just have all the obligatory documents mentioned within the “Required documents” section below.

  6. On registration, the distributor can send you Associate in Nursing intimation letter through registered mail. you wish to hold the letter and therefore the envelope to the distributor to avail the affiliation.

  7. The Indane gas affiliation are going to be free to you instantly. For unleash of your Indane affiliation you may be needed to pay margin.

  8. On payment of requisite deposit, you may be issued a Subscription Voucher [SV], that you need to keep safely. you may need it at a later date after you need to shift your affiliation from one distributor to a different or after you surrender the affiliation.

  9. The distributor’s employees enter the small print of Indane provides and alternative allied services. Keep the leaflet handy whenever you receive your Indane provides.


Apply online: - province Apply for LPG Gas business affiliation Online with pictures

For Indane:

  1. To buy non-domestic / business LPG cylinders, visit the subsequent link: LPG

  2. Select the suitable choice and fill all the obligatory details within the form and click on “Submit”.

  3. After roaring registration, you may receive the confirmation message with the service request variety.

  4. LPG distributor can contact you before long to supply the service you requested.

Required Documents

Proof of Identity:

  1. Aadhaar variety

  2. Passport variety

  3. PAN card variety

  4. Voter ID card

  5. ID card issued by state or central government

  6. Driving License


  1. Applicant should be the national of India.

  2. Applicant should own any industries / factories wherever there's a use of LPG gas.


  1. 19 weight unit Cylinder with SC valve Rs. 1700/- per cylinder

  2. 19 weight unit Cylinder Rs with heap valve 3200/- per cylinder

  3. 47.5 weight unit Cylinder with SC valve Rs. 4300/- per cylinder

  4. 47.5 weight unit Cylinder with heap valve Rs. 5800/- per cylinder

  5. 5 weight unit NDNE Cylinder with SC valve Rs. 350/- per cylinder

  6. Pressure Regulator (PR) Rs. one hundred fifty per PR ( for North East Rs .100)


Explain the time till that the certificate/document is valid.

e.g. certification Valid Forever

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