Assam - Apply for Manufacturer License under Weights and Measure


No person shall manufacture any weight or live unless he holds a sound licence issued by the Controller of Legal science.

Apply In-Person:

  1. Applicant shall approach workplace of the Assistant Controller of Legal science / controller of legal science / body Offices beneath whose dominion the producing unit is found.

  2. Obtain the applying kind or indite a A4 sheet as suggested.

  3. After filling/completing form attach all needed|the specified|the desired} documents as per our required document section.

  4. Submit the document set in conjunction with required/applicable fee to the receiving authority.

  5. Submitted application are going to be verified by the authorities. If all square measure in situ submitted application are going to be accepted.

  6. Applicant are going to be supplied with receipt for submission of application.

  7. This application are going to be processed more by the department.

  8. Applicant gets intimation from the department concerning the applying progress. Follow the notification.

  9. There will be examination bodily fluid verification method from the department authorities on a scheduled date.

  10. The premises are going to be inspected by the involved Legal science Officer and documents in original are going to be verified and margin if applicable would be collected.

  11. This application in conjunction with inspection/verification report is going to be submitted to the provision authority/controller of legal science involved.

  12. Based on the recommendation and report the registration method are going to be completed,

  13. The status, viz. Approval or Rejection if associate are going to be sent to the applied person through an SMS.

       14.   If approved, the certificate is going to be issued as per applicable norms.

Required Documents

  1. Application kind

  2. Certificate of registration of Industry/registration beneath outlets and institutions Act/NOC from Gram council as applicable

  3. Authenticated document concerning proprietary /Registered partnership deed/memorandum of association and articles of association in conjunction with list of administrators.

  4. Premises - possession documents/ registered rent or leave license agreement or lease agreement secret agent from the owner / secret agent of the member if the premise is closely-held by loved one.

  5. Model Approval certificate

  6. Machinery, tools and instrumentality list

  7. PAN card

  8. Profession tax registration

  9. List of qualified persons.

  10. Educational qualification certificate of the someone / qualified person

  11. Verification certificate of check weight or live

  12. Self-declaration concerning whether or not any offence is unfinished against him in court and/ or police office

  13. Self-declaration concerning whether or not the someone has profaned any of the provisions of Legal science Act, 2009 or rules created there beneath.

  14. Electricity load approved certificate

  15. Latest electricity bill.

  16. Experience certificate (2 years)

  17. Receipt of land tax

  18. Aadhaar card of administrators

  19. Bank’s Statement

  20. Copy of check Reports


Applicant ought to be the national of India

Age limit eighteen years and on top of

An individual or a corporation registered beneath government act is eligible to use.

Having two years of expertise or having needed education.

Proof of monetary standing

Sanctioned power load


Fee details shall be obtained whereas applying. There square measure class primarily based fee structures that someone ought to pay whereas applying.


Every licence issued to a manufacturer shall be valid for a minimum amount of 12 month and might be revived.


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