Assam - Apply for LPG Gas Domestic Connection


Apply In-Person:

For Indane

  1. To apply for the Indane LPG gas new affiliation, visit the closest Indane distributor of your space.

  2. To find your nearest gas agency click here: Search close workplace. Enter your pin code and click on “Show” to urge the main points.

  3. Now approach your nearest Indane workplace and register for the new reference to valid proof of identity.

  4. Make sure that you simply have all the necessary documents mentioned within the “Required documents” section below.

  5. On registration, the distributor can send you Associate in Nursing intimation letter through mail. you wish to hold the letter and therefore the envelope to the distributor to avail the affiliation.

  6. The Indane gas affiliation are going to be free to you forthwith. For unleash your Indane affiliation you'll be needed to pay deposit.

  7. On payment of requisite deposit, you'll be issued a Subscription Voucher [SV], that you want to keep safely. you'll need it at a later date after you need to shift your affiliation from one distributor to a different or after you surrender the affiliation.

  8. The Indane Distributor can issue a pamphlet referred to as the Domestic Gas client Card (DGCC), containing particulars of your LPG affiliation.

  9. The distributor’s workers enter the main points of Indane provides and different allied services. Keep the pamphlet handy whenever you receive your Indane provides.

  10. Distributor’s workers shall update your refill provides details within the same. Please browse the knowledge on safety given within the DGCC book.

  11. At the time of installation of the affiliation in your room, the Distributor's workers can demonstrate the way to use the LPG instrumentality safely.


Apply on-line: - Assam Apply for LPG Gas Domestic affiliation Online with pictures

For Indane – SAHAJ (e-SV):

  1. To apply for the Indane LPG gas new affiliation through on-line visit the subsequent link: New affiliation

  2. If you're a registered user then click login within the right facet of the page.

  3. If you're a brand new user then click here: New user

  4. After prospering registration, you'll be taken to the house page wherever you have got to pick out “Apply for brand new Connection”

  5. Now you'll be taken to the appliance type page wherever you have got to enter all the necessary details and choose the merchandise as applicable, then click “Save & Continue”.

  6. Then you'll be directed to the sections like needed documents, different details and declaration.

  7. After prospering submission of form, Associate in Nursing email are going to be sent to you for confirmation

  8. Once you have got received the e-mail with the registration link, you have got to complete the appliance method.

  9. You need to transfer the scanned copy of your dish (Proof of Identity) and monocot genus (Proof of Address), and Aadhaar for PAHAL (DBTL)

  10. Upon completion of the web application, you'll receive the license number for brand new affiliation request

  11. Your application are going to be on wait-list until the distributor releases the wait-list

  12. You can expect a text and email notification once your application gets approved.

  13. After approval, you'll get the link to pay the fees on-line.

  14. Once payment method is complete, you'll receive Associate in Nursing email concerning “New affiliation order transaction”

  15. After few days, you'll receive e-SV on your mail. Please transfer it and take a output signal copy.

  16. Your cylinder are going to be car engaged. when receiving the cylinder, you have got to submit some documents to the distributor, which is able to be tutored to you through mail.

Required Documents

You can use combination of few documents that are listed below as dish (Proof of Identity) and monocot genus (Proof of Address)

  1. Ration Card

  2. Aadhaar card

  3. Electricity Bill

  4. Telephone Bill

  5. Passport

  6. Employer's Certificate

  7. Flat allotment / possession letter

  8. House registration papers

  9. LIC policy

  10. Voter’s card

  11. Rent Receipt

  12. PAN card issued by the taxation department

  13. Driving License


Applicant should be the national of Asian country.


For Indane:

Rs 900/- for 14.2 metric weight unit cylinder.

Rs 350/- for 5 metric weight unit cylinder.

Pressure Regulator Rs 100/-


Explain the time till that the certificate/document is valid.

e.g. certification Valid Forever

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