Currently, several applications or forms submitted by a subject need physical signature of the subject. A digital signature takes the construct of ancient paper-based linguistic communication and turns it into an electronic "fingerprint." This "fingerprint," or coded message, is exclusive to each the document and also the signer and binds them along. In short, a digital signature has an equivalent operate as that of a written signature. a number of the salient options of digital signature are non-repudiation, integrity and legitimacy. the knowledge Technology Act 2000 provides the desired legal holiness to digital signatures supported uneven crypto systems.

E sign services

Government of Republic of India vide its Gazette Notification (REGD. NO. D. L.-33004/99 dated twenty eighth January 2015) has proclaimed a way that facilitates Certifying Authority to supply e-Sign service to voters WHO have Aadhaar ID.

The objective of eSign service is to supply on-line service to voters for immediate language of their documents firmly in a very de jure acceptable kind. 2 major challenges concerned area unit (a) authentication of the user and (b) sure technique of language. Aadhaar primarily based authentication is dispensed to handle the primary challenge and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is employed to firmly sign the user document and establish the trust.

Citizens with Aadhaar ID are going to be able to transfer their documents to eSign service to get them digitally signed. At the backend, validation of user is dispensed exploitation Aadhaar service and generates a key try (a public key and a personal key) for the user and signs the document. The user is supplied with the digitally signed document and therefore the Digital Signature Certificate.

C-DAC through its e-Hastakshar initiative permits voters with valid Aadhaar ID and registered mobile range to carryout digital language of their documents.


  • Save price and time

  • Aadhaar-KYC based mostly authentication

  • improve user convenience

  • Mandatory Aadhaar ID

  • Easy to use Digital Signature

  • Biometric or OTP (optionally with PIN)based authentication

  • Verifiable Signatures 

  • Flexible and quick integration with application

  • Legally recognized

  • Suitable for individual, business and Government

  • Managed by licenced CAs

  • API subscription Model

  • Privacy issues addressed

  • Integrity with an entire audit path

  • Simple Signature verification

  • Immediate destruction of keys when usage

  • Short validity certificates

  • No key storage and key protection concern


  • Easy and secure thanks to digitally sign info anyplace, anytime - eSign is a web service while not victimisation physical dongles that provides application service suppliers the practicality to attest signers and perform the digital language of documents victimisation Aadhaar e-KYC service.

  • Facilitates lawfully valid signatures - eSign method involves client consent, Digital Signature Certificate generation, Digital Signature creation and affixing and Digital Signature Certificate acceptance in accordance with provisions of data Technology Act. It enforces compliance, through API specification and licensing model of arthropod genus and comprehensive digital audit path is established to verify the validity of transactions, and also are preserved.

  • Flexible and simple to implement - eSign provides configurable authentication choices in line with Aadhaar e-KYC service and conjointly record Aadhaar id to verify the identities of signers. The signature choice includes biometric or OTP authentication (optionally with PIN) through a registered mobile within the Aadhaar information. eSign permits ample Aadhaar holders a simple thanks to access lawfully valid Digital Signature service.

  • Respecting privacy - eSign make sure the privacy of the patron by submitting solely the fingerprint (hash) of the document for signature perform rather than whole document.

  • Secure on-line service - The eSign Service is ruled by e-authentication tips. whereas authentication of the signer is administrated victimisation Aadhaar e-KYC, the signature on the document is administrated on a backend server, that is that the e-Sign supplier. eSign services square measure offered by trustworthy third party service supplier, presently Certifying Authority. to reinforce the protection and stop misuse, certificate holder non-public keys square measure created on Hardware Security Module (HSM) and destroyed straight off when just the once usage.

How it works? 

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) outline the foremost subject parts and additionally describe the format and parts of communication among the stake holders like Application Service supplier, Certifying Authorities, sure Third parties, Aadhaar e-KYC service and Application entree. This customary eSign alter Application Service suppliers to integrate eSign API in their Application with less effort. CDAC is functioning as eSign entree supplier.

Who and wherever will use eSign?

eSign have versatile subscription Model for individual users, business entities and Governments. eSign supported OTP (optionally with PIN) level authentication is appropriate wherever risks and consequences of knowledge compromise are low however they're not thought-about to be of major significance. eSign supported Biometric (Fingerprint/Iris) level authentication ideal for and risks and consequences of knowledge compromise are moderate. this might embody transactions having substantial price or risk of fraud, or involving access to non-public data wherever the chance of malicious access is substantia.


E-Sign Electronic Signature Service is associate degree innovative initiative for permitting straightforward, efficient, and secure language of electronic documents by authenticating signer mistreatment e-KYC services. With this service, associate degreey eSign user will digitally sign an electronic document while not having to get a physical digital signature electronic device. Application Service suppliers will integrate this service among their application to supply eSign user the simplest way to sign electronic forms and documents. the necessity to obtain Digital Signature Certificate through a written paper form with ink signature and supporting documents won't be needed. The Digital Signature Certificate supplying and applying of signature to electronic content is carried out in few seconds with eSign. Through the interface provided by the appliance Service Provider (ASP), users will apply electronic signature on any electronic content by authenticating themselves through biometric or OTP mistreatment e-KYC services. The interfaces square measure provided to users on a range of devices like pc, transportable etc. At the backend, eSign service provider facilitates key try generation and Certifying Authority problems a Digital Signature Certificate. The eSign Service supplier facilitates creation of the Digital Signature of the user for the document which is able to be applied to the document on acceptance by the user.

An Application Service supplier (ASP) will integrate e Sign on-line electronic signature service therefore that the users of that ASP are able to use e Sign. A physical paper form/document that is currently wont to get digital signature certificate is replaced by its electronic type and thereby facilitate electronic signature of the signer through e Sign. ASPs UN agency is potential users of e Sign embody Government agencies, Banks and monetary Institutions, instructional establishments etc.

E Sign on-line Electronic Signature Service is effectively employed in eventualities wherever signed documents square measure needed to be submitted to service suppliers – Government, Public or non-public sector. The agencies that stand to profit from giving e Sign on-line electronic signature square measure those that settle for sizable amount of signed documents from users. Some applications which may use e Sign for enhancing for enhancing services delivery square measure the following:-
Digital Locker  Self attestation
Tax  Application for ID, e-filing
Financial Sector  Application for account gap in banks and post workplace
Transport Department  Application for driver's license renewal, vehicle registration
Various Certificates  Application for birth, caste, marriage, financial gain certificate, etc
Passport  Application for supplying, reissue
Telecom medium Application for brand spanking new affiliation
Educational instructional Application forms for course enrollment and exams
Member of Parliament  Submission of parliament queries

Personal digital signature certificate needs person’s bio metric authentication and supplying of USB dongle to store non-public key. The access to personal key's secured with a password/pin. Current scheme of physical verification, document primarily based identity validation, and supplying of physical dongles doesn't scale to a billion individuals. For giving hassle-free totally paperless subject services, mass adoption of digital signature is critical. an easy to use on-line service is required to permit everybody to possess the flexibility to digitally sign electronic documents.

E Sign on-line electronic signature service, offers applications a mechanism to interchange manual paper primarily based signatures by integration this service among their applications. associate degree e Sign user will electronically sign a form/document anytime, anywhere, and on any device. eSign service facilitates important reduction in paper handling prices, improves potency, and offers convenience to customers.

No. the present technique of getting Digital Signature Certificate by submission of a paper application form to a Certifying Authority, key try generation by somebody Certification of public key of somebody by a Certifying Authority, signature generation as and once needed using signature generation tools/utilities , safe custody of key pairs on Crypto tokens by DSC holder until the termination of Digital Signature Certificate, etc. can still exist in conjunction with e Sign Online Electronic Signature Service . The Application Service supplier determines the suitableness of e Sign on-line Signature service in their application.

In the ancient Digital Signature system, a private is liable for applying for a Digital Signature Certificate to CA, key try generation and safe custody of keys. The Certifying Authorities issue Digital Signature Certificate to people once verification of credentials submitted within the form. Such Digital Signature Certificates square measure valid for 2-3 years. Individual will affix digital signature any time throughout the validity of Digital Signature Certificate. The certificates square measure revoked just in case of loss or compromise of keys. The verification of the individual’s signature needs the verification of whether or not the DSC is issued beneath Bharat PKI and also ascertaining the revocation standing of the DSC. Key pairs square measure keep in Crypto Tokens that comply with standards mentioned within the info Technology Act & Rules to forestall the duplication of keys. it's individual’s obligation for safe custody of Crypto Tokens. The signatures square measure created mistreatment the keys certified by CA. In the new eSign on-line Electronic Signature Service, supported eminent authentication of individual mistreatment e-KYC services, the key pairs generation, the certification of the general public key based on echt response received from e-KYC services, and digital signature of the electronic document square measure expedited by the e Sign on-line Electronic Signature Service supplier instantaneously among one on-line service. The key pairs square measure used one time and also the non-public key is deleted once just one occasion use. The Digital Signature Certificates square measure of half-hour validity, and this makes verification straightforward by eliminating the wants of revocation checking. Document that's signed mistreatment eSign can contain a sound digital signature that may be simply verified mistreatment commonplace strategies.

Yes. Document content that's being signed isn't sent within the clear to eSign service supplier. The privacy of signer's info is protected by causation solely the unidirectional hash of the document to eSign on-line Electronic Signature Service supplier. every signature needs a replacement key-pair and certification of the new Public Key by a Certifying Authority. This back-end method is completely clear to the signer.

Yes. The Electronic Signatures expedited through eSign on-line Electronic Signature Service square measure legally valid provided the eSign signature framework is operated beneath the provisions of Second Schedule of the data Technology Act and tips issued by the Controller. Please refer Electronic Signature or Electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rules, 2015 - eauthentication technique mistreatment e-KYC services.

E Sign on-line Electronic Signature Service is obtainable by CA's.

The agency UN agency intent to integrate e Sign service ought to either be: A Central/ government Ministry / Department or associate degree enterprise owned and managed by Central / government, or  associate degree Authority habitual beneath the Central / State Act, or  A Not-for-profit company / Special Purpose organization of national importance, or  A bank / institution / medium company, or  A legal entity registered in Bharat Such entities square measure remarked as “Application Service Providers” (ASP).

The ASP will apply to e Sign Service supplier for integration e Sign- on-line Electronic Signature Service within their application as mentioned in the On-Boarding tips. The e Sign-Online Electronic Signature Service supplier permits access to ASPs once fulfilling the criteria mentioned within the On-Boarding tips.

The user ought to have e-KYC positive identification. For OTP primarily based authentication, the mobile number ought to be registered with E.S.P. info.

The communication between Application Service supplier and e Sign- on-line Electronic Signature Service is operated in accordance with e Sign API Specifications.

e Sign genus Apis square measure designed to move with one or additional e Sign on-line Electronic Signature Service providers. If application supplier wishes to move with only 1 E.S.P., it ought to use the name of the eSign on-line Service supplier and communication link as mentioned within the e Sign API specifications. within the case of multiple e Sign on-line Service suppliers, the ASP will manage the service by native integration.

Yes, the subsequent square measure the choices ASP level logon/Password authentication: tho' e-KYC OTP choice has relevancy to environments wherever the risks and consequences of knowledge compromise square measure low and that they square measure not thought-about to be of major significance. associate degree application level authentication is recommended for e Sign on-line Electronic Signature Service.

In the application implementation, a private is known employing a code or variety rather than name. for instance within the case of revenue enhancement e-filing, the person is known by a PAN number. it's a challenge for application to make sure that the individual UN agency have logon mistreatment PAN id is that the one that has signed the documents. Mapping (seeding) the individual’s application specific ID with their e-KYC positive identification within the ASP info is usually recommended to enable the credibleness of the signature.

Individuals will use Digital Locker ( to store the electronic copy of their identities/Certificates/etc at a central location. The electronic documents placed within the repository of Digital Locker is accessed or the link is shared for verification necessities. These electronic documents is electronically signed (self-attestation) mistreatment eSign on-line Electronic Signature Service for integrity and credibleness.

Based on the verification of identity of people and storage of key pairs, 3 categories of certificates square measure issued within the ancient means of getting Digital Signatures Certificates from a Certifying Authorities. within the case of eSign on-line Electronic Signature Service, the Digital Signature Certificates square measure issued within the following categories.
e-KYC – OTP: category of certificates is issued to people use supported OTP authentication of subscriber through e-KYC Service.
e-KYC -Biometric - Biometric category of certificate is issued supported biometric authentication of subscriber through e-KYC service.

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