Haryana - Apply for Local Certificate


Apply In-Person

1.      Applicant should visit the revenue department authorities or thasildhar to use face to face with the documents specified underneath needed documents session.

2.      Please attend the various workplaces. Submit the finished application obtained from workplace beside needed documents.

3.      Application may be obtained from this on-line link: residence certificate

4.      Authorities when checking the hooked up documents and details submitted can create entries and supply you record variety for reference.

5.      This application is verified to get report.

6.      There will be a ground level verification and scrutiny of the documents and details provided.

7.      Once the verification is over, soul are asked to come back face to face to cross verify the documents and can be asked to pay.

8.      Thaasildhaar can decide and issue the Certificate to the soul.

9.      Applicant can get the certificate in fifteen days when due verification.

10.   Note: except for the mentioned needed documents, soul should offer any further information/document as asked by the various authorities whereas applying. Fee demand is additionally to be paid as authorities quote. soul is also asked to prove his keep within the state for a selected period(10 years/15 years etc.).

Through CSC.

1.      Application may be obtained from the authorities.

2.      Submit the entire application beside needed documents to the operator within the centre.

3.      Operator can check the small print and begin to method on-line victimization the pc.

4.      Applicant can get the dealing ID for the applying created. Please keep it safe for future reference.

5.      This application are processed by the various department as per however it'll be processed face to face.

6.      Applicant can get notification concerning the standing on his registered mobile variety provided whereas applying.

7.      Applicant should go and meet the various authorities with documents as tutored to urge the certificate as per given date.

Apply on-line

1.      Use the subsequent link to succeed in on-line portal. Link: e-Disha

2.      Applicant/user will use the choice from the page to grasp the standing or to verity the certificate.

Required Documents

1.      Application type.

2.      Identity proof.

3.      Self declaration from the person.

4.      Residential Proof: Residential Certificate issued by native administration office/ Aadhar card / Passport / driving licence / identity card / Govt. Id card / Defence ID Card / PAN Card.

5.      Age proof (birth certificate / college certificate)

6.      Applicant passport size photograph.

7.      2 totally different Gazette Officers certification(as per requirement)

8.      Education records punctually signed

9.      Aadhaar card

10.   Land revenue receipt (in case of farmer if available).

11.   Affix stamp as suggested by authorities if needed.


Applicant should be a resident of the state

Citizen of Bharat

If needed to supply associate degree financial gain certificate for any purpose is eligible.


Authorities can offer fee details.

During on-line payment fee details are going to be displayed


The validity amount of this certificate has been increased to life long as per GO (provided the individual residence isn't changed)

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