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Change address in Passport


A passport is a document issued by the government confirming your identity and citizenship. This is a mandatory document if you wish to go abroad and identify yourself as a citizen of a developing country. It also serves as proof of identity and is widely accepted for all purposes. A passport does not guarantee entry into the country of destination. A standard passport contains details such as the owner's name, location and date of birth, photo, signature, and other identifying information.

Change address Process

The process of changing your address on your passport is described below.

  • Log in to the Passport Server website.
    click here

  • If you are already subscribed, use “Existing User? Login ”, enter your user ID and password and enter your account.

  • If you are using for the first time, click on “New User? Register Now ”.

  • Choose your nearest passport office.

  • Provide details including your name and date of birth.

  • Create a login ID and password and register.

  • An email with a link to open your account will be sent.

  • Once you have clicked on this link, sign in and click on “Apply for a new passport / passport issuance”

Passport address change fee

The cost of changing your address on your passport is the same as the cost of issuing a passport. The fee will vary depending on the type of passport used, the number of pages in the brochure, standard / tatkaal application etc.

The fees for each type of application

Applicant’s age Passport validity Number of pages Normal chargeTatkaal charge 
Less than 15 years 10 years or till holder reaches 18 years of age36 pages Rs.1,000 Rs.3,000 
15 – 18 years 5 years or till holder reaches 18 years of age36 pages Rs.1,000 Rs.3,000 
15 – 18 years 10 years 36 pages Rs.1,500 Rs.3,500 
15 – 18 years 10 years 60 pages Rs.2,000 Rs.4,000 
18 years and above 10 years 36 pages Rs.1,500 Rs.2,000 
18 years and above 10 years 60 pages Rs.2,000 Rs.4,000 

Documents Required

The following documents must be submitted when applying for a change of address:

  • Original old passport.

  • A copy of your online application.

  • Copy of payment receipt or challan receipt

  • A certified copy of the last two pages and the last two pages.

  • A certified copy of the ECR / Non-ECR page.

  • A certified copy of the surveillance page, if any, made by the Passport Issuing Authority.

  • A certified copy of the extension confirmation page, if available, in respect of a short-term operating passport.

  • Proof of current address (Any)

  • Election Commission / Voter ID card

  • Aadhaar card

  • Electricity bill

  • Water credit

  • Proof of gas connection

  • Phone calls (cell phone or landline)

  • Registered rental agreement

  • Income tax assessment order

  • Copy of spouse's passport (first and last page includes family details). The applicant's current address must match the address specified in the partner's passport.

  • Certificate from the Employer of well-known companies at the head of the letter

  • Bank account passphrase (Private Private Banks of India, Organized Public Banks, and Rural Regional Banks only)

Reason for changing address in Passport

If you change your residential address or move to another location, you need to update this information on your passport. To change your address on your passport, you need to apply for a renewal of your passport. Through this process, you will receive a new passport with a new number and your updated address.

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