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Track Pan card delivery status by Speed Post Consignment Number

Once you have applied for a PAN card, it usually takes 15 days for officials to process the application and you can track the status of the delivery of PAN cards online in both new and re-printing of PAN cards. Read on to find out more in this article.

How to Check PAN Card Delivery Online with UTIITSL Portal

All applicants who have completed an online PAN card application through UTIITSL can use this facility to track PAN card delivery status. It is fair to say that applicants who have not completed the form with UTIITSL will not be able to use this service. The applicant can

track the status of the delivery of the PAN card online via the UTIITSL portal by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the UTIITSL PAN Card Status Tracking Portal

how to track pan card delivery statusStep 2: Enter your "App Coupon Number" or your "PAN"

Step 3: Enter the security code and click “Submit”

Step 4: The status of your PAN card program will be displayed on the screen

Steps to Track PAN Delivery Status online via NSDL Portal

Applicants who have completed their PAN program via the TIN-NSDL port can track PAN card application status (both new and reprint / renewals) online via the TIN-NSDL port.
There are two ways to check the status of an application on the NSDL website:
Tracking on the basis of the consent number

  • Visit the PIN Card Tracking Portal for TIN-NSDL
    track pan delivery status on nsdl portal

  • In the "Application type" option, select "PAN-New / Change Application" from the drop-down list

  • Now enter the "Confirmation Number" and security code

  • Click the "Send" button to check the status of your PAN card program

Trace on the basis of name and date of birth

  • Visit the PIN Card Tracking Portal for TIN-NSDL

  • Enter your first name (First, Middle and Last) or a registered company name

  • Now enter a birthday (individual) or installation date (corporate)

  • Now enter the security code and click the "Submit" button

How to Track PAN Card Delivery Status by Speed ​​Post

Once your PAN card has been created or reprinted, it is sent to the address specified on the application form. If you check the status of the PAN card request in the UTIITSL or NSDL section, the sending number is specified in the application status. Here's how to check your PAN card delivery status via instant messaging:
pan delivery tracking via india post

  • Visit India Post's Consignment Tracking Portal

  • Enter the shipping number and enter the security code

  • Now click the "Search" button

  • Your PAN card delivery status will be displayed on the screen.


 Answers. Yes, you can change your PAN card delivery address. Visit the official NDSL website and ‘Apply for modification / modification to PAN’.

Answers. The PAN card usually takes 15-20 business days to deliver to your address after the application which includes the time of delivery of your PAN card. You can track the status of your PAN using the consent number

 Answers. It usually takes 2 weeks to process the use of your PAN Card and shipping, provided the system is properly ordered by all means. 

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