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How to check name in Voter list By SMS And Helpline

How to check name in Voter list By SMS And Helpline

Every year during elections, people run to the polls to check their names on the voters' list. Many people apply for a voting ID during an election. This makes the election period quieter than chaos. However, what if we told you that you do not have to visit the polling station for everything? Yes, read it carefully. There are many things you can do online or on your phone instead of using the office. Individuals can also take the benefits of how to check name in Voter list by SMS and helpline.

Everything is easily handled by sitting at home through various different ways, whether it be online or through SMS or helpline number or any mode of communication and getting it done. You can apply for a voting ID card, check your name on the voters' roll, and check the status of your application without visiting the office. You can get all of this done by just using your fingertip. Details of the various ways of looking for names on the election list are discussed in this article.

How to check voters list by SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is a messaging service provided by mobile network providers worldwide. Any basic phone has this feature. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to check your name on the election list.

  • STEP 1: First, if you applied for a voting ID card, you will be given your application number.

  • STEP 2: The voter is required to send an SMS containing this EPIC number in the required format to 1950. The method of sending an SMS is provided below.

  •                                                                    SPACE to 1950.

  • STEP 3: Once you have sent an SMS, you will receive a response regarding the status of your request.

The voter will receive the required information such as confirmation or absence of a name on the voters 'roll and details of the voting booth, immediately on his or her mobile number and thus can verify his or her name on the voters' roll.

How to check name via voter helpline number?

The Indian Electoral Commission has introduced a toll-free telephone number to help voters get the required information on time. The toll free telephone number is 1950. 

People all over the country can call this number and they will be contacted by a representative in their province who will assist the caller with any information needed. 

People can also use this helpline to lodge complaints. The cost of the calls will be borne by the Chief Electoral Officer of the appropriate country.

Also, for people with different disabilities, the Electoral Commission has come up with an SMS service. They must enter a star (*) followed by their voting ID number for assistance. 

This service also records the number of different voters with disabilities in a particular area. If a person sends an SMS without a star, a reply SMS will be sent containing details of the nearest polling station where the voter is registered.

While the Indian Electoral Commission and governments have come together to bring in so many constituencies to make the voting process easier, it is our job to continue our voting process. 

Haven't applied for your voting ID card yet? Continue to use the Internet and apply for your voter ID card in a few seconds and have your vote counted! Or, just use an SMS and helpline to find out how to proceed or where to place an election card in your area.

How to check name in Voter List using the Voter Helpline App?

The Voter Id Helpline mobile app is a newly developed app for the Indian Electoral Commission. The app helps ECI establish better communication with literate digital people in the country. It empowers voters to check their names on the voters' roll among many other activities.

The voter should simply download the application to the Google Play Store and register by providing the following information - mobile number, EPIC. Once a voter has created an account, he or she can verify his or her name on the election list. 

In addition to checking your name, you can also use the app to access other services such as downloading a digital voter slip, etc.

How to check name in Voter List using the ECI Website

Voters can also check their names on the voters 'roll by visiting the official ECI website or the National Voter's Service Portal at or at

Searches can be performed by entering the required information such as voter name, father/husband's name, date of birth or age, province, state, district, assembly constituency, region. 

After this, the next step is to enter the unique code displayed on the screen to confirm the search. Voter details, if included in the voters 'roll, will be displayed to the voter on the next screen.

These are some of the easiest ways to view a person's name on the voters' roll. If a person does not receive any information or is dissatisfied with the information, he or she may contact the nearest local electoral office for further information or verify their names on the ballot paper by making a similar request.

Reasons for the missing of voter name on the Electoral Roll

There have been many cases where despite having a valid Voter ID but a person is not eligible to vote as their name does not appear on the electoral roll. 

In most cases, the reason is that the voter has registered before the election dates and therefore their names cannot be updated on the voters' roll in time. Also, sometimes voters may change constituencies or may update their details on the voters 'ID which may not have been updated on the voters' roll in time.

The deadline to apply for a new voting ID or other changes to a voter is 3 weeks before the voting date. To avoid these situations or the last-minute hassles that would lead to a person not being able to vote, voters are advised to refer to the ECI to ensure that their name is included in the voters' roll or in the election list.

You can go through the above mentioned article that provides relevance regarding your search on how to check name in voter list by SMS and Helpline.


Q1. What is the helpline number to look up names on the voters' roll?

The helpline number to check a person's name on the voters' roll is 1950.

Q3. What is the EPIC number?

The EPIC number is a unique 10-digit number that is displayed on the Photo ID Card or Voter Identity card.

Q4. When was the last day to apply for a new voting ID or to apply for any changes to an existing voting ID?

A. The deadline to apply for a new voting ID or other changes to an existing one is 3 weeks before the date of voting to be eligible to vote in the next election.

Q5. Is having a voting ID enough to vote in any election?

A. No. Having a voter ID is not enough to vote in any election. The voter's name must also appear on the voters' roll or in the voting list of his or her constituency.

Q6. How can I check my voter id status?

A. Check your status by logging on to nvsp portal then enter your Reference Id you received at the time of registration.

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