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Driving License In India

Driving License In India
Since you know that the process of digitalization is being executed at quite a quick pace on account of the central administration's digital Abhiyan. Due to which many people started applying for a driving license through the government's online portal. We will share with you all the essential information regarding it. How to apply for a license, objective, benefits, features, eligibility criteria, required documents, etc. Therefore, if you're interested in catching every detail about your license, then you're asked to read this article till the end with utmost care.

What is a Driving license?
Driving License In India
A Driving Permit is a formal document issued by India's national govt, letting individuals run a motorized car like a vehicle, bike, bus, truck, etc., over the public street, with no oversight. The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) of this individual state in India provides a license. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 says no citizen without a license is allowed to drive a motor vehicle at a general public location.
Thus, if you want to drive a motor vehicle such as a car or a 2-wheeler on roads, you should have a license in India. Suppose you're practicing to drive an automobile. In that case, you have first to obtain a learner license that will work as a provisional license must examine to meet the requirements. With the approach of online facilities that enable users to make an application to get a license from the convenience of their homes, securing it has turned into a very effortless endeavor.

Why would you need a Driving License in India?

  • Required by law:
    You must carry a legal driving document if you prefer to drive a bike or car on the Indian roads. From 'valid' we imply that it must be 1) authentic and 2) well within the expiry date. In case if it has passed the expiry date, you have to apply for the renewal of your license.

  • Proof of Private ID:
    At various places, an Indian driving document may be applied as proof of individual identification. Such regions include government offices and travel booking offices, airports, clubs, bars etc. License is the exact carbon copy of different types of individual identification which includes passports, PAN cards, Voter ID Cards, Aadhar Cards, etc.

  • For Independent Commute:
    Public transport can be actually a boon, however, the paths and schedules can be prohibitive and frequently time-consuming, especially in cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Having the capability to drive your own vehicle ensures door-step flexibility and mobility. Possessing a driving permit makes it potential.

Apply Driving License
How to apply for a Driving License in India online? 

Obtaining a driving permit on the web is a simple process and involves just a few actions. Visit the Sarathi website of the Road Transport & Highways Ministry. 


From the column called "Sarathi Services," choose "New License for Driving”.

You'll be redirected to a new webpage, which will have every detail relating to it. Read the proper details. Download the form and fill all of the essential information in a subsequent Manner:

The process to fill the License application form online:

 The below mentioned are the steps about the process of applying for an online application for a training or learner's license or permanent license:

  •  Go to the Sarathi website and get the driving document application form there.

  • Complete the form as per the guidelines displayed on the screen and click on 'Submit'.

  • The application type needs to be printed outside for minor candidates, and also Section D is to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian at the closest RTO.

  • Upload the document's files to be filed along with the application form (proof of address, proof of age, learner's license number)

  • An Internet application number will be produced after submission, used to track the application form's report.

  • When the application form has been processed, the applicant will receive an SMS on the registration number.

How to apply for Learner License

Driving your car is simpler and easier than going with paid drivers or hired cabs. If you know how to drive you can use your car whenever you want. To learn to drive and drive legally in India, you need to have a valid driver's license. When you apply for a driver's license, you are first given a learner's license before you can get a driver's license. This learner's license is valid for six months after which you can apply for a driver's license.


Driving permit Forms

Application-cum-decalration as to physical fitness

Medical Certificate

Application for the Grant of Learner's License

Application for Licence to Drive

Application for the addition of new class of vehicles to a Driving Licence


Application for the Renewal of Driving Licence

State Register of Driving Licence

Form of Application for a Licence to Engage in the Business of Imparting Instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles

Register Showing the Driving Hours spent by a Trainee

Form of Licence for the Establishment of a Motor Driving School

Form of Application for Renewing a Licence to Engage in the Business of Imparting Instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles

Register showing the Enrolment of Trainee(s) in the Driving School Establishments

How to apply for a License in RTO or offline in India?

The procedure to apply for a driving permit in India is very simple and obvious. The steps given below will allow you to recognize how to apply to get a driving permit offline.

·        The candidate must get a form 4, which may be the application form for a motor driving permit in India. The form may be downloaded from their state transport site. Otherwise, the customer can also visit the closest RTO to procure Form 4.

·        Fill out the application form and apply it together with other documents like address proof and age proof at the RTO from the authority you live. Additionally, schedule a slot for the RTO license test and cover the fee for taking the exam.

·        Be there at your driving permit exam center at the specified time and date. As soon as you clear the test, your license will be given on the spot or will soon be delivered to your registered address. 

·        Also, if you are taking driving lessons by the driving school, the school will allow you to apply for a driving permit/license.

After completing the form, the applicant can apply online by clicking the 'Submit' button at the end of the form. After submitting the form, an Auto-generated Online Application Number will display on the monitor.

Eligibility Criteria for Driving License in India:
The qualification for a driving permit in India is based on the type of vehicle and the sort of driving permit. The Eligibility criteria for different permanent License forms in India are given as follows:   

Form of Permanent Driving permit

Qualification Criteria

Motorcycles without gear (with a capacity of up to 50 cc)

The applicant should be at least 16 yrs old and needs to have the approval of parent/guardian when he is less than 18 yrs old.

Motorcycles with gear

The applicant must be at least 18 yrs old.

Commercial Heavy Vehicles and Transport Vehicles

The applicant must have finished 8th standard. The applicant has to be 18 years old (in certain states, the age limit is 20 yrs).

General Requirement

The applicant should know traffic rules and regulations. The applicant should have original proof of address and legal age proof documents.

Document Necessary for a Driving Permit:
To make sure there is not any delay in the application process, the documents that should be submitted need to be correct and valid. The listings of necessary documents for a driving permit are:

 (A)Age Proof (any one document)

  •  Birth Certificate

  •  PAN Card

  •  Passport

  • 10th Class mark sheet

  • Transfer certificate from any school for any class with date of birth printed on it.

(B) Required Address proof for Driving Permit:

(1) Permanent address proof  (any one):   

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Passport

  • Electricity bill (issued in applicants title)

  • Self-owned house agreement

  • LIC bond

  • Ration card

  • Voters ID Card

(2) Current Address proof (any one):

  • LPG invoice and Rental agreement.

  • Electricity invoice and Rental agreement.

(3) Other Necessary documents for a license:

  • Application Fees

  • Duly filled application form (if you want an application form for a license, pay a visit to the nearest RTO or download it from your state’s online portal)

  • 1 passport sized photograph (while applying for it)

  • 6 passport size photographs (while applying for a Learners permit)

  • Medical Certification - Form 1 A and 1 that is to be issued by a certified Government physician/doctor.

  • If you are staying in different cities, even as current address proof, you can apply for the driving document by submitting the present rental agreement with one recent utility bill copy which can be gas bill or electricity bill.

  • For all candidates over the age of 40 years, a Medical certification is mandatory. 

Different Types of Vehicle Licenses in India:

There are mainly four different types of Driving document accessible in India by the RTO–

  • Learning license:

You will be issued a learning license in India before getting your hands on a permanent license. This learning license expires in just six months. It signifies that you need to learn/enhance your driving in this time and proceed to consider a test for a permanent driving permit.

  • Permanent license:

As soon as you look to appear for an exam and pass on the exam, the RTO will provide you a more permanent license. Any Indian citizen falling in the age range of 18 yrs old or above may apply for a permanent driving document online. This document has been issued for driving personal vehicles such as 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers.

  • Commercial Driving Permit:

A Business Driving document is given to individuals who drive vehicles that are heavy. The qualification criteria for such a license is somewhat different from a permanent license. The applicant needs to be cleared in the 8th standard to be able to apply for a commercial license.


  • International Driving Permit:

Individuals who would like to drive a vehicle outside India need an international driving document. This document expires in a year. That applicant needs to re-apply once it expires.

Driving Permit Application Fees

In this guide, we shall list out all the new changes created into this fee arrangement. Below is a table that lists out all of the previous fees together side the new ones which were introduced.

Type of license-related issues

Old fees (In Rs.)

New fees (In Rs.)

Learner’s license



Learner’s license renewal



International driver’s license



Driving Licence Fees



Driver’s license test



Driver’s license renewal



Renewal and issue of license for driving schools



Issue of renewed driver’s license



Appeal fee against RTO



Issue of duplicate license for driving schools



While the table as mentioned below considerations. Aspects regarding licenses, here is a table which lists out each of the fees. 

Registration type

Old fees (In Rs.)

New fees (In Rs.)

Two-wheeler hypothecation



Motorbike registration



Three-wheeler hypothecation



Medium and heavy vehicles hypothecation



Transport license for cars and autos with white board



Transport license for cars and autos with yellow board



Passenger and cargo vehicles



Passenger and heavy cargo vehicles



Imported vehicle fee



Imported motorcycle fee




  • Driving License

Test Procedure for Driving Permit in India

1.   You have to experience a vehicle that can test your driving skills and comprehension of road rules & signs and pass on the exam to receive your driving permit. Below are a few of the vital points about the driving evaluation procedure in India.

2.    You can apply for a permanent License following one month by the day of issuance of all Learners Licence. The application for a permanent Driving license has to be filed within 180 days from the Learners license issue.

3.    Submit all applicable documents (including driving permit test slot booking slip if you've reserved the slot on the web ) and pay the fees for carrying the Driving Document test at the counter. Get the receipt and approach the fast-track cottage to choose the test.

4.    You should be present personally to your Driving exam at least one hour or so before the allocated time. You will need to check before or along with the Motor Vehicle Inspector (VMI) at the specified track.

5.    Various countries have different evaluation tracks and procedures. Ordinarily, for 2-wheelers, you're going to be soon asked to drive a 2-wheeler at a course designed fit for no 8. Additionally, the Motor Vehicle Inspector will assess if you're employing indicators and appropriate hand signs while driving. You might need to follow the form of no 8 in your vehicle with no toes touching the bottom.
6. To get a 4-wheeler driving permit, the Motor Vehicle Inspector will ask you to ride on the automobile on a track and notice your skills. You have to display appropriate hand signs, utilize the index, and also employ brakes wherever necessary. Additionally, alter the gears quickly and utilize rear & side view mirrors while driving.

 What if in case of loss of Vehicle License?
If your license had been stolen or lost, you must do the next below steps:

  •  File an FIR at the nearest police station. It needs to be a law enforcement station close to the site as the issue will probably come under their own jurisdiction. The FIR will be registered for any lost object/ precious things.

  •  After the complaint was lodged, take a look at a notary office to obtain an affidavit concerning the same on a stamped paper.

  •  We frequently expect that people may follow our possessions that are lost, however, it's always a good idea to get you a copy/duplicate license.


Duplicate Driving Document in India:

A DL is a vital document in India as it offers citizens consent to drive and, at the same time, behaves as valid identity verification. If individuals lose their driving permit, they could quickly obtain a duplicate driving license from the RTO that issued it. Individuals can submit an application for a duplicate DL on the web or directly at the RTO. They must fill the form for employing a copy of DL and submit it in the RTO alongside the mandatory documents.

Registration Certificate (RC):

You were required to get a registration certificate (R.C.) in addition to a sign of enrollment to the vehicle to become a legal driver in public or elsewhere. Failure to comply with this particular section of this act would lead to the owner punished/penalized under precisely the same portion of the legislation. The R.C. is a document confirming your car is enrolled with almost any Regional Transport Office within the nation.


The certification is initially valid for 15 Years; after that, it has to be revived periodically every five years. For years, the enrollment certification has been a pair of documents or even an R.C. book. Still, they could also be issued as PVC cards that possess embedded chips or a Q.R. code, which might be scanned as a way to gain access to the automobile and its owner's R.C. information. This step was adopted to increase connectivity and accessibility into the federal government's online databases like VAHAN or even SARATHI. In reality, all three states in India have offices connected with VAHAN.

Best way to make a Driving Document in India as a Foreigner?

In the event that you aren't an Indian citizen and also want to obtain a driving permit, there’s a process availed by an Indian government. Being a driver, whenever you drive a vehicle on the land of India, then there are particular rules that must be followed closely so knowing the traffic rules and regulations is extremely important ahead of putting your hands on the steering wheel. The transportation section of the state and central authorities in India also have put special penalties for certain violations of rules.

Process to Acquire a License in India as a Foreigner:

  • In case a foreigner wishes to make use of the License of his or her region, country of residence, they may not accomplish this as the government of India will not permit the performance of overseas licenses in India.

  • A foreigner can submit an application to get an international license in India when he or she's certainly going to live in India for significantly less than a year.

  • In the event, if you live in India for more than a year, he or she should submit an application to get an Indian driving document.

  • To acquire an Indian driving permit, the driving candidate needs to pay a visit to the nearest RTO office in their subject of residency and make an application for it.

  • As being a foreign national, to get a driving permit in India, comply with the actions mentioned here:

  1. Go to the nearest regional transportation office in your town or region.

  2. Since the candidate, request a registration/enrollment form for the enrollment of one’s motor vehicle in the concerned jurisdiction.

  3. Once completing the application form, fill in all the required documents for enrollment of the 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler vehicle.

  4. The kinds of vehicles that an Indian driving document might be implemented would be:

  • a two-wheeler License.

  • License for Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) for example passenger cars.

  • License for Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) for example a bus or truck.

  1. In order to qualify for use of the driving permit in India, the offender should pass on the driving evaluation.

  2. The documents to be filed for enrollment include:

  • The earnings certification - it's the record that indicates that you whilst the person who owns the car or truck bought by the dealer. It's likewise called Form 21.

  • The legal bill of buying the motor vehicle.

  • The 'Road Worthiness Certificate' needs to be given to the concerned jurisdiction from the RTO. Even a road-worthiness certification can be a record that claims the car is harmless to be pushed in the trail and isn't really a hazard into this surroundings when in performance.

  • The 'Pollution Under Control Certificate' claims the automobile under consideration elicits contamination underneath the lawful limit.

  • In the event the automobile is imported from another nation that's quite possible the circumstance in such circumstances, the 'Customs Clearance Certificate' needs to be supplied from the person who owns the automobile.

  • A document saying that the legal insurance plan of the motor vehicle is under consideration.

  • The owner must also deliver the evidence of address exactly where he or she's now living in India. Offering this document may end up being tricky whilst the person who owns the automobile could discover that it's hard to provide an address with proof that he isn't a citizen of India.

  • Whoever owns the car or truck needs to additionally spend the road tax charges that are enforced as soon as.

  • Whoever owns the car or truck gets to pay the enrollment fee so you can get the car registered.


A smart card driving license(SCDL) is not anything special - it is simply your driving permit is in an alternative format. It is a tamper-proof plastic card. It is called ‘smart’ since it includes an embedded microprocessor chip of 64KB memory, that comprises all the information of the license holder.

Essentially, it comprises each of the biometric data of an applicant, such as thumb & fingerprint, body markings, blood group, retina scan, etc. This information is held by the RTA/RTO office within their own systems.


Why Get a Smart Card license?

  •  Safe: Considering that a smart driving permit stores and saves all information onto a processor, it's tricky to duplicate or misapply. The info can't be erased.

  •  The DL is likely to be safe from tear and wear.

  •   It's quite mobile.


Qualification: Smart-card License

The qualification for a smart card permit is the same as getting a permanent driving permit. Take a look at the below application form:

  • Visible review: name, signature, and other personal details of this candidate.

  • Machine Readable Zone: that'll comprise the sequential number of this processor date of issue and also other details a normal DL would comprise.

It is going to also have another distance that reveals all exemptions and fine-related info.


Can You Apply for your Smart Card DL online?

You are able to check on the web if your state issues SCDL. If it will, proceed to the portal site by completing the form. The process is just like it had been when you applied for a permanent DL.

In the event you would like to drive on roads of India, then you want to be familiar with traffic laws and also the significance of owning a license. Obey the traffic laws constantly, don't violate the rules and be more careful to others while driving on the road.

Investing in a motor insurance policy policy is mandatorily required and creates an integral part of road safety also. Purchase automobile insurance (for the car or bike) and financially protect yourself against obligations you will face in your way.

Using car insurance policies, you obtain access to 24/7 roadside assistance for cars, cashless rewards across 4000+ network garages across India, and also a promise compensation wallet, that you need to use to repay claims of upto Rs. 20,000. Get your insurance plan and you are prepared to hit the road!


 Ans: At a local transport zonal office.

Ans: The applicant should meet the below prerequisites:

  • To get non-geared mini-vehicles, '' he/she should be above age 16 yrs, however, in that circumstance, an individual ought to own a prior approval from both parents or guardians.

  •  For light geared motorcycles he/she should be over age 18 yrs.

  • For commercial driving of vehicles, he also needs to have a year of experience.

  • Medical certification is required by law in most of the above-mentioned instances

 Ans: The inspector at the R.T.O office conducts the exam according to the rules in MV Act and describes his guidelines to the concerned R.T.O officer to issue a driving permit.

Ans: The questions asked at the preliminary test may possibly belong to these issues:

·        Connected to the “Traffic Signals", "Traffic Signs" and "foibles" according to MV Act.

·        Linked to responsibilities of drivers on roads.

·        Linked to precautions should be maintained while traveling by road.

·        Linked to documents asked while traveling.

 Ans: An individual can submit an application for retest after 7days.

 Ans: An individual can renew within five yrs of expiry, however, driving with an expired permit is a crime.

Ans: These document proofs are needed for Driving Permit:

·        House Proof.

·        Evidence Age.

 Ans: An Driving Permit for a personal vehicle is valid up to and including a time of 20 yrs or a period of 50 yrs which is experienced sooner. However, a commercial Driving License is valid upto three years.

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