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How to download an Aadhar card without mobile number

How to download an Aadhar card without mobile number
Indian citizens have found a new document to obtain another proof of identity called Aadhar Card. The initiative is part of the "Digital India'' initiative taken by the Indian government to provide a linked platform for obtaining proof of identity and building a central Aadhar database. The Aadhar card is a planned tool designed by keeping in mind a variety of aspects and, without having to think about the similar proof of identity. Holding Aadhar will benefit the common person in accessing more services and more social benefits and related support. Let's see what the Aadhar card really is and what it contains. Also, we should know how to download an Aadhar card without mobile number.

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has made it available for the citizens of India holding Aadhar Card to download their Aadhar Card without mobile number registered for their green card. Aadhar card holders need to visit the official website of UIDAI to get it done.

Aadhar holders don’t need to pay any fees for their e-Aadhar as it is available on the official website for every citizen for free. e-Aadhar will appear the same as your physical copy of Aadhar Card. You will be able to download your Aadhar without mobile number anytime.

Process to download Aadhar or e-Aadhar without mobile number

The UIDAI website allows you to download your Aadhar or e-Aadhar card smoothly on your desktop or laptop. You will have 3 options to download your e-Aadhar, which is through your Aadhar number, your registration ID or EID and the Virtual ID or VID shown below. You need the official UIDAI website at and you need to go to "My Aadhar" and from there you need to select "Download Aadhar" to obtain your Aadhar or e-Aadhar.

The most important point to note here is that it is not necessary for your mobile number to be registered with your Aadhar card. The registered mobile number is your mobile number entered at the time of your Aadhar registration or for any modification or correction. However, you are required to obtain a One-Time Password or OTP that will be shared and completed automatically verified with your registered mobile number for all 3 ways to download your Aadhar as mentioned above. Also, it is recommended that you provide your mobile number and email address for several updates regarding your Aadhar application status. If your mobile number is not registered, it is your Aadhar, you will need to visit Aadhar Enrollment or Update Centre to do the same.

The obvious question from the above discussion is how to download an Aadhar card without mobile number or whether you can download an Aadhar card without mobile number. Let us consider the various aspects of this question as outlined below.

Steps to download Aadhar card without mobile number

You can follow the steps below to download an Aadhar card without a registered mobile number:

  • Visit the official UIDAI website at

  • On the home page, select ‘My Aadhar’

  • Click on the "Order Aadhar Reprint" option under 'My Aadhar' as shown below

  • Fill in your 12-digit Aadhar number or Unique Identity Number or UID or 16-digit Identity Number or VID below

  • After the above step, you need to fill in the security code

  • Tick ​​the check box that means “My Mobile Number is not registered” in case your phone is not registered with your Aadhar as below.

  • Enter your unique or unregistered mobile phone number

  • Select the "Send OTP" tab

  • You need to click on the "Terms and Conditions" box.

Important note: You can see the details of the terms and conditions on the link

  • Click the “Submit” button and complete OTP or TOTP verification

  • You will be able to see a screen that says "Preview Aadhar Letter" as below for confirmation before requesting a re-print.

  • Tap on the “Make Payment” option after which you will be transferred to the Payment Gateway section which you must complete as per your choice of available banks

  • After you have successfully made the payment, the receipt will be created with a digital signature that you can download in PDF format. You will receive a SRN number or a service request number via SMS

  • You will be able to track SRN status till your Aadhar letter is sent, in

"Keep Checking Aadhar Application Status" as shown below

  • In addition, you can also track delivery status by going to the official DoP-Directorate of Printing - Http: //

How to download Aadhar or e-Aadhar without OTP?

Below are some situations where you can download your Aadhar without using an OTP

  • If you do not provide your mobile number at the time of registration, you need to visit the registration centre to get your Aadhar card

  • The cell phone number you registered may not work, in that case, you need to update your new mobile number. We'll take you through a process of renewal or change in the next section to get your reference.

Download your e-Aadhar without any hesitation by following the step-wise guidance of How to download an Aadhar card without mobile number mentioned above.

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