Goa - Apply for Goods Carriage Permit


Apply In-Person

  1. To apply for merchandise Carriage allow in Goa the individual needs to approach the RTO workplace to that his space belongs to.

  2. Application form will be downloaded exploitation the subsequent link: form

  3. Application type.

  4. Please check that you've got all the documents that square measure listed down the “Required Documents” section of this page.

  5. Application forms may also be obtained from RTO offices which will be completed and conferred with appropriate fees.

  6. Present the finished application forms in one in the entire counter and pay the acceptable fee wherever the officers would begin process your application.

  7. Important verifications for the allow includes Vehicle condition, Body designed arrangements etc. Are going to be carried by authorities.

  8. After checking the vehicle for its correctness and different acceptable necessities the appliance is going to be processed additional.

Required Documents

  1. Application forms will be obtained from following link: P.Gd.C.A Form

  2. Registration Certificate of the vehicle.

  3. Fitness Certificate of the vehicle.

  4. Proof of payment of tax for the present quarter.

  5. Insurance Certificate.

  6. Payment of inexperienced tax where applicable.

  7. Affidavit Sworn by the individual before Associate in Nursing government (or) a primary category Judicial jurist (or) notary

  8. Passport size photo-2

  9. No object certificate from the financier if the vehicle involved is roofed by HPA / Lease / Hypothecation.

  10. Pollution in restraint certificate

  11. PROOF OF ADDRESS (any one in all the subsequent to be produced)

  12. Ration Card

  13. Aadhaar Card

  14. Electoral Roll

  15. LIC Policy

  16. Passport

  17. Pay slip issued - Govt. workplace (or) a neighborhood Body

  18. Age Proof (any one in all the following)

  19. School Certificate

  20. Birth Certificate


  1. You should be the owner of the vehicle.

  2. The age of the vehicle mustn't exceed twelve years


  1. Fee connected details square measure provided below the subsequent link: Fee Details


  1. Permit is sometimes valid for five years

  2. The renewal of allow will be obtained with Vehicle fitness certificate and FC as per authorities of involved RTO

  3. The age of the vehicle is additionally thought of to limit the validity of the allow

  4. NOTE: Validity differs with the kind of car and additionally for the load the vehicle will manage

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