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How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License online as well as offline?

How to Apply for Duplicate Driving License

Citizen Of India can apply by 2 way for duplicate driving license online & offline. For applying offline citizen need to visit RTO office along with LLD form “Loss or Damage of License” Form but the government has also facilitated that you can apply online by visiting official website.

We often lose our important documents. No matter how hard we try to keep important documents safe, we often find ourselves in a situation where an important document is lost or damaged. In case of loss of driving license, a person should know how to apply for duplicate driving license.

Transport offices all-over India have given benefits to the citizens for applying for a duplicate DL in case your original driving license got stolen, lost or damaged. For applying online, you need to visit the Official Parivahan Portal You need to go to the RTO who issued your first driver's license in case of offline procedure.

If your Original Driving License (DL) is lost or damaged, you should receive a duplicate copy as soon as possible. You can obtain a Duplicate Driving license by both online and offline procedure as mentioned above. Let's see both processes one by one as provided below.

Complete Online/Offline procedure to apply DP Driving License

Apply Online

  • • First, visit the Official Parivahan Portal

  • • Go to the "Online Services" tab/section and then click on "Driving License Related Services"

  • • At the next page, select your State and RTO name

  • • After completing the selection, another page opens.

  • • On this page, go to the “Apply Online” section and click on the “Services on Driving License”

  • • This Opens the Online Application Form

  • • Now click the "Continue" button to continue

  • • Enter your details of driving license number and date of birth (DOB)

  • • Then Choose Your State Name and RTO

  • • Click Proceed

  • • Now, your driver's license details will be displayed. When all the details are checked and correct, click on "Verify"

  • • When the next page is opened, you will be asked to select

  • • In this section, select "Issue of Duplicate DL" and click "Continue"

  • • On the next page, you need to explain why you are requesting a Duplicate Driving License

  • • Then download the completed Application Form and Consent

  • • After that you need to make Payment online

  • • Now, you need to manage the Payment Receipt and filled Application Form and visit your RTO office

  • • Submit the form and Receipt there.

Apply Offline

The offline method is also very simple. Let's see how. You need to follow the steps given below to get your duplicate driver's license/driving license from the RTO

  • • You need to go to the RTO who issued your first driver's license. Obtain Form LLD - Duplicate Driving License Application, fill-up the form correctly, and put your signature on the form

  • • The LLD form is a “Loss or Damage of License” Form

  • • Submit the application form with the required documents as mentioned (the list is explained in the next section)

  • • You will have to pay a small fee to get duplicate driving licenses. After this is completed, you will receive a receipt that can be used as a driver's license until you receive a duplicate license. A duplicate driver's license will be sent to your registered home address by post

  • • You should keep in mind the 3 main steps when you lose your driver's license in both offline and offline modes and are:

Loss reporting -

This means that you will report the loss of your license at the nearest police station and file a FIR- First Information Report

Documents required to apply for a DP driving license

Now, let's look at the required documents for this process. Below the documentation you will need to obtain a duplicate driving license, either online or offline. These are the simplest and easiest documents you need to submit

  • 1. LLD application form for loss or damage of driving license and duplicate driving license application

  • 2. FIR- First Information Report If the license is stolen or torn

  • 3. Original driver's license if the same is dirty, torn, or tear apart.

  • 4. Xerox copy of the original license

  • 5. License details

  • 6. Passport size Photo

  • 7. Proof of age

  • 8. Proof of address


The fee for a duplicate driver's license is INR 200 and if you need a smart card, the renewed amount is INR 400 in terms of section 32 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules Act, 1989.

Common fields in the LLD form while applying for Duplicate Driving License 

Now let's take a look at some common fields of the LLD form to make it easier for you to fill out.

The offline form can be found at the following link: 

However, there is a process to fill-up this form online. With the online form, you need to say the following:

  • 1. First, you will have information such as the name and address of the applicant, the father's name

  • 2. The first section will ask for the reason of your application for a duplicate driver's license and the date you must properly choose

  • 3. Section 2 will require confirmation and agreement regarding payment

  • 4. Section 3 will ask for the details of the driver's license such as license number, type of vehicle, name of the issuing authority, date of issue, and expiry date of license

  • 5. Section 4 and final will require confirmation if the driver's license was seized at any time

  • 6. Your declaration stating the details provided to you is true

  • 7. Lastly, you need to sign and write date and place and submit the form

  • The complete information about how to apply for duplicate driving license in India has been mentioned above but it is always better to keep your documents safe so that you do not lose them in the first place. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

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