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How to Change Date of Birth in Passport

Change Date of Birth in Passport

When applying for an Indian passport the candidate must indicate the passport date of birth change confirmation, for example, birth certificate. On the basis of the records provided the passport is issued, so there will be no investigation into the progress of the passport's date of birth. Be that as it may, while issuing a passport the passport issuer may make a mistake on the date of birth of the passport. It is the candidate's responsibility to check that the points of interest listed on the passport are correct when issuing a passport.

People are looking for how to change date of birth in passport and following the process to apply for the same. Most frequently asked questions are can we change date of birth in passport and how to change dob in passport.
As per the guidelines, passport issuing officials have been said to look at the request of each applicant and make it count for the change. To change the date of birth on your passport, one needs to visit the official website.

Reasons to change date of birth in Passport

  • It is not uncommon for data to be incorrectly printed by a passport issuer, but in the event that the candidate is able to contact the passport officer and request correction on the date of birth.

  • It is also considered that the applicant may find that the date of birth is incorrect after the passport has been issued.

Correction of date of birth in Passport 

Major Applicants: - If the applicant was major when his or her first passport with the wrong date was issued, he or she can amend it, within five years of the original passport being issued. No birthday changes are allowed after that.

Minor Applicants: - If the applicant was minor at the time of issue of his or her first passport, he or she can adjust it, whenever he or she is minor, or when he or she first applies for a passport after a major.

Correction fees for passport dob change

  • In the event that an error is made by a passport specialist, at that time, another passport is issued on the revised date of birth at no cost.

  • In the event of an error being made in the candidate and they charge a fee of Rs.500 for issuing another passport with a fixed date of birth

Process for change date of birth in passport

To change the date of birth on your passport, you must apply for a passport re-issue and make the specified change to personal details

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Documents Required for passport date of birth change 
  • Passport, birth certificate

  • Proof of the accompanying Birthday may be submitted along with the application form to confirm the date of birth

  • Birth certificate issued by a major city specialist or local office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths

  • The date of birth of the school was last went by the candidate or any other visible educational institution

  • An affidavit by a Magistrate / Notary stating the date of birth of the candidates or those who do not know.

If there is to be a case of nominees, who are pregnant before or after 26-01-89, a birth certificate issued by a public specialist or a place of birth and registration center is appropriate.

Here, above given is the complete article which provides a process and solution to each of the doubts regarding how to change date of birth in passport.

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