Removal of Name from Ration Card


1.            This Service is out there in Gujarati solely.

2.            You will be needed to click on "Apply Online” button for filing the shape on-line or "Download Form" button for filling the shape offline.

3.            Applicant ought to prepared with service specific info like: activity Details, Family details, aside from basic somebody details before moving with submitting application on-line.

4.            All fields marked with *(star) are obligatory fields in on-line Application.

5.            As per the language choice English or Gujarati several language keyboard ought to be used for filling associate degree form.

6.            To transfer Gujarati Keyboard please Click Here

7.            In case of any wrong/misleading info provided in application shall cause rejection of the applying by Department Authorities.

8.            *If your application is came back for amendment or to fill incomplete details, kindly submit it among thirty seven days of come back. If fail to submit among thirty seven days application are disposed with rejection. Application fee won't be refunded.

Residential proofs

1.            Ration Card

2.            True Copy of Electricity Bill.

3.            True Copy of phone bill.

4.            True Copy of Election Card.

5.             True Copy of  Passport 

6.            First Page Of Bank Pass-Book/ Cancelled  Cheque 

7.            Post workplace Account Statement/ Passbook 

8.             Driving  License 

9.            Government ID cards/ service positive identification issued by PSU

10.         Water bill (not older than three months)

Mandatory Document

1.            Original identity card

 Proof required in commission  Attachment  

1. True Copy of Election Card.

2.  Divorce Certificate 

3. Death Certificate

4. Marriage Certificate

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