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How to change name in Aadhar Card

How to change name in Aadhar Card
If There's a Mistake in your own name in Aadhaar Card, then you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. As nowadays Aadhar Card is required especially while applying for several approaches and subsidies, you cannot provide your Aadhar Card for such purpose once your name is incorrectly spelled. As per current Income, Tax law verified aadhaar card number in an income tax return.
So, to change your Name to correct one here we have mentioned complete tutorial on how best tochange the title in Aadhar Card.

Types of process

1. How to Change Name in Aadhar Card by visiting closest Aadhar nearest enrolment centre/Update Centre

2. How to Change Name in Aadhar Card Online

3. How to Change Name in Aadhar Card by Post

Step by Step Process on How to Change Name in Aadhar Card

You will find Several methods to Change Name aadhaar enrolment centre in Aadhar Card, and here we will mention all three manners with that you can Change Name from Aadhar Card. Usually, these three approaches are simple and convenient, however you may use one or more of these methods to modify your Name at Aadhar Card which matches for you.

Update: Unfortunately, there’s only one way to update your Name Aadhaar, rest all approaches including correcting name online and by post alternative has Been revoked by UIDAI. The only available Choice to change the title in Aadhaar Card is to upgrade it by seeing the Aadhaar Kendra.

Nearest Aadhar Enrolment/Update Centre/Update status

To Change Name in updated online Aadhar Card by seeing closest Aadhar Enrolment /Update Center, you'll need to download AADHAAR DATA UPDATE/CORRECTION FORM by clicking.
As soon as you get into the form,just take a printout and start filling up this form.
Recall to fill all fields from theform of Capital letters, Fill the whole form no matter this field/s to get update/correction. Providing mobile number is compulsory for Update/Change in any of those fields.

From the first area of the kind Fieldfor Update/Correction tick mark Name because you Wish to change your name in Aadhar.
From the under, area input your12-digit Aadhar Number, and then enter your Full Correct Name which one to adjust.

And fill all the remaining fields such as Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Pin Code, Mobile Number, and Email ID. Ensure that you fill in details from the local language in the right-hand column.

In under field Document Details WriteNames of those files that you'll be surrounding for your title correction. For additional information Refer the Supported list of valid documents.

As soon as you fill all of these details only sign off under the Applicant's signature/Thumbprint.

Split the Form with files into the Enrolment Operator, and also the enrolment operator will update your new name which must be updated.

Do check that the spelling of the name once again on the screen which will be put facing you. For verification, you'll be asked your thumbprint or fingerprint.

Once it's done you will be provided with Receipt of Acknowledgement to get Aadhar Name Update. Your details in Aadhar Database will probably get updated in 2 to 4 weeks and roughly the same you will get updated via SMS in your registered phone.

This Is the Way easily You can Change Name from Aadhar Card simply by visiting the nearest Aadhar Enrolment / Update Centre.

Below two Methods of altering Name in Aadhaar Online and Post doesn't exist , As the choice to update name via these approaches was revoked. But still, as A mention, we've mentioned the way that it used to operate in the below steps.

Download the Aadhaar Card forms

Aadhaar Enrolment Correction/Update form

List of acceptable supporting documents for verification

How to Change Name in Aadhaar Card update Online

UIDAI has Started Aadhaar Self Service of card holder Update Portal -SSUP by which you can upgrade Your own Aadhar Details online in the comfort of your house and that too paperless. But the only need to change your Aadhaar Details Online through Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal is you should have a phone number registered with your Aadhar Card. So here is the whole procedure which will help you on How to Change Name in Aadhar Card.

To upgrade Your title from AadharCard, from the internet browser just visit Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal -- SSUP by going to // uidai website.

1.Once you are about the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal webpage just enter Your Aadhaar number, enter the text verification field as it is possible to see at the Above picture and click Send OTP button

2.You may receive One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile number in aadhar , simply enter OTP in enter obtained OTP Area and click the login button.

3.On the next page, you will be Asked to select the fields to upgrade, as you wish to modify your name in Aadhar you might need to select a name and click the submit button.

4.On next page, You'll Have to Enter information for update i.e. fill your right name and ensure that your new Entered name is correctly spelled out in local language as well and click on Submit upgrade request.

5.On the Next page, you will be asked to examine your submitted information. So make Sure it is correct and complete in English in addition to the local language. If everything is right just click on"I affirm That I've read that Instruction carefully and the information provided by me on the UIDAI and The information contained herein is true, correct and accurate" and click About the proceed button.

6.About the Next page, you'll be asked to upload legitimate self-attested file proof, To know that the supported list of files to Aadhar Update click .

7.Once you Upload the valid documents, just click the left button.

8.On pressing the submit button You will need to select BPO Service Provider, pick some BPO Service Provider which has good common request processing time and click on the submit button.

9.Next, You'll Get a message Exhibited your upgrade request has been successfully filed and you will Also get Update Request Number (URN). You can publish your Acknowledgement Of Aadhaar Update petition or save it on your computer.

10.You may Be educated about your upgrade request through on updating mobile number SMS

The Way to Change Name in Aadhar Card by Post

1.To Submit Update Request of Title in Aadhar Card by Post you Will Need to download AADHAAR DATA UPDATE/CORRECTION FORM by clicking.

2.Once you Download the kind, simply take a print out.

3.Once you Have printout start completing the form, don't forget to fill all fields in the Type in Block letters, Fill the whole form irrespective of the field/s for update/correction. Providing cell number is required for Update/Change in any of the areas.

4.In the First area of this kind Field for Update/Correction tick mark on Name as You would like to change your title in Aadhar.

5.In the Under field input your 12-digit Aadhar Number, then enter your Full Correct Name that one to upgrade.

6.And Fill all of the remaining fields like Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Pin Ensure you fill details from the area Language in the right-hand column.

7.In the Below field Document Details Compose Titles of the documents attached. Refer Supported record of legitimate documents. You will have to enclose documents According to the area where you'd asked for an update.

8.Once you Fill these details just sign under the Applicant's signature/Thumbprint.

9.Once you Are done filling the form, simply self-attest on photocopies of files And put it in an envelope with kind and post it to the below address.

10.However, Seal the envelope properly.

To know more about clink the link given below


Q1. What information can be updated online?

A. After the latest modification, Aadhaar card holders can only change their address online. To update all other details, they must visit the Aadhaar Registration Center.


Q2. Can I update my Aadhar card details online?

A. According to the latest developments, people can only renew/update their Aadhaar card address online. However, they can update all other details by visiting the nearby Aadhaar registration center.


Q3. Can one use an Aadhaar card as proof for a Home Loan, a credit card and a personal loan application?

A. Yes, the Aadhaar card serves as a valid ID and proof of residence. Therefore, one can use it for a home loan, credit card and personal loan applications.


Q4. What fields can I update with the Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)?

A. People can review all the details mentioned on their Aadhar card by visiting one of the Aadhaar Registration Centers. You can update Demographic details (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email) and Biometric (Print Fingers, Iris & Photograph) in Aadhaar.


Q5. Are there any conditions to meet the order for requesting online changes?

A. To change your address online, you must send a scanned copy of the address proof. In the event that your document is not approved by UIDAI, the request for update will be rejected.


Q6. My mobile number is not registered with my Aadhaar card. So, how do I edit my Aadhar card details online?

A. You can select the verification option using OTP with an unregistered mobile number. However, this facility is available online if you have not yet registered your mobile number with Aadhaar.


Q7. How do I register my mobile number to make changes online?

A. To register your mobile number with UIDAI, visit your nearest Aadhaar registration center and submit the Aadhaar registration / repair form stating your mobile number on the form. You do not have to provide any proof of registering your mobile number with Aadhaar.


Q8. Should I submit my application for updating aadhar in the local language?

A. You can submit an update request in any language you feel comfortable with. Language is not a problem when reviewing information in Aadhar.


Q9. What happens if my mobile number is not registered with the Aadhaar authorities?

A. In the event that your phone is not registered with UIDAI, you will not be able to access any online services related to Aadhaar. You can find your mobile number connected to Aadhaar by visiting the Aadhaar Registration Center.


Q10. Do I have to provide any documents to update / modify my mobile information?

A. You do not need to provide any documents to update / change your mobile phone number. Just fill out the Aadhar registration / repair form and send it along with the renewal fee of Rs 25.


Q11. Can I review/update information about my child/ward?

A. One of the parents should provide their aadhar details for the child's Aadhaar card. In the event that changes are made to their cards, they should update it in their child's Aadhar as well.


Q12. I have no proof of my address. Is it possible to request a change of address in my child's Aadhaar?

A. You can get the updated address in your child's Aadhaar by providing your Aadhaar card as proof of address. You do not have to provide additional proof of your child's address.


Q13. Is it possible to request a change of information in offline methods?

A. Only residential addresses can be updated online and offline by post. However, you can update all your biometric and demographic details by visiting the nearby Aadhaar registration center.


Q14. My child's address needs to be updated on her Aadhaar card. Can it be done?

A. You can get your Aadhar renewed with a new address and provide your Aadhaar card as an address proof for their child’s Aadhaar update.


Q15. Where can I send a post / letter?

A. Aadhar registration / updation form will be sent to the following address together with the required documents:


Post Office Number 10,


Madhya Pradesh - 480001


UIDAI, Postbox no: 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034, India.


Q16. Do I have to mention salutation when I request a correction in my name by post?

A. No greeting is required when you apply to make correction to your Aadhaar. You must provide your correct name to update your name on the Aadhar card.


Q17. Will I be given a revised Aadhaar letter once the details are corrected?

A. You can download the updated e-Aadhaar from the UIDAI website. Also, you can update your Aadhaar data in the mAadhaar app once the data in your Aadhar has been updated.


Q18. Can I modify / change the details after I submit a request for correction online?

A. No, once the application has been submitted online it cannot be processed. Please be sure to enter the correct details on the form before the final submission.


Q19. I have no proof of my address. Is it possible to request a change of address in my child's Aadhaar?

A. You can get the updated address in your child's Aadhaar by providing your Aadhaar card as proof of address. You do not have to provide additional proof of your child's address.


Q20. Do I have to provide my old details when requesting a change / modification / correction of information?

A. You do not have to provide any prior data. You should only specify new data to be updated in your Aadhaar. Also, provide proof of the proposed review.


Q21. Can my application be rejected?

A. Yes, a person’s update request can be declined because the documents confirming the change were not submitted or accepted by UIDAI.


Q22. Can we change the name and date of birth on the Aadhaar card online?

A. No, you cannot change your name and birth-date on the Aadhaar Card online. You need to visit the Aadhaar Registration Center to update the same.


Q23. I have changed my email ID and need to update the same one in my Aadhaar. How do I do this?

A. You must visit one Aadhaar registration center and complete the Aadhaar registration / modification form providing the new email id. A fee of Rs 25 is charged to the applicant for updating the Aadhaar details.


Q24. How long does it take to update an address on an Aadhar card?

A. Your address is updated in your Aadhaar and a new Aadhaar card is sent to you within 90 days of your application. However, you can check the status online and once updated, you can download your e-Aadhaar online.


Q25. Is it mandatory to provide C/o details in an address?

A. Providing C / o details to the address is not mandatory. Required only for the purpose of the details for letters that are part of the address.


Q26. Was the certificate from the MP / MLA / local body official accepted as proof of document?

A. In the event that a member of the MP / MLA / local authority issues a certificate of address and photograph in this letter, it is accepted as POA.


Q27. Should I provide c/o details to the address?

A. It is not necessary to provide C/O details in the address. You can also provide S/O, W/O or D/O to your address. However, if a person provide it in his address, his address will be updated as written on the form.


Q28. Explain why my application for updation was rejected?

A. There are various reasons because your request for update/renewal cannot be processed or rejected. 

They can be:

When a resident fails to prove supporting documents

When you upload an invalid PoA / PoI document uploaded

If the documents you have uploaded over the SSUP portal are not available as scanned copies of the original documents

Invalid mobile format with Aadhaar is shared

If a valid PoA / PoI document is not provided

Due to transliteration error

If possible, you do not provide supporting documents on your behalf


Q29. What happens if my Aadhaar is suspended?

A. Those people who are unable to provide accurate information at the time of registration, have a chance of suspension of their Aadhaar. Also, if a person has Aadhaar but re-applies, his Aadhaar card will not be generated. This can happen even in the most recent stages of verification (after registration).

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