Goa - Apply for Demarcation of Land


Apply In-Person:

  1. The soul needs to visit the Collector workplace (within the world wherever the land is situated) and apply in-person.

  2. Go to several workplaces. Collect the appliance form/ write in Associate in Nursing A4 paper as suggested by the authorities.

  3. Submit the finished application at the side of documents to the several authority.

  4. On the receipt of the appliance the involved official shall check the appliance and if the appliance meets demand the official involved shall register the appliance within the register involved and place up a similar before the collector for applicable order. (Please pay as authorities quote if required)

  5. Collector might pass order on a similar day or on future operating day, guiding the several authority/Revenue Inspector/other revenue officer to demarcate when fixing a date and serving the notice in respect thence to all or any the tenure holders involved.

  6. This work shall be completed among a amount of 3 months from the date of order passed.

  7. At the time of demarcation of the plot the spot memoranda shall be ready by the several authority/Revenue Inspector/other revenue officer and therefore the same shall be signed by all the parties involved and by the several authority of the Land Management Committee or any 2 freelance witnesses gift at the time of the demarcation as applicable.

  8. If any party refuses to sign the spot memoranda, the endorsement to the result shall be created by the R.I and therefore the more method are going to be taken as per case to case

  9. The Revenue Inspector or different revenue officer shall submit his report of demarcation with spot memoranda among an amount of fifteen days from the date of demarcation.

Required Documents

  1. Application form as obtained from several workplace or written on a A4 paper.

  2. Affidavit / notary public stating that the soul is owner of the land

  3. Identity proof

  4. Address proof

  5. Land documents (should get attestation altogether copies from Gazette Officer.)

  6. Aadhaar Card

  7. Sketch map for the projected division as prescribed

  8. ID proof

  9. Original sale deed/gift partition deed

  10. Property deed of conveyance

  11. No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the village comptroller

  12. Certified survey map

  13. Records of Rights and residence Certificate (RTC)

  14. Certified copy of the Land assembly Order

  15. Certified copy of rights of occupancy

  16. Zonal certificate from Urban Development Authority

  17. Photocopy of the atlas of the land

  18. Photocopy of the revenue survey map of the village

  19. Copy of current R-o-R

  20. Any other documents as needed

  21. Up to this point land revenue receipt.

  22. Land or Plot range, space and limits of the land


You are eligible to use for Demarcation of land if you own a land in your name.


Authorities can offer fee info.

Fee differs with the place of the land.


Demarcation is valid for the land until it's more divided or divided for the aim of sale / for the aim of partition.

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